Mystery Deadline Does Not Deter Mosque Imam

Prez, Giuliani Weigh In As Fla. Pastor Wavers On Koran Burning

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) — On the eve of the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, there were renewed calls from President Barack Obama and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani for religious tolerance.

The Florida pastor who planned to burn copies of the Koran was reportedly on a flight to New York on Friday night.

Dr. K.A. Paul, a Christian evangelist who runs a ministry out of Houston, said he bought the ticket for Jones to fly out of Orlando and land around 10:15 p.m. in New York. Paul provided The Associated Press with a copy of the itinerary and flight confirmation number.

Paul said Jones was able to sneak out of his Gainesville church without the media noticing.

He wants to meet with the imam involved in the proposed Islamic cultural center near ground zero, reports CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

In addition, more than 2,000 people gathered at a candlelight vigil in New York on Friday night in support of religious freedom and the right to build the mosque.

Many in the crowd filling half of two blocks near the site of the proposed mosque held candles and waved American flags.

The vigil was sponsored by New York Neighbors for American Values, a coalition of 40 civic, religious and civil rights organizations.

Organizers said they held the vigil Friday night to avoid entangling the mosque controversy and the Sept. 11 commemoration, although activists on both sides of the debate have planned rallies.

Earlier Friday, the day before Korans were scheduled to be burned, the president weighed in — again.

“Part of my concern is to make sure we don’t have a whole bunch of folks all over the country thinking this is the best way to get attention,” Obama said.

As the attention-grabbing pastor continued to back away from his threat, the circus-like atmosphere surrounding this tiny church, the Koran, and the link to a controversial mosque planned near ground zero continued.

“Imam Feisal, the challenge is crystal clear,” Dr. Paul said.

On Friday, Dr. Paul joined Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center and gave the spiritual leader of the mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, a two-hour deadline to call and tell them, “If he has agreed to move the mosque from ground zero to another location,” Dr. Paul said.

After the deadline passed there was another news conference.

“We have not heard from the imam but we are very hopeful we will meet with him,” Jones said.

Jones said planned on heading to New York to meet with the mosque’s imam on Saturday, but it appears he left earlier.

“I am right now 100 percent sure the meeting will take place. I have no reason to believe that it will not,” Jones said.

That came as news to Rauf, who Friday said, “I am prepared to consider meeting with anyone who is seriously committed to pursuing peace. We have no such meeting planned at this time.”

Meanwhile, the Florida imam caught up in the deal making on Thursday said Jones had already agreed not to burn the Korans early Thursday, and then dragged the mosque into the mix to milk the attention.

“In his heart of hearts he knows this is very, very bad,” said Imam Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida. “He knew that this is a good provocation tool so he played with it as far as he could.”

The mayor in the midst of it all nine years ago could only shake his head at what’s happening today.

“He should just act like a Christian minister and not be doing something that is highly offensive to millions and millions of Muslims,” Giuliani said.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the start of the worst fears of General David Petraeus and Defense Secretary Robert Gates came to fruition. A demonstration at a NATO base against the proposed burning of Korans in Florida took place.

In Jalalabad, Afghanistan, demonstrators took to the streets enraged over the pastor’s plan.

The protest was just one of multiple violent protests that broke out in Afghanistan Friday morning — leaving at least 11 people hurt.

Jones’ responded to the reprisals in the Muslim World.

“I understand that it has revealed that there is a violent element of Islam that is much more violent than what we had anticipated,” Jones said.

In a press conference Friday morning, Obama reiterated that the United States was fighting against terrorists factions and not any religion.

“We are not at war against Islam,” Obama said.

The president also said he hopes Jones “prays on it and refrains from doing it,” referring to the pastor as “the individual down in Florida.”

Jones’ daughter, Emma, said in an interview with the German news website Spiegel Online that she begged him in an e-mail, “Papa, don’t do it,” but he didn’t answer. She said she hasn’t had contact him with since 2008, when he was ousted by members of a church he had founded in Cologne, Germany.

Meanwhile, A new poll showed support for an Islamic center near the World Trade Center site has grown slightly among New York City voters in the past month.

