Keidel: Three Blind Mets

It seems the Mets’ bottom line has trap doors. It is a writer’s job to arrange context, but some things are almost beyond words.

According to the New York Post, three members of the New York Metropolitans refused to join their team on a trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Tuesday. The purpose of the trip was to bring cheer to the gallant men and women of our military who bring cheer to us.

This stretches the already chasmal gap between celebrity and civilian, between those who fly in corporate jets around the world and those who live in it.

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The triumvirate is almost as predictable as it is sad.

Oliver Perez, who has the work ethic of pregnant cattle, said he only discusses baseball matters while he hasn’t mattered to baseball in two years. “I don’t answer anything about outside the stadium,” said Perez when asked why he didn’t attend.

Perez, the breathing straight-line with no curveball, will be grazing on a Mexican buffet the moment the Mets release him. Perez, more than anyone in any sport, reinforces the notion of the check-cashing leech who got big money on spec. God gave him a heavenly left arm and he did nothing with it beyond signing the obscene, $36 million contract the Mets myopically offered.

Luis Castillo, renowned for dropping balls then wondering why he doesn’t play, had this gem: “Sometimes you see people with no legs, no arms. I don’t like to see that.”

You have no brain, Luis, yet the Mets still pay you. The fans don’t like to see you, either, advocating for years that you to be traded or terminated. Though not as egregious as Perez, Castillo is emblematic of the timid team the Mets have become. Castillo does not have a language barrier; he has a logic barrier, aloof to the chore. You don’t wish him harm. You merely wish him gone.

Carlos Beltran, a divine talent who has put up sublime seasons, comes closest to exoneration. Beltran cited a clashing schedule while he apparently attended a meeting about a school he was funding in Puerto Rico. Very noble, Carlos, but reschedule.

Beltran, beyond his age and slipping skills seems to play with exponential apathy. We can understand an older player failing to reach a fly ball. We can’t understand failing to try. That’s where Mr. Beltran is headed – after he inhales the nearly $20 million the Mets owe him next year.

Countless thousands of Americans died for their right to play ball, for me to write about it, for you to watch it. These players fast-tracked from stupidity to disrespect and beyond. It reminds you of another Carlos (Delgado), who refused to stand from his shaded perch in the dugout during “God Bless America.” But Delgado swallowed his sense of rebellion just long enough to deposit those American checks.

If these three men are Mets next year, there will be a mushrooming fury from their fans that will be felt beyond the provincial failure the Mets call their baseball team.

No doubt we can all do more with our arms and legs to help those who have neither. But it is unimaginable for a band of millionaires, who can’t see the world above their wallets, to flip a symbolic bird at the bald eagle.

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  1. matt t says:

    castillo and perez are class A jerks, but i’m not gonna hate on beltran. the guy was doing something legit good for people close to his heart and its not fair to judge his intentions or values on that premise. also, a side note, never in history has there been a war fought about someone’s right to play baseball! so i don’t know where you got that idea from. in communist cuba baseball is by far the most played sport. I guess you should clarify your argument: people fought for their right to make millions of dollars with baseball (commies don’t pay their professional athletes).

    that being said, ill be happy as a clam when castillo and perez are tossed into the trash.

  2. kmac says:

    These guys are a joke- it’s like the Vince Coleman era again. Mike Piazza, has it been so long since we’ve had a player we could all root for? He did just about everything right (except for knock the s out of Clemens and whats his face pitcher from LA). Man, was there EVER a situation in which you didn’t think Piazza could tie the game, win the game, or do something? That day on 9/21/01 was very special, and something we all just had a gut feeling he would do. Beltran looking at a 3-2 pitch in Game 7? just pathetic.

    Where are those Mets players now? I thought Wright would be the one, but I’m still waiting. Maybe it will be Ike. Either way, anyone who pays full price for a Mets ticket nowadays is a sucker. Next year will probably be like those 1997/1998 years, when nobody showed up to the stadium, and the team relied on players who worked and played hard to win games, and to win the fans back.

    Mets suck now, I hate Minaya only so much, ownership even more. I would really like to see a Hard Knocks version of the Mets to see how interested Wilpon is in winning vs a positive net income. 2011 will be another lost year, and if they rebuild, it would be 2015 before they put together a serious team.

