Child In Car While Mom Allegedly Smokes Pot

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — A mother on Long Island was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday on child endangerment charges after allegedly leaving her baby alone in a car while she left to smoke marijuana.

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Suffolk County police found Karen Edelmann’s one-year-old son alone in a car outside her Shirley home Monday. Witnesses claimed he’d been there for about 40 minutes.

Investigators said the 43-year-old was inside her home smoking pot.

Edelmann was facing charges of child endangerment, marijuana possession and resisting arrest.


One Comment

  1. breno says:

    big news, bad people smoke it too…

    dope is not an excuse to be a bad mother…. grow up people

  2. makeit right says:

    I feel bad for her. I know tons of people who leave their kids in their own car in their driveway if they fall asleep on the way home from a ride, especially a stressful one. It really stinks that she took a break with pot instead of a cigarette.

    i know her and she loves those kids so much–she spends every waking minute playing and caring for them.

  3. Fred flintstone says:

    Wow no racist comment probaly cause she”s not a minority

    1. delceaniabrown says:

      show you right

  4. michael lepore says:

    crack head i know her she should have been arrested years ago they just find out that she leaves her kid in the car this has been going on for years

  5. Jeffp26 says:

    At least she didn’t smoke pot with the kid!!!

    1. delceaniabrown says:

      she did not have to smoke with the child only leave the child in the car to be smoked what are you smoking

  6. Dan Te says:

    Leave the hag alone people. Look at her, she NEEDS the pot. And besides, that boy’s from her defective genes. She’s knows she need to remove it before she further infest the gene pool. Mom knows best.

  7. Roy says:

    I guess wht they say is true,smoking marijuana causes memory loss.this idiot forgot she had a kid,and where she put him…………………

  8. john staten island says:

    Drugs make people do bad things.Who is going to take care of this child the state HA HA HA. Group home are bad just look how the kids turn out you would run .Family is best ,put mom in a program.

    1. binky says:

      You make sense John. Taking the baby away is not in best interest of the baby unless a close relative or family member is willing to take over while she gets her head straight.
      It makes little difference whether she left the child in the car while she was watching Oprah or smoking pot. Leaving a one year old in the car for an hour is foolish and selfish. Question? Was she planning on going somewhere when she finished smoking the pot? That’s DUI!
      If everyone using alcohol, prescription pain killers and whatever were to lose their children and/or go to jail things would get crazy.
      All facts are still needed and no I’m not condoning what she did.

  9. Wincing says:

    That got pregnant?!

  10. Roy says:

    This stonehead should loose custody of her child……………there is no excuse for what she did…………………

  11. bj says:

    Anyone that leaves a child unattended in a car should face charges. I am sick and tired of hearing various excuses from people who do this. I cannot imagine the suffering of those poor kids. My contention is unless you are suffering with some form of dimensia or alzheimer’s there is absolutely no excuse.

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