Home Health Aide Accused Of ID Theft On L.I.

LIDO BEACH, NY (WCBS 880) – Police say 26-year-old Cheryl Plummer of Jamaica, Queens was hired as a home health aide for a 94-year-old man on Long Island.

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But, authorities say, as she was in the victim’s Lido Beach home, she stole his Social Security number and debit card information.

Plummer is accused of then using that information to pay her bills, including a number of New York City parking tickets.

Plummer turned herself into police after another home care attendent discovered the thefts.


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  1. v says:

    To McGruff:

    Your comment reveals your extreme ignorance and lack of empathy. A 94 year old man needing a home health aide was grossly taken advantage of, and he’s the victim of a crime. I wonder what made you such a insensitive heartless person? I hope that you’re fortunate enough to also live to long life…and hopefully your mind and body will be impervious to disease and dementia. And hopefully you will have all your family members around you 24/7 so that when you reach the age of 94 years, you never have to have a home aide in your home stealing from you and making you a victim of identity theft.

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  3. McGruff says:

    Crime of opportunity. It’s the responsibility of the disabled’s family to secure valuables before allowing a stranger in unattended.

  4. eddie says:


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