The Marist College survey released Friday showed about 41 percent of respondents favor the project, while 51 percent oppose it.

Support for the center is up from 34 percent in a poll released Aug. 10.

The number of those opposed did not change dramatically. It came down two points from 53 percent.

In the August poll, 13 percent of respondents said they were unsure. In Friday’s survey, 8 percent were unsure.

Marist questioned 616 New York City registered voters Sept. 2 through Tuesday. The poll had a plus or minus 4 percentage point margin of error.


One Comment

  1. Dan Te says:

    I love the bleeding heart imbeciles here. They advocate the building of the mosque as a show of supporting our Constitutional Rights. Than they hypocritically CENSOR any comments that factually opposes their air head ideals. Typical.

    (It does prove that if these 100% wrong all their lives imbeciles supports the mosque, than the mosque should burn like 9/11.)

  2. Its in your head says:

    J Dean, when you refer to the American war crimes list, Those don’t count.

  3. biggot says:

    J DEAN, a crack to the skull is what u need

  4. Patrick says:

    Can anyone tell me what was the Muslim reaction to Jewish Torahs that were burned and defaced by the Nazis?

  5. j says:

    Learn to hate hate!

  6. J says:

    I say religious tolerance, but we can’t stop the will of god. Does god will violence, or does he will war in his name? Neither! God can fight his own battles and at some point he will.

  7. Mr Tolerant says:

    He who believes that Islam is as peaceful, tolerant and respectable as any othr major religions in the modern world, look no further:

    1. Are there any countries governed strictly according to a single religion’s laws, often repressive, other than Islam?

    2. Are there any religions whose believers will go out kill people who are against their religion other than Islam?

    3. Are there any religions in the world today that will issue fatwas against or actually go killing journalists, writers or cartoonists who happens to be Jews, or someone who does not like their religion other than Islam?

    4. Are there any religions in the world that treat women like animals by law other than Islam?

    5. Are there any religions whose believers will burn down other religions’ worship place, killing those believe in other religions, or ban the books of other religions other than Islam?

    6. Are there any religions that blow up women and children on streets regularly and globally other than Islam?

    7. Are there any religions whose believers would act as human bombs and make blowing themselves up along with others as a fashion other than Islam?

    If you are to identify one single religion that are most commonly associated with any of the aforementioned crimes or simply find one that values human laives the least, which one would you chose?

    Then, right after 9/11, did anyone see any prominent Muslin leaders openly, sincerely and forcefully condemning the acts of the cowards?

    Why were those American born Islamic terrorists, like the soldier who killed his comrades in Iraq with a grenade, and the army doctor who also killed his fellow soldier in the name Islam were converts? it implies that their turned to that religion just to fulfill their radical views.

    It is true the Christians once went through similar stages in history, but those were barbarious eras when most other religions were no better. Today, there is only one religion that incites the most violence against humanity and human life worldwide, just as a pendemic. Tolerating it, you will do your future generations big harm.

    When Hitler was killing the Jews in the name of Christianality, other Christians went to fight them to same the Jews. Can one fancy that Muslims in the Muslim world will do the same?

    Some say the Muslims in the Western countries a ducking down because they are still a minority. I would say most of the Muslims in the none-Muslim world are moderate as they are not brain washed (not by religious teaching, but by religious bigotory) as their counterparts in the Muslim world where brain wash, intolerance to different opinions or beliefs is only matched by Communism

    Ones needs to wake up oneself and those of our Muslim neighbors to see the true nature of this religion. Probably it was once actually good, but it has been completely hijacked. Looking at how many kids Osama Bin Larden has, one should start to worry as, with 6 wives, they will out-grow any other believing groups. Be very afraid.

    Unfortunately peaceful Westerners cannot think of others to be so bad, even after 9/11 which manifested the lowest of all human decency and the most serious cruelty which one do not see even in wars, they still think as they hope, not as their cognitive senses may hav already told them other wise.

    Strange, there are outcries against the Koran burning, but not against the violence that is in response to the talking of the burning. World you see any mass demonstrations against burn a bible?

