Three Mets Give Wounded Soldiers Cold Shoulder

NEW YORK (WFAN) – Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, and Carlos Beltran are deep the Mets’ doghouse for missing a trip to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, reports the New York Post.

From the Post:

“According to a clubhouse source, COO Jeff Wilpon wasn’t happy that the trio of underachievers skipped the team’s visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Tuesday. Dillon Gee was the only other Mets player who didn’t attend, but the pitcher was excused in advance because he was preparing to make his major-league debut that night.

The absence of Beltran, Castillo and Perez raised some eyebrows within the organization.”

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On Wednesday, Carlos Beltran defended his decision to skip the trip.

“I don’t know who’s creating this issue, but this offseason, I went to visit the Veterans Hospital in New York, so it’s not like I’m against it,” Beltran said. “I had my own things to do and I couldn’t make it.”

The Mets’ star center fielder was attending a meeting for his foundation, concerning a building project for a new high school in his native Puerto Rico.

Castillo also defended his actions.

“Sometimes you see people with no legs, no arms. I don’t like to see that,” Castillo said.

Perez refused to comment.

“I don’t answer anything about outside the stadium,” he said.


One Comment

  1. Sivan R says:

    Master Shake Said it the Best!

  2. Bob Lacy says:

    Stop judging them, there are some people who just do not think they can handle going into a hospital with so many young men and women who have given so much of them selves. If you do not believe that then tell me why you have not gone to veteran hospitals to tell these hero’s how much you thank them ? I am just saying you have no right to dis anyone if you are not willing to do the every thing you expect them to do.

  3. lone wolf says:

    Maybe you should look at the big stuff like all the money they make and not give any one a pass. General Grant my @ss!

  4. chelli says:

    imagine if these brave soldiers said ” i have other things to do ” or ” i dont want to see war-related hell”…. do i need to say anything else?

  5. Mikey says:

    I’d cut Beltran some slack, as he has dome a lot of charity work in NYC and has supported the troops in the past. He seems like a stand up guy even if he may be a little too soft for NY. Also, he is an American citizen, folks. The other two are downright selfish! What lame excuses and brazen disprespect for the organization that pays you and country that supports your way of life.

  6. mo says:

    If Castillo would rather not see soldiers at Walter Reed, put him on a plane and have him go talk to those still fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan (or both).

  7. Master Shake says:

    Sometimes you see a second baseman who can’t run, or throw. I don’t like to see that.

  8. JeffinwesternWA says:

    well, we know 2 of the 3 are gone soon anyway….as for Beltran, who decided to skip 1/2 the season for unwaranted surgery, so as to try to be 100% for his final year of contract and free agent look in ’11 (All about HIM and $$$), he’s THE most selfish of all. He Should NOT be playin CF (let Pagan) and missing most of the year for $$ in 2012, TRADE HIM NOW! I’d take anyone else over his .220 avg anyway….BEsides, with this GM, Manager, staff, I’m not payin over $10 WITH free parkin and $3 beers to see these clowns at the new “Dodger museaum” called “citifield” anyway…..disguisted again….

  9. Sivan R says:

    Listen up Met fans, Beltran has been a stand up guy since I could remember let alone since being in New York. Beltran is REAL people. As far as the other two fools, the Mets and the USA should deport them back to there 3rd world country and not let them come back to the country unless they go to war or give up an arm, limb, eyes or their balls. Only bavearment leave could have been excusable for Castillo and Perez. GFYS!

  10. Fed Up and Frustrated says:

    Trade these three stooges for a used pine tar rag…..and throw in Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead into the deal. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sell this team Fred or go back to running it like Nelson Doubleday.

  11. General Grant says:

    JohnnyRed, are you aware, maybe not because you’re stupid and a racist (the name posted speaks for itself) but your Mets coverboy whiteboy Wright did not attend last year. No one is obligated to attend. Also you moron, Beltran is Puerto Rican, which makes him an American like yourself. Perez is Mexican
    Castillo is the only Dominican out of the three a-hole. Get the fact right before you post you racist f..k

  12. danny says:

    i never cared one way or other about the mets but now no more wins for you

  13. Mark U. says:

    Get rid of them now! Tell them all to go back to there own country’s and make a living milking goats or something. I will not watch or support the Mets until they are gone!
    Thanks to all the other players who went. It is a shame these fools overshadow your efforts.

  14. average joe says:

    so happy i am a yankee fan.ship these 3 BUMS the hell out of this country now

  15. Wild Wes says:

    I’m a Met fan. Lose them, or you lose me.

  16. Gary says:

    The are invited to play the past time of the USA, they get paid a ludicrous amount of money for it, and then they blow off the foundation for the country by which they got that chance…..What a shame!

  17. BigBear14 says:

    At least Beltran had an excuse, Castillo and Perez should be shipped off to war ASAP

  18. JohnnyRed says:

    I think it’s great that we have all Spanish guys on the Mets who can talk and speak anything about outside the stadium . Minaya’s Dominican railroad has really given us a great culture and great people to root for week in and week out. These people are all tops in my book.

  19. Baba smith bro says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Baseball players are poor excuses for athletes, now in every way. They’re overpaid, marginally in shape Prima Donas who spend most of the time sitting or standing around, in or out on the field waiting for something to happen.

  20. fitz says:


  21. Andrew says:

    atleast beltrans excuse is legit… The other 2 should be traded for a washing machine yesterday.. Ugh

  22. Brian says:

    all 3 are dead weight, Get rid of them sooner than later

  23. lou says:

    They cannot get rid of these guys fast enough.

  24. hioward says:

    castillo is a MORON !!!!!!!!!

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