NYC Cyclist Killed After She’s Hit By Car Door

NEW YORK (AP) — Police said a woman biking in Brooklyn was hit by a car door and propelled into the path of a city bus that killed her.

The woman’s name was not released.

Police said she was riding on Atlantic Avenue near Prospect Heights Saturday evening when she was clipped by a car door that sent her reeling into the path of an MTA bus.

She was struck by the bus and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses said the woman who opened the parked door didn’t know she had touched off the accident, and left the scene before police brought her back.

No criminality was suspected.

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One Comment

  1. LD says:

    Cycling for decades. Been hit more than once by idiots. No need to go into details, but it’s nothing that would surprise you.

    I still ride, but I don’t ride in the door lane. I take a lane, ride with the flow (not against) traffic, I stay on the right side unless it’s a bus lane. I never weave in and out of traffic or run lights. So I know when I’m being tailed, I wear a mirror attached to my helmet.

  2. Rob says:

    Drivers hate pedestrians. Pedestrians hate drivers, but everyone hates cyclists.

  3. Jujubar says:

    you’re biking in one the most populated cities (cars, taxis, trucks, buses, idiotic drivers with tons of distractions, parking a nightmare, jaywalkers, and packed sidewalks) on the planet, and decide to get your exercise by playing “death swerve” in live traffic? Holy shiat.
    Common sense, which most inner city cyclists have none, would dictate: BUY A GYM MEMBERSHIP. And there are countless other ways, inexpensively, to get your exercise.
    But, some must prove daily how they have right-of-way on streets designed specifically and used primarily for vehicular traffic…even if it kills them.

  4. saywhat says:

    1-High BEAMS.
    2-Where did he state that he did NOT have nite-gear?
    3-Ever have a door open up at (what speed) as (your speed) u are approaching on a moving object?
    No time to react 20nout. Do you think that he wanted to get hurt?

  5. saywhat says:

    …yet Sam it failed to alert you to the proper use of the shift key for capital letters. (That’s when the letters get big.)
    But sorry, I know that it’s nap time now…we’ll discuss later.

  6. elizabeth says:

    I ONLY ride in bike lanes and follow the rules and still a driver said to me “I had to hit you, a city bus was gonna hit me” really? No Brakes? well I am just going to have to strike back. Next time I am doored by a driver of a car or hit by a car, I am going to “accidentally” whip that driver with my 50 lb bike lock, I am so sick and tired of drivers of these death machines. By the way, hit and run in Brooklyn=misdemeanor, so yeah, taking it into my own hands.

  7. tject says:

    This is not the first death at that intersection. A petition has been started to have the city install safety measure for pedestrians and bicyclists. Please sign to show your support!

  8. Dmitri Kalinin says:

    The same situation happened to me. I was 23 last year and riding my bike along side the parked cars on a two way 4 lane busy street in sheepshead bay Brooklyn. Unexpectedly some old guy just throws the door open of an old red car and i smash right into it. The tip of the door went into my shoulder (ripped it apart) and i flew over it and into the 2nd traffic lane. THANK GOD there was a red light and there was no heavy traffic and that it was 11 at night
    I could have been killed like her. People don’t look in the mirrors before opening the doors. Since then I sold my hipsters bike and bought a car.

    The person to blame is the woman driver that just threw the door open and to add to it left the scene of an accident. She should get prosecuted.

    1. 20nout says:

      Well that’s what you get for riding a bike thru the streets after dark. You don’t have headlights so what makes you think that whoever opened the door saw you coming. Did you honk your horn or flash your high beems???

      1. fred says:

        The person is dead fool

  9. sam says:

    i’m really blown away by the terrible spelling and complete lack of grammar in these posts. these are, at most, like, 2 sentence replies. do you people not have enough time to review what you’re about to post before you hit submit? someone above wrote ‘studpid’ instead of, what i hope they meant to say, ‘stupid’. that’s just awesome.

    im from brooklyn, and i can type relatively well. you people are pitiful. even for local news. as it is when typing ‘studpid’ above, the spellcheck underlined it for me!