    Regarding the Mosque building shinanigan, it is not a freedomw of religion issue as the Oman can build it anywhere else, it is about being sensitive to others’ feelings. If so many 9/11 survivors (I myself ran for my life out of the South Tower during that day) and families, as well as 51% of the people are against it for sentimental reason, why can’t this Oman back off from his plan? Was he really fighting for freedom of religion or triumph of Islam? He said not doing that would alienate the Muslim world. why building a Mosque a couple of blocks off the current site will incite violence worldwide if the religion is in fact a peaceful one and the majority of the believers are tolerant? He said on CNN, if he had anticipated such resistance he would not have made that decision. Then is he a kid who acts without thinking? does he know that there are people who are emotionally attached to that site? is he playing ignorant or trying to hide his true thoughts? Also, why is a simple American issue so important to the Muslim world if we are only asking him to move it a little off site? Will he Iranians start to drop nukes over our head if we actually banned its construction? Actually, during his visit, the Muslim world did not really support him as they were reportedly treat this a simple US issue, not on of Americans against Muslim. It is this bigot Oman who has incited massive anti-Muslim sentiment in this nation which is probably the most tolerant to Muslims in the entire world. Why is he not worried about how more than half of the American,. such as myself, think? Does he expect peace if he goes ahead with the consturction?

    I see burning Koran is as bad as building a Mosque next to ground 0. Therefore, I do not see nay problems with the Floridian Priest’s linking the two. To keep balance, he must now burn the Korans if the Oman does not back off or it will be see as a victory for the radical Muslims even though the Oman himself may not be. A moderate Muslim will probably not have too much problem with the site to be moved a little further, I believe as moderate implies tolerant. you want the others to tolerate you, you r should also care about others’ feelings.

    Mr Oman, you do not build a Japan-US friendship monument at Pearl harbor, or a German museum next to the former concentration camps. By the same token as your argument, the Japanese and German people are not the war criminals of WWII, and they have the freedom of speech to build those facilities anywhere they wish to. The fact that they have not yet done so as you are to tells you that you are wrong.

  8. ahmad says:

    When their end comes evil forces on their highest strength. Islam will all right if god have created humans without free brain (like animals have no individual brain). please read quran and you will find the character of hero and his assistant in this book is below then a low grade criminal . hate ,cruelty, rivange ,rape ,slavery, tempt to allurement and lust for worshiping, this is the essence of this horrible book. only the peoples with lack of lowest human dignity can give any importance to it, Must read it even it is wastage of valuable time.

    We should all be burning the quran. It is the offical terrorist training manual. The time has come to treat people who hate america the way they treat AMERICANS. This country did not become great by putting up with IDIOTS.

  9. smith says:

    Abdulhakim Muhammad, explaining why he gunned down an unarmed soldier outside a recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas.
    “The Muslim war will continue until Islam is spread throughout the whole world.”
    Faisel Shahzad, in his farewell tape, made shortly before the attempt to mass murder hundreds of New Yorkers at Times Square.
    “We have declared a jihad to create a religious government in Uzbekistan”
    Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader, Tahir Yuldeshev
    “We will implement the rule of Allah on earth by the tip of the sword.”
    American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is said to have inspired multiple bombing and shooting plots in the U.S. from his base in Yemen.
    “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful… Praise is to Allah, the glory granter to Islam with His victory and the disgracer of the unbelief with his Might… and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger who said:
    ‘I have been inspired between the hands of the hour until Allah alone is worshiped and my sustenance has been made under the shade of my spear, and disgrace and humiliation has been prescribed for the one who disobeys my command.'”
    al-Qaeda al-Jihad in Yemen taking credit for a brutal suicide attack and quoting the words of Muhammad to explain why.
    September 11th Attacks
    “We killed them outside their land, praise be to Allah. Today, we kill them in the midst of their own home.
    O Allah, revive an entire nation by our deaths. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr.

