Violent Attack Caught On Tape At Newark Airport

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2) — Port Authority police are looking for two violent robbers whose crime was captured by a surveillance camera at Newark Liberty Airport.

Two men assaulted a victim in a manager’s office behind the food court at Terminal A back on June 27.

After a scuffle, the men eventually restrained, gagged and then taped up their victim, all in front of a security camera. They got away with $20,000

Police are offering a reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest.

  • Manic

    With all it’s resources DHS is asleep at the gate.

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  • Rob-Roy


  • Roy

    Had they showed the video on TV the night of the robbery,someone may have ID’ed them and a quick arrest may have followed,Two months later these perps can be anywhere,in the worls

  • Rob-Roy

    Sometimes the police don’t want to immediately release info. to the public, because they don’t want the bad guys to know they’re caught on film just yet. Give the cops a break. It’s detective work, not assembly-line work.

    • Moose

      You mean that the detectives couldn’t get anywhere so they are now
      asking for help. You say that the police don’t want to “immediately’ release
      info, but this was over two months ago.

  • Moose

    This happened over two months ago and this is the first time the public is hearing of this??? Makes you wonder how much crime info is actually released to the public.

  • Roy

    excellent work by the Port Authority Police……….these guys do a robbery inside the airport,and walk out unscathed…amazing

  • Sergeant Friday

    Can you say INSIDE JOB?

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