NJ Lawmakers Seek To Limit Sick Leave Payouts

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Lawmakers in New Jersey want to end golden parachutes for school, government and public safety workers.

A Senate panel Monday advanced a bill to limit the amount of sick and vacation time workers can cash out at retirement.

The bill limits unused sick leave payouts to $15,000 and vacation carry over to one year.

Employees who have amassed more time under existing contracts would be allowed to keep what they’ve accumulated. The bill would bar them from accumulating more.

A similar ban was previously signed into law for state workers.

Taxpayers have balked at making large payouts to retiring school officials, police officers and other workers.

For example, a Hackensack police chief suspended after being charged with insurance fraud in April is due more than $53,000 in unused sick time.

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  1. Roy says:

    we are not talking average worker here,we are talking about government workers,raping the system for big payouts………..of yours and mine tax dollars

  2. marty kriegs says:

    http://www.kriegsview.com for 2011 tax laws

  3. Paul says:

    for one, thats not average. i dont get 53k after getting fired. i get a swift kick in the butt. second, a corp can do what they want with their money. a govt is using my money! if you want to donate a large portion of your pay to underqualified, overpaid individuals that would easily be replaced by robots if not for the corrupt unions, go right ahead. just leave my money alone!

  4. Roy says:

    Long overdue,but it should be made retroactive to all of those people employed by State or Local government………………..Police Chiefs walking with 200,000$ in sick time,insane……………………Patrolemen retiring at age 40 with $150,00 in sick time ………insane,and the list of school administrators leaving with comparable amounts………insane!

  5. dwayne says:

    I wish we would scrutinize the multi billlion dollar corporations the way we scrutinize the average worker.

    1. Tom Donahue says:

      In reply to d wayne:
      We do scrutinize the Corporations, maybe not enough. But these golden parachutes etc. are not the average worker. Most workers do not have
      these goodies.
      Remember, it’s mostly your taxes that pay for these goodies.

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