    To the Garden of Eden, our first house. We shall meet in the eternal Paradise with the prophets, honest people, martyrs and righteous people. They are the best of companions. Praise be to Allah. Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. ”

    Ahmad al-Haznawi, Flight 93 Hijacker
    “Those 19 brothers who left us made efforts and offered their lives for the cause of Allah. Allah has favored them with this conquest, which we are enjoying now”

    Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s Number Two, explaining the motives for the plot.

    “I heard someone on Islamic radio who owns a school in America say: ‘We don’t have time to keep up with the demands of those who are asking about Islamic books to learn about Islam.’ This event made people think about true Islam, which benefited Islam greatly.”

    Osama bin Laden, bragging of the 9/11 attacks during a video-taped November, 2001 meeting.

    “Be cheerful, for you have only moments between you and your eternity, after which a happy and satisfying life begins…

    “Remember: it is a raid for the sake of Allah. Recite the prayer. As you take the seat, recite the prayer. Mention Allah a lot. When the hijacking begins, “Shout Allah is great because this shout strikes terrors in the hearts of the infidels

    “And the moment of death should be accompanied by the basic statement of belief recited by all Muslims at the call to prayer. Seconds before the target, your last words should be, ‘there is no god but Allah. Mohammed is his messenger!.”

    Written instructions to the hijackers.
    “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!”

  10. MJM says:

    I know of a Christian nation that killed over 200,000 civilians in a matter of weeks – it is called The United States of America, and we dropped 2 bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing women, children, men, and animals. The consequences of this action are still being felt in Japan. Don’t lecture on the cruelty of one man’s religion. More people have died as a result of religion than famine or disease.

  11. Alex says:

    Pastor Terry is a Christian. And he has right to burn this Muslim book because Muslim countries do not allow any Christian churches on their territories. You’re creaming about tolerance. However, why this tolerance has to be just toward Muslims but not from Muslims?

    1. Do Your Homework, Alex says:

      Alex, try to back your opinions with facts. There are large churchgoing Christian populations in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, all predominantly Muslim nations with large numbers of Christians and Christian churches. Christians and Muslims also coexist with minimal troubles in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. You don’t know what you’re talking about – that fact that Saudi Arabia is a theocracy doesn’t mean that the rest of the Muslim world works like that.

      1. Mr Tolerant says:

        Why did you only list these countries? There are other Muslim countries that Alex’s description fits perfectly? Do you see any none Muslim countries that ban Mosques? We are just asking this bigot iman who does not seem to care about how the more than half of the US populations feel to move the thing justa little offsite and he is rfusing. Comparing this with burning Koran,whch one dead is more intolerant? Go figure.

  12. Dark Elvis says:

    I as an American will keep an eye of what happens regarding this mosque. I as an American citizen won’t allow the islamization of America.

  13. si says:

    there are 10000000000 persons moslim in world

    1. KHWADI says:

      I hope the imam doesn’t meet this stupid so called religious man.

  14. Dark Elvis says:

    Islam knows NO TOLERANCE AT ALL. Just look at how Christians from all denominations have been treated throught the centuries. Construction of Christian churches is forbidden in muslim countries and millions of Christians have been martyred on those grounds. To ask for tolerance when they have no tolerance is hypocrisy. If the muslims want to build a mosque do it anywhere else BUT so close to Ground Zero. A crime was commited in the name of Allah and there’s no denying that fact. To build the mosque there is an insensitive and immflamatory act.

    1. Do Your Homework says:

      Elivs, you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are huge Christian populations in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt – stop making generalizations out of ignorance.

  15. nathan says:

    Deos anyone moderate this board?

    1. Mr. freedom of spech says:

      Hey it’s not N. kOrea, China or Cuba, dud!

  16. gabe solano says:

    9-11 was an inside job we live in 1984

  17. Willie says:

    I’m sure most of the people here writing against the mosque are Jewish. We really need to eradicate the Jews first before even looking at the Muslims. Pretty much every war in the world has been started by Jews. Good for nothing greedy parasites who put America in this dilemma. Look at our economy too. Where’s hitler when u need him

  18. Karina says:

    This country has been – and is – very generous to people of all faiths. Why some faiths decide to abuse and tale advantage of that generosity in order to fulfill their own ambitions of conquest and expansion is beyond me. How clever to change the name from Cordoba House to Park51. History speaks for itself.