    1. Lucygoose says:

      Well, Sam. You have hardly any capital letters in your own post. That is also and sign of bad grammar. I suggest you leave others alone until you have it right yourself.

  10. eileen says:

    Why do you open your door and then drive away? Wouldn’t you get out of your car after you open your door?

    1. 20nout says:

      She didn’t drive away, she saw an what she thought was a bus accident, called 911 and then went into a friend’s house. When she found out her car was roped off she came back. Seek facts before commenting.

  11. stack says:

    How did she not know?. She should be charged with leaving the seen of an accident.And being stupid.

  12. bob says:

    Bicycles KILL and should be outlawed. More people die on bicycles than marijuana.

  13. Bob says:

    horrible reporting, she didn’t hit the door. The door opened and instead of stopping she pulled out wide into the other lane and was hit by the bus. The witnesses saw it. Terrible job by reporter.

    1. PrimGlam says:

      The bus driver could not have prevented the situation. I’m sure the bus driver did the best he could. Buses don’t work like cars…. it takes a lot of power to stop a bus suddenly rather a car. I’m sure all the bus driver could have tried to do is swerve out of the way trying to prevent the young woman from being killed. If the bus stopped short people on the bus lives would have been at stake.

    2. Clark Ken-ton says:

      Bob, obviously you are not a city cyclist.
      My comment is complete.
      Thank you.

  14. walter says:

    not surprised driver left scene. And don’t believe for one second that she wasn’t fully aware of her involvement. The default response in NYC is to flee the scene of accidents like these, especially hit and runs. This is one of the reasons why I can’t wait to get myself and family out of this place. It goes way beyond a lack of civility. It’s much more serious. People here lack even a shred of basic compassion or responsibility toward their fellow citizens. They’ll leave you to die in the gutter without a flicker of remorse. It’s the dirty dark underside of things here. Rarely commented on or observed, but very much evident if you live here.

  15. angel torres says:

    I am surpirse it does not happend more in the Streets of NYC if people are studpid enough to takes these chances I guess life comes cheap to some. It’s sad, but I don’t feel sorry for people that do this do this in NYC..

  16. Steve says:

    Bikes and cars don’t mix well in big cities. I use to deal with cyclists bobbing and weaving with no regard to traffic safety or cars. They are difficult to see coming up on you largely because they can easily maneuver between lanes, they don’t make any discernible noise and have zero protection. Bike lanes help but they too have to allow for vehicle crossings ( turns) and are not really a safety zone.

    Opening a car door should always be done with caution but invariably these tragic situations do occur..

    1. joecool1 says:

      Watch out for those electric cars, too! They are absolutely silent when they start. Put the driver on a cell phone and you have another recipe for urban disaster!

  17. Steve says:

    Exactly why would it be unfair to be held accountable for her actions?

  18. Warren says:

    This is terribly tragic, regardless of who is liable. Motorists and taxi passengers, please look behind you (especially, check out your blind spots) before you open a door into traffic or into a bike lane. And cyclists, we as a group are certainly not blameless for causing traffic/pedestrian accidents, and can help by following the rules of the road.

    I’ve been doored before. The person who did it felt terrible about it – but the impact to my handlebars was hard enough that it clipped my brake cable in two. If my fingers (or face) had hit the door instead, there would have been a big problem…

  19. john says:

    Drivers and passengers are suppose to look before opening the door on the street side just like when a driver is suppose to look before pulling out of the curve.

