Anniversary Brings Renewed Calls For Religious Tolerance

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — As a nation remembers those killed in the World Trade Center nine years ago, a renewed call is made for religious tolerance.

As some plan to rally in support of an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, others are preparing to open those painful wounds again, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.

The country will pause Saturday morning for the ninth time since that fateful day on Sept. 11, 2001. The ceremony will be held in Zucotti Park in the hopes that mourners will be able to return to ground zero next year. It still hurts.

“I never work on 9/11. I consider it a day of reflection, [and] remembrance,” Lower Manhattan resident Carla Bolte said.

“It has nothing to do, for me at least, with politics or anger,” said another Lower Manhattan resident, Christina Fantiks. “For me, it’s pain.”

Outside New York, it might be difficult to remember why the pain remains so raw. But in the Big Apple, wounds remain as the memory still hits close to home.

“It collapsed – the top floors collapsed down,” one resident said that day..

“We lost tons of guys, we lost tons of guys,” said a firefighter.

It remains incomprehensible that those giant towers collapsed in on themselves. Lower Manhattan became a moonscape that night, the acrid smoke mixing with that toxic dust drifting past the emergency lighting.

New Yorkers slept uneasily that night, if at all, and the horror was still there in the morning.

“We took pieces from the World Trade Center. I was walking by yesterday as it was burning – we live a couple blocks away,” Brian O’Rourke said the day after the terrorist attacks.

The world knows it as one of three incidents on that horrific day. Hijacked commercial jetlines smashed into the Manhattan towers, and the Pentagon in Washington; another was forced to the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, presumably en route to the Capitol.

But many New Yorkers take the horrors of 9/11 more personally than that. This is their city.

“We heard it, we saw it from our rooftop,” Mary Robinson, of Brooklyn Heights, said.

“I lost five colleagues that day on the planes,” said Greenpoint resident Bill Seltzer. “The ashes of the buildings landed on my children’s rooftop playground in Brooklyn Heights. Yes, it still hurts.”


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  1. Michael says:

    Muslems and Mosques through history every time they took and defeated the local peoples. Do your research and wake up. Simple fact.

  2. Michael says:

    CONVERT OR DIE Written in the KORAN and they follow it.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE Read the passage feel gooders and ask them.

    A fanatic in waiting in each follower. O Goodie !

  3. Toture them! says:

    Muslimes should be burned and tortured and if they dont like it leave.

  4. ezflyer13 says:

    9/11 – a day in the life of America, not some foreign land or country but my home, my life and a day that will never be forgotten and one that will always be a part of my life whether in thought or action. We all grieve for the loss of life in one form or another and for some there is no easy path. To think of how the world was affected by this terroristic act so many years ago and the impact that it created on so many lives and now, how easily one forgets. The pain and sadness of what happened is one that should make us stronger and more determined to be Americans, not hide behind excuses and reasons why. As I read some of these posts, there are some who seem to find reason to justify those attacks because of actions of our government or military and that the outcome was, 9/11. There are others who bring up events in other lands and countries, the daily violence that once again is a by product of these terrorists because that is their way of living and their religious beliefs and that is a problem that has plagued then from day one. You make the neighborhood that you live in is what my grandfather used to say.

    Too many times we are criticized for what we do or say and the world and people will comment and complain and protest and but yet there is silence from the world when another country does the same. The U.S. has became so politically correct that we have turned our backs on home and instead have open ours for the world. There was a time when we were respected and feared, now we are laughed at. It is time to bring back the greatness of who were and become the United States once again. For people to say get over it, what is the big deal etc…does not reflect the true meaning of the day, one of sadness and remembrance and one of both strength and unity. If this day has no meaning for you, that is your right and opinion but do not make it less important for others. There is nothing stopping anyone from leaving this country. 9/11 – may we stand strong and true.

  5. morris wise says:

    No longer should a persons worth depend on the color of their skin or religion but only on how much of a contribution they make toward the nation. With a climate of equal opportunity each person can earn the right to be called a good citizen. Those that choose to remain a public eyesore should accept the harsh consequences of being treated as an outsider, their complaints should fall upon deaf ears.

  6. Ann says:

    I lived there right across the street and I was one of the first responders. We allowed people to use the phone in the lobby of our building to call loved ones. I was one of the first ones handing out water which we bought until restaurants and others in the area began just sending the water and we bought the candy bars and made sandwiches for the first responders. We stood on the highway at Houston Street handing candy and water and masks to the military vehicles coming in. The next day I was handing out food provided by the Salvation Army. So after telling you all of that I do not believe that we should have such a public event each and every years all it does is make other countries wonder why we make such a big deal about everything that happens to us. I wonder why the Republicans always turn this into something it is not political. They always use this awful time to make politics from Rody Guilliani on down. It was not him that made the people help. It was the people themselves. From their hearts and their love of this country. None of them were thinking about politics. People of all colors and religions worked side by side with respect for each other. So why is it the politicians are always using this awful event for political gain. And it seems the Republicans are the ones that always make it into something it is not. They want to use this to get votes and yet they do not want to vote for the benefits the workers need. Think about that. They want your vote so they can get back into office but they do not want to vote for the health benefits average worker who gave their service and are now giving their lives because of thise event. These Republicans are using us again as they did when they told us we had to attack Iraq and then years the Republicans got the leases to the oil in Iraq and we hardly heard anything about that. The whole time we Americans are paying with out lives and with our tax dollars that could go for something else. Can you take a minute and follow the dots?

