Trial Delay For NY Man Charged With Beheading Wife

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Lawyers for a man charged with beheading his wife have gotten a judge’s permission to present “battered spouse” and justified homicide defenses, leading prosecutors to ask for a delay in the start of his murder trial.

Defense attorneys had been restricted from putting Muzzammil Hassan’s psychiatrist on the stand to testify about her diagnosis that Hassan was a battered spouse who’d been physically and emotionally abused by his wife.

Hassan was accused of killing Aasiya Hassan after she filed for divorce last year. Her body was found inside the Muslim-oriented television station the couple founded in suburban Buffalo.

Jury selection was scheduled to start next week, but is now scheduled for Jan. 10.

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  1. Dan Te says:

    Before the libturds at CBS comes in and tries to rewrite history, let me do it for them:

    Islam is your friend. They never killed anyone. It was only insane individuals and not as worldwide and widespread as the “conspiracy theorists” makes it out to be.

    It’s all America’s fault. America is bad.

    There is such thing as freedom of religion. So if the religion involves beheadings, bombings, and burning alive of 3,000 people in tall buildings, it’s ok. America’s Constitution guarantees their religious right to do so.

    Sounds stupid? If yes, than it must be CBS.

    Why did 1010WINS has to be taken over by a bunch of airheads with pretentions to “worldly tolerance”?

  2. hotgreen says:

    Yeah! How did I know he wasn’t a white, black or Chinese dude named Joe!

  3. charles bowen says:

    Give him what he gave her off with his head…off with his head

  4. tony guerra says:

    Charge him under Sharia law and he will probablybe found innocent. After all she was a woman and has no rights. Where, oh, where are all the women rights groups in this and other countries.

  5. moli in ny says:

    what does this have to do with islam?
    beheaded is this death cult’s M.O. – signature mark.

    “Her body was found inside the Muslim-oriented television station the couple founded in suburban Buffalo.”

  6. edy says:

    I’m telling you,these people from the 3rd world countries are animals hiding behind this religion of so called peace. There’s only 1 true religion of peace and it begins with Christ…not any other human so called peacemaker which I won;t name.

    1. A Wong says:

      Dear Edy:

      I agree with you that these people from 3rd world countries are ‘COWARD” animals hiding behind this religion of so called “peace”. This monster in human disguise, Muzzammil Hassan, announced that he killed his wife at the police station right after the decapitation. Yet, this monster claims spousal abuse by his now dead wife. What a twist of the reality? Decapitation is the worst form of abuse. This monster is a big, fat liar and terrorist of his own families.

      Sadly, many Muslims mothers unknowingly BRAINWASH their daughters to be submissive to their men.

      We are from another faith / religions, feel so bad and unjust for his dead Muslims wife. Ironically, very few Muslims women come out to condemn this monster!

      From A Chinese woman from Chicago

  7. moli in ny says:

    the religion and people of peace show us once again why Islam is a death cult incompatible with modern society,,,,oohh the the horror !! I must be a politically incorrect islamophobe..

  8. fern says:

    She didn’t cheat otherwise he would have stoned her.
    one can achieve the same result by throwing the book at her but one needs enough hard cover books to achieve the same result.

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