  20. jp says:

    I have a background of road cycling when i lived in North Carolina but when I moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago, I gave it up. I see many cyclists on the Brooklyn streets (and some not wearing helmets) and I pray for them. I don’t care how “safe” the city planners think the bike paths are there is too much bus, car, pedestrian and stroller traffic and many cyclists race through lights and ride the opposite way. The car door episode is a nightmare but there is not a law in place that makes opening a car door illegal nor was the driver trained to look in the opposite direction before she opened the door. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost been sideswiped by cyclists riding in the opposite direction and flying through lights. The key here is Awareness for all. Cyclists, pedestrian and motorists and please Mr. Mayor and New York do something about all the unnecessary cars in New York City we don’t need them. I can’t comprehend how the woman did not hear something after she got in to her car and drove away, that is incomprehensible to me.

  21. doug in san antonio says:

    Humans as a whole are oblivious as to the effect that there behavior or actions have on those around them before you criticize someone else’s look in the mirror

  22. Jerry LaForgia says:

    Obviously, the car owner wasn’t sticking around for the aftermath?
    Just the way of the world today as our legal system will unfairly convict you or bankrupt you, to say the least?
    Cycling our roads anywhere is a risky venture.
    My condolences to all involved here.

  23. Jacob says:

    This is exactly why I fear getting doored more than anything else when I ride in the city. To all the motorists out there, if I’m riding well into the far right lane, its because I’m desperate to avoid a car door suddenly flying open. It may be a little annoying for you to have to jump into the other lane, but the consequences can be deadly for me and other cyclists.

  24. r. reimer says:

    It’s hard to believe somebody open the care door and a bicycle driver hits that door without it being noticed. At least to say that person must have been asleep.

  25. g/l says:

    how do you get out of your car jim/i am sure you never had a traffic ticket

  26. BS Meter says:

    Firstly, this is horrible news and deepest sympathy goes to the family, loved ones of the cyclist. This motorist had to have known what happened — and has to be prosecuted for criminal negligence and for leaving the scene of an accident.

    Blame the Transportation Commissioner — as much as the negligent motorist. There’s NO vision, but adherence to a lobbyist (named Transportation Alternatives) that wants bicycles to be on ‘equal footing’ as vehicular traffic. Again, that’s lunacy. NYC by now, should have created, at least for Brooklyn, an all-borough strategy of roadways that are ‘safe’ for cycling’ — and not directly alongside, competing with traffic flow or auto use. Because of the short-sighted vision (of ta, and this of the Commissioner in lock-step) — there’s no real policy but following the wishes of the lobby-group. One prime example, is the Prospect Park West elimination of a full lane.. because the lobby-group’s leader live there, and simply wanted to see it done.

    This death is an accident. But behavior and neglect all around, is responsible.

    1. m says:

      Wow, BS Meter, from your comment, it clear you know pretty much nothing about transportation policy in NYC. For instance, the campaign for Prospect Park West lane came about because of a large, community-based effort for safer streets in Park Slope.

      In fact, the City finally DOES have a vision, still limited yes, but much more expansive than in previous years. It’s a vision where bicyclists and pedestrians can use their streets safely and equitably. Allowing bicyclists to use all streets on an “equal footing” to auto traffic is not lunacy, as you say, it is in fact the law, and a positive vision for sanity in our streets.

      1. Jujubar says:

        You guys should be aware that the “higher-ups” just passed a law saying it’s okay to drive your bike over a cliff. Do not question it. It’s law…made by people who are perfect. Just follow it.
        And Happy Cycling. Don’t question authority and definitely do not use good judgment. Rage against the machine!

    2. Clark Ken-ton says:

      Bicycles ARE vechicles per the LAW (not per Transportation Alternatives)
      This information is readily available in the New York State Driver Training Manual. Such book is available for free at any DMV office, Sir.

  27. Jim says:

    Opening a door into traffic is a violation here in Chicago and in my suburb. The woman would be liable for damages if she did that here.

    1. lola says:

      there’s no excuse. none at all. I ALWAYS look out the mirror before opening a car door. I hope this woman has nightmares for the rest of her life, for what she did. Accident or not, she’s responsible for an innocent life taken away.

    2. Stuart Taranto says:


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