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Poll: NYers Want Term Limits Restored

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — According to a new poll, most New Yorkers want to restore the two-term limit for city officials.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Deborah Rodriguez with the NY Times’ Marjorie Connolly

Mayor Bloomberg overturned results of two voter referendums when he asked the City Council to re-write the term limits law in 2008.

That paved the way for his re-election.

The survey, however, found 73-percent of New Yorkers questioned said they want the measure brought back, and they’ll get their chance to do it in the Fall.

A commission whose members were appointed by the mayor voted to put the issue of term limits on the November second ballot.

LINK: Read Marjorie Connolly’s Coverage in the New York Times

  • unethical billionare

    Michael Bloomberg is the man, I wanna be like you. I want to buy a city and rule, no maybe a planet. Shut everyone that goes against me… and do whatever I please…because we are surrounded by many corrupted politicians…. Though he is a jew, maybe he is bought out by Terriorists… Damn, the Al-qaeda finally find out the weakness of the jews.

    Damn, this remind me of the song “I wanna be a billionaire so Freaking Bad” Be a major like Michael Bloomberg !!!

    • Michael Bloomberg

      You are right, the terriorists (namely jack russells) own me.

  • Dan Te

    TOO BAD!

    Welcome to Nazi Bloomberg. Hitler unilaterally extended his term of office too – for a “crisis”. Bloomberg’s staff also has a uniform shirt color, just like Hitler’s. And both Bloomberg and Hitler loves to dictate to citizens how they should eat or live.

  • Michael Bloomberg

    This can’t be! No….NO!

  • tony guerra

    NYers want term limits, Bloomberg says NO. NYers want the mosque moved Bloomberg says NO. I wonder why.

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