BAY HEAD, N.J. (CBS 2) — Menacing waves twice the size of young Raden Renzulli could be seen coming too close to his grandfather’s home that sits on the beach in Bay Head, New Jersey.

“I’ve really a phobia of going too far in the water, but I would definitely not go today,” Renzulli told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

They’ve placed storm shutters on their windows because Libero Renzulli remembers the 1992 nor’eater.

point pleasant beach Earl Evokes Memories Of Storm Damage For Bay Head Residents

Hurricane Earl, though not quite the storm that was expected earlier in the week, was kicking up the surf in Point Pleasant Beach on Friday, September 3, 2010. (Photo Credit: Mark Drew})

“This was a piling that shot over the dune…it was about 40 feet long and it came here as a battering ram,” Renzulli said pointing to where the damage occurred to his home.

Next door to the Renzullis, the Draesel family had pictures of different storms that have hit their home — eating away at their beachfront property.

“All our furniture went right out to to sea,” Bert Draesel said.

While they are not worried about Earl, they know they’ll get some water.

“They are going to come up right up to our dune fence,” Ada Draesel said.

It is the beach erosion that concerns the Bay Head mayor.

“Even yesterday, the beach was very narrow at high tide, hopefully. That will come back real quick…I don’t think the sand’s going far away,” Mayor Bill Curtis said.

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