  19. joe says:

    muslims will kill you if your christain or a jew in there countries . why are bending over for bunch of nuts who walk in circles around a rock.

  20. Total Zero says:


  21. tim says:

    Plans have not changed? Sounds good to me, I have pleanty of KINGSFORD CHARCOAL LIGHTER FLUID!!!!

  22. andy warhol says:

    they dont even have the money to build but politicians like bloomberg like to stir it up for his name.

  23. crj says:

    As Americans we must, MUST, take a firm stand in favor of religious tolerance at any time that this concept is threatened; even, and especially, when the resulting freedom makes us uncomfortable. That said, it should be noted that Islam has a long history of building mosques in extremely provocative places: Dome of the Rock, Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Blue Mosque are a few such examples.

    The President should appeal to both the Florida Pastor and the Cordoba Initiative to consider the strong emotions that their desired actions might invoke and urge them to reconsider. He/we cannot/should not take legal action in either case. He/we can and should condemn both plans.

  24. BD says:

    You all are religious freaks! IF there was one true god then why are there so many different religious and why is there never any peace? Most wars in this war over time are a due to religion in some way or the there. You all keep praying and worrying about the “day of reckoning” or whatever you believe and see where it gets you all. Every bible, Koran, book, or whatever else you want to call them is just a simple way to keep control in the world. They in reality are laws written to keep things from chaos! You all keep pumping this religion stuff up and who is right and wrong and it will never end.

    Back on subject, I do not think they should be building a Mosque anywhere near WTC with all the drama, because common sense would tell you the minute it happens the place will be vandalized and people harassed until they shut it down. Just think back to the LA riots and that was only over a police acquittal and not even a religion war.

  25. L. Buczynski says:

    If everyone ignored Terry Jones, he would be forgotten in a day or two. Instead, everyone is giving hime exactly what he wants: attention.

  26. pugphan says:

    God has a funny sense of humore, HE told us to love our enemies, and to pray
    for them that persecute us, then HE gave us loads of them to love. Christians are
    supposed to be known throught out the world for the love we have for our fellow man, even our enemies. Let GOD HIMSELF deal with them, when the time
    comes. Remember our Lords last words, “LOVE one another!”

  27. pugphan says:

    Hey guys I smoked for 20 years, and it took me another 20 to quit. So based on my sometimes funny attempts to quit, I started a blog in the hope that maybe my silliness, may be of help to those of us who are still trying to quit. At least you’ll get a laff, mehopes. It’s short, 250 – 300 words daily. Any feedback welcome! Thanks, and enjoy!

  28. Sanskar says:

    If such a movement is carried out it will hurt the sentiments of the Muslims around the world. Protesting anger against Al Qaeda or Taliban would have been more logical.
    The involvement of the Christian Pastor as leader in this act will cause a general hatred among Muslim for Christians. And this religious war may spread from America to the rest of the Christian world.

    With Regards

  29. Liberal Jew says:

    Burning the Koran will cause Muslims to hate us and endanger our soldiers abroad? They could not have a deeper hatred for us already. When the World Trade Center fell, hoards of Muslims danced in the streets and on top of cars throughout the Middle East. A few radical extremists, you say. Then, there was the U.S.S. Cole, the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania, the October 31, 1999 Egyptian Airlines crash in Massachusetts, the Khobar Towers, Mogadishu, the first World Trade Center Attack in 1993, the 1995 bombing of Military Headquarters in Saudi Arabia, the plot to blow up N.Y.C. bridges and tunnels by Omar Abdel Rahman, the throwing of a handicapped American Citizen off the Archille Lauro cruise ship, Flight 103 over Lockerbie, the Iran Hostage situation, and a host of other Embassy bombings and Hijackings. Since 911, there have been numerous Muslim on American plots foiled, most recently the Time Square firecracker-propane bomb. Jews are slaughtered in Israel at the very same time as our President holds Arab-Israeli peace talks, and people are stoned on suspicion of practicing Christianity. Our soldiers are slaughtered by “insurgents.” Major Middle Eastern countries refuse to denounce—and often—condone these acts of terror. This is either some radical group, boy, or a total onslaught brought about by a religion perverted by its leaders, who, time and time, again fail to speak out against continued bloodshed. Burning Mosques might cause anti American sentiment? It seems to me there already is plenty of anti American sentiment on the part of the Muslim religion. However, an ill conceived and offensive thing burning Korans may be—and it is—let us not sensationalize it by mongering fear that it will harm our soldiers abroad. God knows, they are already in harm’s way and God knows Islam is apathetic to peacefulness

