Residents Want N.J. 9/11 Memorial To Stay

BAYONNE, N.J. (CBS 2) — A memorial to September 11 victims in New Jersey may have to be moved.

Bayonne’s Teardrop Memorial sits on a terminal owned by the Port Authority. The agency was considering selling the property to make way for a container port.

Residents however said the memorial needs to stay right where it is. “It has to be in eyeshot of Ground Zero.  That’s’ what the whole teardrop is about.  It has to face Ground Zero.  Just disrespectful,” said petition organizer Bob Terzi.

“It shouldn’t be moved.  It should stay here, period. No two ways about it,” said resident Frank Pertucci.

Monuments dedicated to all 13 Bayonne residents killed in the attacks would also have to be moved.


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  1. nana says:

    what a beautiful memorial,it shouldn’t be moved! my, the town did such a great job it is really nice the tear drop bought a tear to my eye remembering that awful day, Americans feelings are just being swept under the carpet, while others are granted their rights without regard to our loss. and yes this obama came out and stated his muslim religion thought, but he would never come out and say anything about how it should be” carefully reconsidered before removing the memorial”, it became politics when como, obama,bloomberg, put their two cents in. Bayonne stand up and hold your ground it was your loss and they should have regard, respect, caring, just as they do for that disrespectful mosque which they want just to celebrate their conquer in bringing us down. STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT AND BELIEF YOU ARE AMERICANS

  2. JohnnyBravo says:

    Oh Shut Up Cicero. Everything is the Dems’ fault. RIGHT! It’s all on the Port Authority who OWNS the property. I hope the memorial stays. It’s about all of us, it’s about 9/11, not petty politics! So stop moaning about your President.

  3. Cicero says:

    Democrats are trying to suppress any remembrance of the terrorist attack on America for political reasons., Obama will not attend the 9/11 Memorial Event this year because he fears protesters will challenge him and his weak National security policies.

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