  7. salvador says:

    I am not an american but I can fell the pain of 9/11.

  8. tim says:

    john adams why are you in this country? You deserve to be your entire relation should be dismembered

  9. concerned american says:

    Are other countries that have been attacked constantly grieving as we Americans are so publicly. I thought grieving was supposed to be a private thing and not for politics. Why the politics. And what about the Oklahome boming no one is making a big fuss about that and so many children were killed by an American none the less! So why are making such a huge fuss every years and using this site for political gain. Are the Republicans behind what happened? They seem to be the ones always using this place for political gain. have you thought about that?

  10. Ann says:

    We will not forget that this took place. But when will we stop this very public grieving for the next hundred years? They are building millions of square feet of office space at this place and there will be retail space. Will we as Americans continue to use this for political reasons and allow our politicians to stir up hate and at the same time not provide us with the truth of what happened? Are we that foolish?

  11. JACK says:


  12. Sara says:

    We’re playing right into the hands of those who ardently oppose America’s liberties, freedom, and ability to overcome tragedy and misfortune by being so bigoted and unwilling to display strength despite adversity. Forget, no, but for God’s sake move on and stop hate-mongering on innocent people and their beliefs when they haven’t done anything to you or remotely anything related to the tragedies of 9/11. Life must go on.

  13. O Ahmad says:


  14. Morris B. says:

    It’s time for a real investigation, an independent one.

  15. Aqil Ahmad says:

    O people of America!
    Sun rises with the fear of wounds like yours and sun sets with the pain just like you feel in Africa, Hiroshima, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.
    Yours is once a year but every day for them.
    Have you ever felt it?
    Anyone kills an innocent is killed whole mankind.
    911 is really an incident for strong condemnation.
    But it should be applied all over the world rather than for American only.
    You, me and them all we are parts of a single body of mankind.
    We all have the same feelings, rights and dignity.
    We are not masters over others.
    Shall we respect each other?
    I share your feelings.
    Come let us share others’ feelings.
    Come let us sleep peacefully in our homes and let others sleep in their homes peacefully.

  16. dee harris says:

    I am feeling for all the people, that have lost someone in 9/11….this was a ‘bad’ day for them and such things can’t really heal….it was and still is unbelievable what happened that day and still nobody can make us believe what the government wants us to. So many questions are still unanswered…so many things not said.
    It is still shocking to me, that humans are able to do such things to other humans…for money, power, greed, different believes….what world are we living in?

  17. MIKE says:

    Some comments on the events of 9/11: the narcissistically wounded citizens who had not
    believed that they or their nation could be the despised others. In an effort to
    heal their traumatic injury, they identified with the grandiose “I” in order to
    become the deluded and self-enclosed “we.” “Others” – who disagreed, who
    resisted, who were merely different – formed the threatening opposition, which
    the dominant group needed for its psychic completion. The stronger the “we”
    has become, the more intense has become its paranoia. The “acts,” the policies,
    the lies and deceptions – along with the war on terror itself – have proliferated
    to strengthen this falsely autonomous, patriotic body, which can be destroyed
    from outside the nation’s borders and from within.

    War is the ultimate expression of human intolerance, and violence is the
    ultimate expression of a lack of empathy, of a failure of recognition of both self
    and other. The self – the nation – acts as omnipotent towards the other who
    will not comply with the desires and dictates of the self because it has its own
    desires and agency. The male soldiers who staged and performed these scenarios of torture at
    Abu Ghraib were attempting to prove their own sorely tested masculinity by
    placing these ethnic others in a passive, feminine role. Testing the vulnerability
    of their prisoners, they tried to deny their own vulnerability while they sought
    to identify its limits. Humiliating them, they attempted to rid themselves of fear,
    guilt, and shame. The photographs remind us that, when men are
    inserted into – and deformed by – military regimes of masculinized patriotism,
    the roles they play are not new ones, although the range of their expression may
    be extreme. Those roles have been rehearsed in neighborhood gangs and college
    fraternities, in forms of sport, and in enactments of domestic violence.
    This is America also. Please don’t forget…

  18. John Adams says:

    9/11, a self-inflicted wound.

  19. John Adams says:

    My wife and I drank champagne the night of 9/11.

  20. Isong I. Patrick says:

    It really hurts! Yet inability to heal the wound after 108 months is on its own wickedness!

  21. rewinn says:

    You can heal or you can hate.

    It’s time to heal.

    1. Paula says:

      Amen! Amen!

  22. jenny ohara says:

    9/11 was an inside job

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