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Pastor: We Won’t Burn The Koran

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) — The Florida pastor who threatened to burn Korans on September 11 in protest of plans to build a mosque at ground zero now says his church will never burn a Koran, even if the mosque is built.

Pastor Terry Jones flew to New York on Friday night in hopes of meeting with Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the Muslim cleric at the heart of the Ground Zero mosque controversy. He appeared on NBC’s “Today” show and said that his Gainesville, Fla., church’s goal was “to expose that there is an element of Islam that is very dangerous and very radical.”

He claimed that “we have definitely accomplished that mission.”

Jones admitted no meeting was planned with the imam leading the center, but he hopes one will take place.

Jones sparked international outrage with his plans for what he dubbed, “Burn The Koran” day.

Friday night, 2,000 people came together under a sea of candles to support the mosque and the Muslim faith.

“We’re getting all wrapped up with the concern of it being a mosque and in effect creating a different set of issues and standards for another people of faith,” said Pastor Bruce Schoup of Poughkeepsie.

“As long as they’re not planning to destroy America I don’t care what they’re doing,” one woman said.

Politicians from President Obama to local Community Board members have weighed in on the issue.

Caught up in the political firestorm were the families of 9/11 victims who have mixed feelings on the mosque. They will struggle and today will struggle to strike a balance between grieving for those lost and honoring their memories.


One Comment

  1. Carlie LeAnne Osborne (: says:

    Okay, so he can’t burn a pile of korans, but muslims don’t have to think twice before burning thousands of innocent people to their death ? I mean, yeah it would start a lot of controversy. More than whats already started. So , i’m glad he didn’t burn them. But, i extremely disagree with building a mosque on ground zero or close to it for muslims to worship their religion(the same religion that caused them to attack on 9/11). It’s like their symbol of defeat & i hate that Americans let them do that . [ i’m 13, & that’s my oppinion ]

  2. WhatIsThis says:

    There is absolutely NO NEED to build a mosque RIGHT THERE. Building it right on ground zero or even near it is just downright disrespectful to all the thousands of people who lost their lives on that day and to their families. I know that not all Muslims are jihad terrorists, but come on. Show some respect. Sure America has “freedom of religion” but we also have dignity and pride. I’m not saying the mosque can’t be built. It can, but anywhere else, not there. Obama needs to grow a backbone and stop kissing ass, and he needs to speak on behalf of the people.. who don’t want it there..

    1. Cdgmr says:

      Just the thought of building a mosque at
      Ground zero is a slap to our face.

  3. Ab Lindsay says:

    I just want to know why the Imam is insisting on building the mosque/cultural center at that spot. If it has no other motives, can’t it be moved elsewhere? Over 70% of Americans are in disapproval with the planned building, where that an election, it would be a landslide loss.

  4. PG says:

    For the size of Manhattan,NYC & NY state..why does this mosque need to built a block or two from ground zero? I mean really? Is that necessary?….

    Im all for freedom of religion, but this is just insensitive and ridiculous.

  5. kowashnick says:

    The mosque has been in the same location for last 22 years. The developer is just trying to bild it in a bigger scale. The smaller size mosque was never issue all those years, but why then the bigger scale is become an issue now?
    Does not it mean that we are not open ?

  6. winterfire says:

    So we need to destroy properties and kill innocent people just to achive this dream to stand a religious building?

    Wake up people of the EARTH…

  7. Cat says:

    There should not be any controversy over this issue because it should be a non-issue. I don’t care what anyone says…..this Mosque must not be built there….anywhere else but not there. It’s a total lack of respect for the United States of America and if those “politically correct” politicians that we the people voted in cannot see that, then it’s time to vote them out. This religion is not any ordinary religion. You can talk to 4 different Muslims and they’ll give you 4 different interpretations of the Koran. It’s not the Westernized Muslims that’s the problem, it’s the radicals and extremists, and they are a “clear and present danger” to America and it’s people. Make no mistake about it folks, they’ll come again to kill us. Only when some of the bleeding hearts or their families get caught in the cross fire, that they’ll realize what the fuss was all about.

    1. Ken G(upset american) says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE about not building a mosque at ground zero,BUILD IT DOWN THE ROAD BUT NOT ON THE GRAVEYARD OF THE THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS WHO WERE KILLED FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!If they build it there,i along with many many others will no longer be PROUD to be an American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Mccain was head of state,this would never happen,period!

      1. KPMc says:

        So if it’s not actually at the WTC site but around the corner and “down the road” a couple of blocks it’s ok?

        Good.. cause that’s where it’s planned. I’m a little tired of people that live no where NYC (and some that do) saying it will be on hallowed ground or a grave site. It’s not. It’s further away than a strip club and I’m sure the five Starbucks that will be there.

        If you’re going to make an argument about something as important as politics, religion, bending our constitution all wrapped up in the worst tragedy our country has ever had please be at least semi-informed.

  8. jun says:

    Correction: The terrorist uses the religion to do terrorist acts.

  9. jun says:

    Buning the Koran would be a terrible thing to do for Rev. Terry Jones. The terrorist uses religion to fo terrorist acts. The terrorist might have sent the books themselves to burn.

    1. Bai Nasreen says:

      Burning the Koran is not only a terrible act but it is immoral and against the entire humanity of the different faiths and convictions

  10. Rockie Samuel says:

    Does American need mosque? ? ? ? ? Look at Indonesia, Christian are discriminated and permit to build a Church is almost impossible.

    1. james Dalumimbang says:

      Yes, the reason is obvious there are thousands of muslims who are now residing in the vicinity of USA

      1. Ken G(upset american) says:

        thats true,but there are also hundreds of mosques throughout the usa,And no other are sitting on the grave plot of thousands of americans who were slaughtered for the “Muslim religion”

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