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It’s ‘Open Season’ on the Jets quarterback as Mark Sanchez comes under fire.  The young signal caller is getting it from every angle and Craig doesn’t like it one little bit.  Boomer isn’t thrilled about it either and he is quick to remind everyone about the early stages of Eli Manning’s run as Giants QB, when everyone wanted to run him and Tom Coughlin out of town and look how that ended up.  Darrelle Revis has a tender hamstring and admits it may have something to do with missing the majority of training camp…Surprise-Surprise.  All in all quite a few off the field distractions which doesn’t bold well with Division rival New England coming to town on Sunday.  Craig predicts the Jets will take one on the chin and fall to 0-2.  Boomer decided to save his pick for the end of the Show, but he did offer a congratulations to Mike Pelfrey who won his 15th game of the season last night as the Mets climb to 1 game over the .500 mark…
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Plus, a crumb bun bet with Jerry from Brooklyn and an update from Jerry ‘Rello’ Recco, a brand new song from Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes, Craig talks about jumping on Sanchez’s sword, Colts LB and Rutgers grad Gary Brackett, the guys offer their NFL Picks, Picks, Picks, Bill Cowher joins the Football Friday fun, Rodney Harrison offers up a back-hand for Craig, Jerry’s Moment of the Day and an ‘Attention Grabber’ from Indy…

billbelichick B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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Craig is so confident that the Pats will beat his beloved Jets that he put his own crumb buns on the line, although he is in the corner of Mark Sanchez as the young signal caller is under fire from the media and fans alike.  From there we heard from Jerry for his first update of the day and Craig laid out the game plan for Bill Belichick and the Patriots to test Revis beat the Jets, which drew a chuckle from Boomer…
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brady gisele pendingliplock B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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Al spent Thursday evening in his song writing lab and produced another gem.  He chose the 1971 hit by Tom Jones, ‘She’s a Lady’ and rewrote it to pay tribute (sorta) to Patriots QB Tom Brady.  Al is calling his creation, ‘Beat Tom Brady’ and listen closely to the chorus as ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare contributes with some top notch back-up vocals…
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sword B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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Craig was so upset with all of the slings and arrows being cast in the direction of Mark Sanchez that he said he would jump on his sword, or jump on the sword for him, either way the point he was trying to get across was, that he loves Mark Sanchez…
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garybrackett B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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Gary Brackett is from Glassboro, NJ and attended Rutgers University, these days he plays line backer for the Indianapolis Colts.  With Brackett and the Colts set to take on the Giants in Indy Sunday night, Al booked him to come on and offer a little preview of the Week 2 match-up that will see Eli and Peyton go at it for the second time in their NFL careers…
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boomer B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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It’s a Football Friday which means Boomer and Craig offer up their expert NFL Picks for Week 2.  They are as follows…
Game 1: Dolphins @ Vikings – Boomer-Vikings…Craig-Dolphins
Game 2: Steelers @ Titans — Boomer-Titans…Craig-Titans
Game 3: Texans @ Redskins — Boomer-RedskinsCraig-Texans
Game 4: Patriots @ Jets — Boomer-Patriots…Craig-Patriots
Game 5: Giants @ Colts – Boomer-Colts…Craig-Colts
Craig’s Bonus Locks Against the Spread:
Bengals +2.5 vs. Ravens
Titans -5 vs. Steelers
Cowboys -7.5 vs. Bears
You can listen here to find out why they picked who they did…
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billcowher B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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Boomer’s golfing buddy Bill Cowher jumped on with the guys in the 9 o’clock hour to talk about all of the action on the NFL schedule for Week 2.  Craig was not happy to learn that Cowher and Boomer are going to be spending the afternoon on the golf course together…
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rodneyharrison B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

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Although he called in a little late, Craig was outvoted and Rodney Harrison joined the Program at the tail end of the 9 o’clock hour and talked about working with Tony Dungy, the Jets-Patriots game and what the Giants are in for facing a frustrated Peyton Manning Sunday night in Indy.  When the interview was wrapping up, Harrison expressed his desire to smack Craigie across the face…
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recklessmoment4 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

After an action packed Show, the guys almost ran out of time for Jerry to present his highly anticipated Moment of the Day, but luckily they managed to squeeze it in.  Today’s Moment involved Boomer and Craig being trapped in a foxhole together…
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brandi 21 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

(MAXIM Digital – Special to

***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at and today we traveled to Fort Wayne, Indianapolis to pluck the lovely Brandi for your ogling pleasure…HELLOOOOOOO Brandi!!!!!
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wfan bc5 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Back Off

**This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!
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See you all bright and early when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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