Facebook Gets More Attention Than Google

NEW YORK (CBS 2) —What’s your status?

As one market research company reports, people are now spending more time socializing on Facebook than searching on Google.

Comscore reports that in August, Americans spent a total of 41 million minutes on Facebook, beating the nearly 40 million minutes people spent on all of Google’s sites combined. That includes Youtube, Gmail, Google News and other content sites.


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  1. InBus F Good says:

    yeah yeah..and it’s because 3/4 of FB traffic is mobile, which makes it more an Uber Twitter gig. Let’s keep our perspective on which is working and which is a shameless play for privacy exploitation.

  2. raisinette2d8 says:

    The figures are off by 17,000 times. This blogger proves it.


    Otherwise Facebook users would be spending HALF A SECOND A DAY on the site!

  3. Eric Margolis says:

    So Americans have found a better way to waste their time. Now THAT’s progress!

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