NJ Senator: Koran Burner Shouldn’t Lose His Job

Says Actions Irresponsible, But First Amendment Protects

BLOOMINGDALE, N.J. (CBS 2) – A NJ Transit worker was fired from his job after he burned pages of the Koran on his day off. While most say the burning was an intolerant act, some are questioning whether his constitutional rights were violated.

Derek Fenton was not on the job when he tore out pages from the Koran and lit them on fire. It happened at a protest near the site of the proposed mosque near ground zero, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

Soon after, the 39-year-old was fired from his job as an assistant train coordinator.

On Wednesday, Fenton didn’t answer the door at his house in Bloomingdale, where the American flag flies prominently.

But some, like State Sen. Ray Lesniak, who is also an attorney, were coming to his defense, saying his actions are protected by the constitution no matter how irresponsible.

“What he did was self-centered. He didn’t care about anyone else but himself and he put people lives in jeopardy, but it had nothing to do with his responsibilities on the job. And most importantly, it’s protected by the First Amendment,” said Lesniak, D-Union County.

NJ Transit, however, disagrees, and said in a statement: “Mr. Fenton’s public actions violated NJ Transit’s code of ethics. NJ Transit concluded that Mr. Fenton violated his trust as a state employee and therefore was dismissed.”

Sloan asked the agency for its code of ethics, but no one got back to her on Wednesday.

In Fenton’s neighborhood, residents had opinions, too.

“Part of being in America is that you have freedom of religion, freedom of speech. Would I burn the Koran? No, because they are extremists, yes. But there are people who follow that are not like, but should not get fired over something … I don’t see how they could have violated his rights that way,” resident Christine Gaccione said.

When asked about the burning, another person said, “It’s just paper.”

Conservative Florida pastor Terry Jones tried to burn a Koran on Sept. 11 and military officials told him it would threaten the lives of soldiers in Afghanistan.

As for Fenton, because he isn’t talking we’re not sure what he plans on doing and whether there were other issues that led to his termination at NJ Transit.

The American Civil Liberties Union said a person cannot be fired for off-the-job political expression when employed in a non-policy-related role.


One Comment

  1. Yola says:

    “The only difference here is, that Islam is not a religion, but a fscist ideology”

    Can you prove wirth extracts from the Koran? But i can prove with extraxcts from Bible or Talmud these both fscist ideology for sure.

    1. fern says:

      Read my last comment above.

  2. Marcel Regensburg says:

    No. He should not be fired. But he should be reprimanded for his foolish, stupid, grandstanding behavior. As Americans we are protected by the first amendment. That allows us to express our thoughts and feelings. That same amendment allows us to burn the flag. But why in the world would you do something stupid like that or burn pages from the Koran? What ever happened to R E S P E C T ?

  3. bigdee says:

    How stupid can you be? In a time where it takes 6-8 months to find new employment risk income and livelihood. What do you tell your wife and kids we could be on the street cause daddy wanted to puff his chest out because he listened to some rouge preacher he never met some place down south he’s probably never been too. Was it worth it??

  4. Karina says:

    What this man is not right, but he did not do it on company time, so firing him was unfair. Is NJ Transit afraid of being attacked by extremists? It could happen at the Port Authority (not that I want to give these maniacs any ideas) but it’s beginning to look like we have a double-standard in this country.

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