Go Inside The NYPD’s Counter-Terrorism Division

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – At a secret location in an industrial no-man’s land in Brooklyn is the nerve center for the NYPD’s war on terrorism.

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“When you approached it you probably said, ‘What’s this place they’re bringing me to? It’s a dead-end street and nondescript building.’,” Lieutenant Art Mogill said to WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

Mogill took Adams inside the counter-terrorism division, where specially-trained officers study, practice, plan, and strategize ways of protecting new york city.

Adams asked Mogill, “Do you think the average person in New York City realizes what’s being done here to protect them?”

Mogill answered, “I don’t think they probably understand the vastness.”

They scrutinize past events.

“We recreated the ’93 World Trade Center van – everything from the actual year of the van itself to the painting to the actual design of the device, itself,” Mogill told Adams.

In another secure location, detectives cultivate sources, monitor internet chat rooms, and follow Al-Jazeera.

Detectives deployed overseas gather intelligence.

Mogill said, “I would say the intelligence division is kind of like our C.I.A.”

While talking with Adams, Mogill’s BlackBerry buzzed with an alert from half way around the world.

Mogill said, “It was actually just a bombing that occurred in Lahore [Pakistan].”

The NYPD doesn’t wait for intel to trickle down from the feds. It gathers its own.

Detective Brian Hastings relies on that information as he secures major events, like the United Nations General Assembly.

“They see things. We see things, and hopefully we can stay one step ahead of them,” Hastings told Adams.

Inspector Martin Conway gets a daily intelligence briefing, which he shares with his lieutenants.

“When I brief the lieutenants, I expect them to go out and brief the officers on what we spoke about. That’s our opportunity to interrupt a terrorist plot,” Conway told Adams.


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  1. johnny rotten says:

    hey smart ass

    i hope the next time some cop sees you in the vicinity of the “not so secret” location, they rip you out of the half rolled down window of your hippie volkswagon, kick you in your balls so hard that they plop out onto the sidewalk and roll into the sewer, and then make your teeth a permanent part of the sidewalk

  2. NIckos says:

    Park Illegal? They are the police…A military organization run by the government that protects us from terror and crime. And your complaining they park illegal, in spots that are designated “no parking or No Standing” ? TC, Let me guess. Your one of these whiny liberals who complain non-stop because of your own self-esteem issues. Did you get a ticket or something? Or do you donate to HAMAS? Its not fair that these First Responders(NYPD AND FDNY) put themselves in danger racing to your 911 call when your such a dooshbag.

  3. TC says:

    Not so secret, I pass this location every day and the cops all break the law when it comes to parking their private vehicles with police placards in the windshields.

    1. Mike Selinger says:

      And they work night & day to protect your sorry a$$………..

    2. Nelson Krusofsky says:

      W Those Placards make it LEGAL for them to park, as per NYC Administrative code. SO hence, its NOT ILLEGAL!!! The parking spots are RESEVERED for the police or whatever agencies the placard states. Stop bieng so jealous of these heros and cut them some slack, its almost September 11 already, 23, 93 and 343 died 9 years ago running into those buildings to save as many people as they can, and for you to complain about them parking cars, you must be a real low life. Shame on you, you miserable troll.

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