Dutch Police: Drunk NJ Pilot Pulled From Plane

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Dutch police say they have arrested and fined an intoxicated American pilot who was preparing to take off with a passenger jet.

The National Police Corps has not identified the pilot or his airline, but says he is a 52-year-old captain from Woodbury, N.J. He does not fly for a Dutch airline, according to a police statement published Tuesday.

Police say they arrested the man in the cockpit of his plane after an anonymous tip. A breath test found he had a blood alcohol content of 0.023 percent _ a hair above the legal limit in the Netherlands.

The pilot was fined $900 and released, the statement said. The flight was canceled.

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  • G-Man

    He took a taxi to the airport so he wouldn’t drink and drive.

  • zedex

    Hey look the guy is only.023, he probably had some wine last night. I doubt there was any danger. This is a non event.

    • Shakra

      Says the guy who wasn’t on the plane.

  • http://www.imtip.com/dutch-police-drunk-nj-pilot-pulled-from-plane.htm Dutch Police: Drunk NJ Pilot Pulled From Plane

    […] Read more on CBS New York […]

  • maretta

    aint he able to fly or even walk past the security gates when drunk

  • Larry G

    Brings new meaning to flying high !

  • joe

    iasn’t flying fun?!?!?

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