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Nick Colombo

It’s the exciting sound of the opening music to the CBS NFL pre-game show, the brilliant glow of the game on your HD TV, the crunching sound of helmets and pads smacking against each other, the endless cursing of your father, and the smell of hot sauce spread across various meats. Yes, football season is back and we kick it off here on Boomer and Carton with an exciting Football Friday.

Of course, things may not seem so exciting if you’re a Giants fan. Craig opened the show comparing Giants fans to cockroaches, saying they’re afraid and un-excited about the new football season. Giants’ fans weren’t so happy about that portrayal, and Boomer agreed with them saying they have plenty to look forward to. Still, Craig was convinced they’re afraid…
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But, as always, that’s not all. Jerry does an update while describing the dirty things he’d love to do in Amsterdam, Ray Lewis talks smack, Ray Rice calls up to chat about that smack, Al becomes a starting QB, Brooke Hundley gets a new job, Carl Banks shows off his new jeans, and of course NFL picks…

amsterdam B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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Jerry had all the big audio for his update today, including the comments from Ray Lewis as he talks smack on the Jets. However, who really cares about all that. What you really want to hear about is what Craig and Jerry would do in Amsterdam where prostitution and pot are legal. Boomer just sits back in disgust as the two of them go on and on…
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ray lewis B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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Now, the comments from Ray Lewis made headlines yesterday as he called out the Jets. Craig couldn’t care less as he says talk means nothing in the NFL. However, Boomer has a few funny stories involving some times when talk did make a difference. The best one involves a clean cut NFL analyst, who seems like a sweet guy, talking down a rookie and ruining his career. *Cough* Howie Long *Cough Cough*…
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ray rice1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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Of course, if you really want to know what the Ravens are thinking, the best thing to do would be to talk to a Baltimore Raven. That’s why Boomer and Craig had New Rochelle’s own Ray Rice call in today. Ray gave the boys the lowdown on the upcoming Jets-Ravens game, and had some fun reminiscing about New Roc with Craig..
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dukesmarinohead B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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Speaking of great athletes, Al Dukes is going to be a starting Quarterback. Yes, it’s true, starting this Saturday, Al will begin leading his flag football team to greatness as the signal caller. Boomer offered to give Al some advice on how to truly play the position, but Al feels like he’s got it down…
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wookie B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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One of the best parts of going to a football game is hot chicks. Whether it’s a curvaceous cheerleader or a busty waitress, hot girls abound. Well there may be a new hot girl joining the staff at the new Meadowlands Stadium. That hot chick, our favorite Brookie the Wookie, is former Steve Phillips’ mistress, Brooke Hundley. Craig has a great time announcing the news, and imagines what it would be like to talk to her at the stadium…
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carl banks B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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Hey look who randomly showed up in studio. It’s Carl Banks! Carl was in the building to do his hour with Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts, but he stopped in for a few minutes to talk to Boomer and Craig about… jeans. Yea, Carl has his own clothing line and a special event coming up at Lord and Taylor’s. But don’t worry, he talked some Giants with the boys too…
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recklessmoment4 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

Time for Moment of the Day. Today’s Moment is, you guessed it, Craig imagining his conversation with Brooke Hundley at the new Meadowlands Stadium…
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boomer cardinal B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for on this Football Friday. It’s time for Boomer and Craig’s first NFL picks of the year. These are the picks with NO spread. Straight up, here’s who the guys are picking to win…

Boomer:                                          Craig:

Bengals                                         Patriots

Packers                                          Packers

Cowboys                                       Cowboys

Giants                                            Giants

Ravens                                            Jets

Bonus Pick (w/spread because Craig loves gambling) Dolphins -3

If you want to listen to the segment and see why they picked the way the did, that’s right here…
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jessica 21 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

(Maxim Digital - Special to WFAN.com)

Here’s a parting gift for you on this glorious Football Friday. It’s our Attention Grabber, Jessica from Miami. She actually looks very much like a girl I hooked up with in junior high school, although obviously that girl didn’t have fake breasts….
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wfan bc41 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Football Friday Returns

If you missed the show, check out all the best parts here in our awesome Podcast!
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Ok, cya Monday when we break down the Giants game, preview the Jets game, and Drew Brees joins the program. Until then, have a wonderful Football weekend, we’ll be back Monday, from 6-10AM, like we do every Monday-Friday, on Boomer and Carton in the Morning on the FAN!

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