  30. nathan says:

    I just wish all sides would leave the actual day Sept 11th for the families and their lost loved ones. Its a day of remembrance, not of protest. Oh and Dan Te, youve been reported again.

  31. Mari says:

    Right on!

  32. Zippy says:

    Why not build an Interfaith Doughnut Shoppe on this site? All the world, every faith, can enjoy this fried treat as one. We can begin to heal our planet over a cup of joe & a sinker or two. Hatreds melt like sugar dissolving in the warmth of the holy brown elixir. A new found brotherhood will rise much like the dough of a fresh-baked roll. We are all but jimmies, festooned upon this great glazed sphere.

  33. Slave of ALLAH says:

    MR. Terry come back to islam. AlLAH WILL FORGIVE YOU

  34. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    Muslims pretend to be peaceful in the western world because they are in the minority but in their own countries, they do not tolerate any other religion at all. How many mosques exist in the so called holy land of Saudi Arabia? In fact, when an Arab decides to become a Christian or join any other religion, “fatwa” is issued against such a person to the effect that he be put to death. The case of Salman Rushdie of the Satanic Verses fame is an example. Many such summary executions have happened over history in Islamic lands and they still happen till date. Most Arab Christians (and there are many of them) have had to go on exile to other lands in order to preserve their lives.
    They have burned thousands of Bibles in Northern Nigeria in parts where they dominate. Once, when the late M.K.O. Abiola was alive, he confiscated a ship load of Bibles and emptied all of it in the sea. No one dares stand publicly to propagate another religion in an Islamic country.
    Talking about the intention to build an Islamic centre near ground zero, I wonder the level of affront that is being contemplated. A group of Islamic jihadists flew planes into the world trade centre and destroyed it along with thousands of lives (mostly American), and then barely nine years down the line another group of Islamic Jihadists want to build a mosque near the empty ground that used to hold the world trade centre. What an affront on democracy and freedom! I am amazed by the fact that America’s president Barak Hussein Obama sees nothing wrong in that but an illustration of freedom in America. Oh yes! Freedom to bomb the magnificent world trade centre and then turn up nine years later to build an Islamic centre near the place. It is not surprising that a growing number of Americans think that Obama is a covert Muslim.
    Jihad is a doctrine of Islam that encourages Muslims to both kill and get killed for Allah. That is the only reason why human beings would accept to strap bombs around themselves and then detonate it to get killed and kill others along – just for Allah.
    The western world is playing along the grand Jihadist intentions of Islam. Unknown to the west is the fact that when Islam gets enough population and influence in the west, they will unleash the venom of jihad and destroy the freedom that was the platform for their infiltration. I wish that the west will wise up to this grand plan.
    Islam is said to mean peace whereas, in history and to the present moment, it is the antithesis of what it claims to be. Islam has costed many American lives and will cost much more for as long as America keeps tolerating the infiltration. Time will tell, but I hope the reverse will happen.

    1. S.B. Taylor says:

      If I choose to burn a bible, the “true” word of God or doubt the existence of Jesus, what happens? Very little! But if I choose to burn a koran or criticize the religion. my life is all of the sudden in danger. Don’t tell me it’s not a violent religion!!

  35. MUHAMMAD says:


    1. A Christian says:

      Anti-Christian bigotry.

    2. Augustus says:

      never mind math you dunce what about english.

