NJ Couple Sentenced For Drug Distribution

BRIDGETON, N.J. (AP) ― A New Jersey couple whose large marijuana stash was found by police who responded to an incident at their home are now both headed to state prison.

Thirty-five-year-old Jules Stubbs received a 10-year-sentence on Friday, while his 32-year-old wife, Angelique, got a seven-year term.

Cumberland County prosecutors say police went to the Millville couple’s home in January 2007 for a call that turned out to be a home invasion. As they worked to secure the residence, officers found nearly 6 pounds of marijuana and a large amount of cash.

The couple was convicted in July on drug possession and distribution charges.

Three men eventually pleaded guilty in the home invasion case and are now serving state prison terms.


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  1. frank says:

    We the people really have no say over marijuana laws and its sad. They still bust peoples chops over weed…come on now..really!!!! 2 lives destroyed over weed. I have 3 liquor stores that surround a middle school..go figure. Me and my kid cant watch football w/o a “beer’ commerciall coming on every 10minutes. Great. STUPID LAWS.

  2. Mary Jane Cannabis says:

    hmm see this news doesnt tell you that they lived 1,000 feet from a school dats why they got such a long sentence,but again 10 years for a plant…u can shoot someone five times in the leg and get a lesser sentence,and some people do 3 years for manslaughter,what a joke the criminal justice system is.

  3. duderino says:

    more wasted prison time and money and taxes over some marijuana,who cares leave the weed alone,and while they were investigating that Im sure real big crimes were happening.how many people died this weekend in ny because of alcohol related accidents????im sure about 10-20

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