SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A weaker Earl didn’t make its expected mark in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

The tropical storm rumbled past the eastern tip of Long Island, leaving little more than a rainstorm in its wake.

“I’m still ready. I’m like poised and ready to go, but I haven’t pulled anything in yet.  It hasn’t been necessary,” said Heide Silverstein, Southampton resident.

Bands of wind and rain lashed the Island with strong gusts that caught some drivers off-guard. “I just spoke to the other driver who doesn’t have that many injuries, and said that he completely lost control of his car. It hydroplaned and it just went right into my wife’s car,” said Dave Kelly.

Fears of a storm surge were never realized as protection dunes kept rough surf at bay, but intense rip-tides still threaten to make swimming dangerous over the Labor Day Weekend.

At Suffolk County’s Emergency Operations Center, officials stayed on alert overnight as the storm churned toward Cape Cod.

They were prepared, but first responders did not have to issue evacuations, open shelters or rescue anyone.

“I think they’re gambling with themselves, because one of these days we’re going to get something,” said Joseph Williams, Suffolk OEM Commissioner.

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