  36. Syed says:

    Lets get togather and build the house of the creator of all creatures including all human being what ever faith they belong to and get slavations from all foolish contriversies,

  37. haider says:

    Lets look back in history to the last book burning anyone remember? WWII by Adolf Hitler…good company your keeping Terry Jones! Terry Jones you are just a radical of a christian as the radical muslims

  38. MUHAMMAD says:


  39. Logic says:

    @ JESSS

    actually all theologists (people who study the bible and religious contexts having to do with christianity) state the “son of god” could very well be a rough translation as we are all children of god, he created us. But the bible wasn’t written in the life of jesus or by jesus … but by a flawed man named john of his apostles … and we choose to follow this book? think about it

  40. Rocky says:


    In the city of Seville, Spain, local people found a simple way to STOP the construction of a mosque in their town.

    They buried a pig on the construction site, then made sure it would be noted by the media.

    FYI…… Islamic religious rules forbid the erection of Mosques on “pig soiled ground” !!

    Moslems had to CANCEL the project..The land was originally sold to them by Spanish government officials.

    No protests were staged or needed by the local citizenry…and the idea worked perfectly !!!

    1. Syed says:

      Even if you bury all the pigs of the world earth has all the abilities grand by Allah (s.w.t) to purify itself and the mosque will be built at the same site Inshallah at the same site.

  41. MUHAMMAD says:


    1. andy warhol says:


    2. Augustus says:

      Wise up

  42. JESSS says:



    1. haider says:

      To respect Bible is written in Quran- There is a Chapter with Name “Soora-e-Maryam” Maryam whom you called Marry – the mother of Jesus. Did the pastor mentioned to exclude the chapter before burning or did none of the Christians realized that he was going to burn the name of Jesus his holy mother and his God.

    2. Syed says:

      Their is a possiblity that may be Saudis are selling back these books and making some quick bucks who knows are you one of them?

    3. lo says:

      Lay off the booze jesss… Damn

  43. Mari says:

    I thought the bible teaches love thy enemy? Did Jones skip that chapter? Muslims are not the enemy, ignorance is.

    1. ileana says:

      Yes and he is loving his ignorance.

  44. susy says:

    I hope the people planning on burning the Quran have good Insurance to cover the lawsuits that will follow for the damage they create.

    1. Syed says:

      Susy I appreciate your feelings but more than that will be the lawsuite filed on the day of resurrection,The Day of Judgement when every one will be answerable for his own deeds.One should not deceive himself by some preists or pastors foolishness.Take care,

    2. Miltary gurl says:

      SUSY???What lawsuits??? THE PASTOR AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS COUNTRY IS COVERED UNDER THE 1ST AND 4 AMENDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. haider says:

    The Books of Christians -Bible and Jews – Miqra are also holy to Muslims thats why u never heard a single comment about burning them , did u? Infact if someone makes a burn bible day you will see muslims standing against it. Quran is from God the same writer of Bible and a writer always wants all his books to be respected.
    Better respect book of God. Islam preaches respect for all the religions that came before it – simple to understand, God sent the religion that’s now called Christianity , God sent the religion that’s now called Jewish- The God sent latest revelation is Islam that naturally have respect for the previous Prophets and their Books – Muslims Respect Jesus- Muslims Respect Moses- Muslims Respect Noah -Muslims Respect Zakria – Muslims Respect Essa -Muslims Respect Abrahim – Muslims Respect Yehya. Respecting Last prophet and quran is written there in Bible.
    Religion brings the fact of Holiness. Do u have any thing holy in your house?
    It typically can be a religious book. Only religion brings the concept of holiness in humans mind and this concept develops his sense in a positive constructive way.
    Burning a book of God is unholistic an act that takes human mind away from respect, holiness, honor and sacrifice. Takes one more near to materialism. Someone said “One who has respect; gives respect to others” – Islam Gives respect to Prophets and books of Christians and Jews; do u?

    1. mg says:

      The Books of Christians -Bible and Jews – Miqra are also holy to Muslims . read your book and ask your imam

    2. manju says:

      If Muslims respect other religions, then how come Taliban blasted the Bamiyan statues of Buddha with dynamite when they ruled Afghanistan and, Pakistani terrorists shot bullets into Jewish holy scrolls in Bombay in November 2008? How come Muslims built mosques over other religion’s places of worship wherever they became victorious – Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem over The second Jewish temple, Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem over Byzantine church, The Grand Mosque of Cordoba in Spain over Byzantine church, Babri Masjid in India over a Hindu temple and so on, on an endless list?

