East Village Collision Sends Cab Into Coffee Shop; 5 Injured

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — An overnight collision sent a taxi smashing into a coffee shop, injuring several pedestrians in the East Village.

A night out, enjoying the holiday weekend, transformed into horror for a few people standing on the corner of First Avenue and 3rd Street early Sunday morning.

The taxi cab crashed into an SUV, then jumped the sidewalk and careened into the front of a popular coffee shop.

“There was a guy inside the store,” one witness said. “He was standing right by the glass, and he got hit.”

The cab struck three people – a 71-year-old man and two men in their 20s, one of them on a bicycle.

Danny Batista, 19, was driving the SUV. He said he was crossing First Avenue when the cab driver ran a red light.

“He was coming up First Avenue, flying up First Avenue,” Batista said. “I saw the headlights, I heard a horn. When I heard the horn I got hit.”

Batista hit his head on his car’s windshield, but waited to get treatment. He said he was in shock after the crash.

“I hope the older gentleman is alright – it’s innocent bystanders,” Batista said. “Somebody’s got to regulate these cabs. They drive like maniacs.”

There is some dispute about who was at-fault in the accident, though. At least one witness said Batista caused the accident.

“The jeep ran the light; the cab tried to get out of the way,” the witness said.

Five people were taken to Bellevue Hospital, including the cab driver and a passenger. The 71-year-old man was the most seriously injured, but police expect him to recover.

No charges have been filed yet, as police continue to investigate the circumstances behind the crash.


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  1. JasonS says:

    It seems to me that in 90% of cases of vehicles flying out of control and jumping the curb in New York, the vehicle in question is a cab. And it’s never their fault is it. Typical excuses include: I had a seizure. The accelerator got stuck and the steering failed. I was distracted by a bee. I was cut off by a mystery black sedan. Someone else jumped the light, not me.

    Over and over again. Casual observation tells us a lot about cab drivers in this city. They drive recklessly. They jump lights, they fail to stop at stop signs, they make erratic lane changes, they fail to yield to pedestrians. If we are to weigh up the possibility of one driver having run the red light over another driver, common sense dictates that we look more closely at the driver who learned to drive in a 3rd world country in which the standard of driving is atrocious, the driver who stands to gain financially by running red lights. That is the cab driver.

    If some witnesses say it was the SUV driver and others the cab driver, I would put my money on the SUV witnesses being mistaken and the cab witnesses being spot on.

    1. C.V. says:

      You know both the vehicles were SUVs

  2. DanTe says:

    Muslime cab drivers drive like they fly planes: BOOM!

  3. mark peterson says:

    i hate bikes major city problem get outa the streets

    1. Marc peterson says:

      whoops I didn’t mean that I just get mad at the bikes caus Im too fat and lazy to ride one – I wish I could lose wait but I dont know how

      1. Andy says:

        Start slow! Make small changes. Just need to excercise more and eat less. I lost 120 lbs in 18 months by slowly changing my lifestyle. You can do it too!

  4. jay ronie says:

    its most deff not the cabies they drive 12 hours a day i think there way more experinced then the other crazy driver.

  5. Tuan says:

    Dear Greedy_jew without read, write, or speake english you cant take hack license. one or two drivers making mistake dont blame more than 50.000 drivers in nyc

  6. Sally Rogers says:

    What is a 19 year old doing driving through Manhattan??? Leave Manhattan to the professionals and stop jumping on the Taxis. They might be agressive , but most accidents in the city are due to private drivers who don’t have a clue about driving in Manhattan.

  7. Greedy_jew says:

    Cab drivers never signal are, always speeding, stop abruptly, never pull over in a sensible location or position, they can’t read, write, or speak English, yet they always want to cry that their stupidity is someone else’s fault.

  8. georgia says:

    they should have some jail time. I think that is the only way they will stop driving like idiots. all accidents that i see in the city cab drivers are involved.

  9. common sense says:

    The mayor should make SAFE STREETS a priority. If you are involved in an accident that injures someone, no matter who is at fault, you should have to wait a year before you are given the privilege of driving in this city. Too many drivers on the streets. Weed out the bad ones. Don’t give them insurance. Who benefits from this status quo? I know who suffers – we all do.

  10. paul says:

    Most of the cab drivers are more careful then most of the private car drivers. But pedestrians never follow the rules of the road. Even animals are better then them.

  11. Baudy Emmanuel says:

    stop jumping on cabs drivers without investigation!

  12. joe moe says:

    witness said batista was at fault.. what’s he got to gain by saying that?.. you’re all so quick to blame the cabbie.. why?.. I prefer to think it was some schmuck in an SUV who seems to be lying to cover his ass.. No?

  13. B S says:

    Cab driving in NYC requires extra ordinary driving skills ,TLC need to stop
    issuing Hacks for too many in experienced drivers. TLC is the root cause.
    Compare to UK cab drivers , NYC issues licenses 10 times faster. Taxi academy’s are more desk & business oriented then training hands on. Sorry for the accident.

  14. Lori Gorman says:

    Just saw a webpost stating WPIX said someone died.

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