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NYC Students Back To School — But Not For Long


New York City students headed back to class on Wednesday, the first day of school for about one million kids – but they’re already on vacation.

The first day of school was exciting for New York City students, and bittersweet for many parents.

“I’m still standing out here,” parent Deborah Bologna said. “She has a tendency to walk back out.”

Students lugged in bags and bags of fresh school supplies, but spent just one day in class before the vacation bell rang. They have the rest of the week off for Rosh Hashanah, a calendar clash many parents wish could have been avoided.

“I don’t think it makes sense coming today,” parent Lisa Holden said. “They should have just came on Monday.”

Even so, students are already learning a tough lesson in math. Chalking it up to a budget crunch, school administrators cut yellow bus service to nearly 5,000 students city-wide, including all seventh and eighth graders on Staten Island.

“In general in the city, for students who are in seventh and eighth grades, we don’t provide busing,” NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein said. “When budget times were better, we tried to do that. Unfortunately, we’re facing very tight choices and tight situations.”

Schools are now asking many students to walk or use public transportation, and many parents are furious.

“It’s terrible that they don’t have any buses for the children to get to school,” parent Joe Scuteri said. “Some children will have to walk now, whereas before they had a safe way of getting back and forth to school.”

“That’s the tough part we’re struggling with now – what do we do if it’s not reinstated,” parent Fred Mavaro said.

Several parents and lawmakers have sued to force the city to provide bus service. The issue is still working its way through the court system.

The busing cuts will save the city about $3 million.


One Comment

  1. rootbeer says:

    the jewish holidays are accommodated bc many teachers are jewish. years ago when koch was mayor and there was no observance for it there were not enough substitute teachers to cover all the absences and it was a disaster. it’s not special treatment.there are other holidays that are accommodated as well, christmas and others. teachers can also put in for any religious observances for time off but when it’s so many for one holiday it makes more sense to have the day off, like christmas. what would people say if there was school on christmas? how may teachers would not come in for observance? again, makes more sense to give the day off.

  2. Alisa says:

    Why do Jewish religions get special treatment. Who really runs this country? Why does their religion override the calender and interrupt daily activities. Their religion is not that special, If they choose not to go to school thats fine but others should not suffer and keep schools closed. Not everyone has a jewish religion and to me its like its being forced onto. others.

  3. Dan Te says:

    There should be no religious holidays of any sort in schools. This is a violation of separation of church and state.

    If there must be a religious holiday, make it all one day that all lies.. religions has to work around.

  4. P N says:

    A Green Solution would be universal yellow school bus service for all the kids!

  5. P N says:

    The 6th & 7th graders aren’t the only ones suffering. Many 1st thru 5th graders in the Gifted & Talented Program are also losing yellow school bus service.

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