  3. Rush says:

    The way racist Mets fans feel about the latin players maybe they should trade Santana, Reyes & Pagan as well. By the way, the best players on the Mets team by far,the last 6 years have been latin players. Beltran & Reyes are the same guys you morons rooted for in the ’06 championship, which I may add, also had Delgado. I guess like the African-American who fought in all the major wars, they’ll only good when you need them, but everything in back to normal once they get back home. ‘NO BLACKS ALLOWED” Mets fans should all have signs that states ‘WHITE ONLY” even if those whites players, like your current roster, SUCK!!

    1. KPMc says:

      1. The Mets roster for the past five or six years has been made up of about 85% latino players… so yes.. the best AND worst players were latino. Since they have been so glaringly bad the worst are going to overshadow the best.

      2. The ’06 championship? what exactly did the Mets win in ’06?

      3. It might not be politically correct to talk about but there is no doubt that foreign-born latino players, not American-born, have a different attitude when it comes to playing and winning. They have already made their accomplishment.. getting off the third-world island/nation. They don’t have the passion for winning like Americans do. A WS ring means very little just as the first wave of Russian-born players in the NHL couldn’t understand why North American players were so passionate about winning a Stanley Cup.

      Discussing the cultural differences doesn’t make you racist but ignoring them to be politically correct does in my opinion.

      And no matter what your opinion… there really is no good excuse not to spend 1/2 an hour at a hospital when you get paid millions to play a child’s game. It’s all about appreciating your blessings and these guys clearly do not!

  4. bloodspite says:

    One more reason I’d rather watch football and I don’t even bother to watch baseball anymore

  5. Ralph says:

    They are the most hated players on the team. Every time one of them sticks their head out of the dugout people yell insults at them.

    If the fans hate them, I would I bring them to meet the fans? I would have told them to stay away, too, to avoid and awkward situation.

  6. VB says:

    I disagree Mattman it’s not because they are Latin American, It’s just because they are lousy human beings. I’ve been a Mets fan all my life and im just as sick of the Wilpon’s who are also horrible humans beings and not to mention the other morons Minaya and Manuelle who are all money and nothing else.

  7. MikeyMikey77 says:

    Stop bing an apologist, louisproyect. For any nationality, for any rationale. these actions are inexcusable.

    Castillo doesn’t like “seeing” people with no arms or legs. How does he think THEY feel having to live their lives without arms or legs.

    What a disgrace!

  8. louisproyect says:

    Maybe Latino players are troubled by the fact that the USA has turned their countries into banana republics run by corrupt dictators like Batista and Somoza.

    1. j says:

      then perhaps they shouldn’t play for America

    2. mr. parker says:

      Don’t you mean Castro and Ortega? Or Pigface Hugo, or “Cocaiana” Morales.

    3. billy396 says:

      The USA didn’t “turn” their countries into anything. That honor resides with the people of those respective countries.

  9. MIKE says:


  10. Kelly says:

    If Wilpon had any Balls he would cut these players right now.
    THeir excuses and actions are reprehensible. If you don’t like it here – LEAVE-
    I hope every fan boo’s or chants USA, USA when one of these jerks comes up to bat.

  11. Marc M says:

    While I understand the desire to highlight that these guys are Latinos, it must be kept in mind that Latino players will be going to the hospital, and that many Latinos have sadly ended up in that hospital by serving this country. It has nothing to do with them being Latino… it has everything to do with these three bozos being the most selfish jerks imaginable. If the Wilpons care about the fans and this team, these three, Omar and Jerry will have their bags packed by the end of the month.

  12. TJ says:

    the whole organization is a total disaster. Been a fan for 40 years and I can;t stnad them anymore. thank god for football

  13. z z zodiac says:

    These guys are a disgrace to the mets uniform and humanity.

  14. mattman23 says:

    Disgusting………I hate to say it because im the first one to condemn the use of the “Race Card” but its because they are Latin American Players. They dont care whatsoever about this country or those who gave their lives to defend it. They could care less about this country that gave themselves and other Latin American players the opportunity to make millions of dollars from playing a game when if they hadnt they would still be living in poverty in their home countries. Makes me sick to my stomach that something as simple as a visit to a hospital to cheer up some young kids who gave more than any of these 3 guys ever will to anyone was to hardfor them to handle.

    Mets Fans for Yankees!

    1. Sloppy Joe says:

      Haha gj outing yourself, racist!

  15. mark says:

    3 selfish jerks

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