    3. S.B. Taylor says:

      God is not schizophrenic, which is how you make Him out to be. There is only one God, who sent His son Jesus Christ into the world to die for our sins.
      Muslims believe Jesus was not the one and only son of God, Christians do….both views cannot be correct. Respect is admirable, but the truth is much more valuable, and the truth is this…Jesus or nothing!!

  46. elabbasa says:

    I do understand Terry’s openion. He wants to express his anger and BURN not LEARN. He has no Idea about the tolerance of Islam and don’t differenciate between Islam itself and some radicals like him with Islamic names and IDs. The openion saying that Quran teaches violence and cruility is completely wrong, because the Holly Books are from same source (ONE GOD), message to humanity in different languges to different nations on different times and situations!!!!!!!! The message is to beleive in God the creator. So Islam is the same religion carried by all Messangers and Prophets, to human beings.Unfortunately Terry says Jesus is GOD !!!!

    Allah says in Holly Quran:

    “How can you disbelieve in Allah when you were lifeless and He brought you to life; then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you [back] to life, and then to Him you will be returned.”

    “Mix not truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth written in your Scriptures, the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] while you know (the truth) “.

    “Abraham instructed his sons [to do the same] and [so did] Jacob, [saying], “O my sons, indeed Allah has chosen for you this religion, so do not die except while you are Muslims.”

    “When death appeared before Jacob? Behold, he said to his sons: “What will ye worship after me?” They said: “We shall worship Thy god and the god of thy fathers, of Abraham, Isma’il and Isaac,- the one (True) Allah: To Him we bow (in Islam).”

    “Remember when the angels said: “O Maryam (Mary)! Verily, Allah gives you the glad tidings i.e. ‘Iesa (Jesus) the son of Maryam from Him, his name will be the Messiah ‘Iesa (Jesus), the son of Maryam , held in honour in this world and lifeafter.”

    Such praising and honor expressed to Mary the Virgin and and her son Jesus not to be burnt.Burning few copies of Quran Kareem will not harm Islam but hurting the doer himself.

    “Do not be grieved, [O Muhammad], by those who hasten into disbelief. Indeed, they will never harm Allah at all. Allah intends that He should give them no share in the Hereafter, and for them is a great punishment.”

    “Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good, and to Us you will be returned “Allah says.

    God Bless beleivers who planned to build Community Cultural Center for all American citizens with prayer to worship God and ask forgiveness for the victims of Ground Zero of different nations and ages. Also to pave the way for doubtful disbeleivers to LEARN not BURN the Holly Books (Godspell).

    1. samuel says:

      u a rigt. the killing of innocent pple of iraq in the night in the name of capturing sadam. the crusade another sht.the uncheched atrocities in palestine acknowledge by the world many more

    2. J Dean says:

      Imbecile try this, an Amerikan war crimes list: Hiroshima, Vietnam, Cuba, cambodia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, Iran (1953), Iraq (ongoing), Afghanistan (ongoing), haiti. You can look it up.

    3. A Christian says:

      As a christian, I am offended by your comment, specifically “Unfortunately Terry says Jesus is God!!!!” You have just denigrated the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will check back for your apology.

    4. militaryfemalepilot says:

      The pastor in Fl should have burnt the damn book… who gives a crab its a book with pages who cares how would burning the Koran be any different than flag or bible burning? it is not.
      And Elabbassa… Obviously your not a natural born citizen of this country otherwise you would know the PROPER SPELLING OF OPINION OR AT least use spell check on your computer k..

      1. Aareago says:

        @militaryfemalepilot: Are you really sure you know how to spell? I don’t think so. You are obviously not an authority to condemn Islam; otherwise, you would know the PROPER SPELLING OF QURAN or at least spy on pages that correctly spelt it.

Comments are closed.

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