Parents Of Drowned Student To Sue NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — The parents of a 12-year-old girl who drowned on a school trip are blaming New York City for the tragic death.
Attorney Oliver Storch says the family of Nicole Suriel filed a notice of claim this week that they intend to file a $20 million lawsuit.
The city Law Department issued a statement calling the incident very tragic.
Nicole was one of 24 students from Harlem’s Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering on the June outing to Long Beach, Long Island.
A teacher who chaperoned the kids was later fired and the school’s principal was placed on probation. The Department of Education found that parents never signed permission slips for the trip and the teacher apparently did not notice signs that said “No lifeguard on duty.”

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One Comment

  1. Landparent says:

    It was the fault of the principal, because the rules of the DOE school trips were not followed. He should have never allowed a first year teacher to go on a class trip, never to the beach, he is completely responsible.

  2. Mayor bloomberg says:

    Nobody to blame except the girl and her parents

    1. kay says:

      are you stupid

  3. Mayor bloomberg says:

    It was the fault of the girl and her parents.

  4. Queenie says:

    ^^see there you go. Making false assumptions and accusations just like you did with mjf. It goes to show how far your intellect spans. I will let you carry on in your own pool of ignorance.

  5. hellnewsboy says:

    No susan they dont think of her life thats why I know ir=ts a racial issue everyone sees that this llittle girl is biraial and look at the negative commits from these sick dogs they dont even want a legal challenge but when the white dies oh no money for all is the norm and they think its ok to attak someone seeking bloodmoney for a true case of homicide because she hid the facts from the principal and the girls parents she is a evil soul and I know it.these racist comment are from the Pee party they are a old group of lunatics with a new name.

  6. hellnewsboy says:

    stop lying queenie if it was the other way around then all hell would break loose white people still think black people are dumb but the chinese is showing me whois really dumb

  7. Susan says:

    These parents lost their child. Lawsuits are the only way to resolve disputes in this country and prevent people from killing each other. Think of that poor childs last moments. How much is that worth to you? How much will stop the Board of Education from hiring morons to look after children? Stop blaming lawyers for these problems especially when you do not know what you are talking about.

  8. h says:

    David catch a flight to Israel and wait you rturn its just around the corneryou silly sapthat little girl could have sung one song and made 20million whites have been awarded twicethat so all you sap sckers whohave nothing should put up or shut upme myself I wouldshoot first and ask questions later then you wouldrespect ghettojustie…you no gooddogs

  9. Queenie says:

    Why does this have to be about race? Clearly you are the racist since you mentioned it. This has nothing to do with race.

    This is a tragedy and it shouldn’t have happened & could’ve been prevented but a $20 million lawsuit is absurd. It’s like the saying, “Offer someone a finger and they take the whole hand.” Suing for $20 million can’t bring back the girl they’ve lost or bring closure. Props to Fed up with lawsuits. people in this country are always money hungry.

  10. mjf says:

    once again im not white…

  11. mjf says:

    lol im out. too many conspiracy theories here. i hope her family can find some sort of peace in this sad situation but not at the taxpayers expense.

  12. hellnewsboy says:

    Mjf what if yo mother drowned and two black teacher were listening to 50 cent and also didnt ask your permission…yeah think about it people are tired of the sneaky honkies and polictical jargon trying to cover up the truth.

  13. churchill1000 says:

    I’m with you.

  14. mjf says:


  15. hellnewsboy says:

    If she took my kid without my permission and drowned her she could expect two in the head as soon as possible right mjf aint that what you andfed too much would have done if a blak teaher took your kid and drowned her without your permission She knewexactly what she was doing

  16. ABB says:

    Police do your job and get justice for that family and stop messing with cab drivers, a child is dead because some idiot that needs to pay for this crime.

  17. mjf says:

    Go play in traffic but please dont get hit by a city bus or im taking my tax dollars out west!

  18. hellnewsboy says:

    Oh yeah bloodmoney is only for 9-11 victimsget a life….negligence is negligence the b didnt even try to save the little girl shes a cold blooded white d g and that building had plasticexplosives in it for an insurance plot how could a plane make a building fall like dominoes thatteaher should me charged with reckless homicide she never even went in the water the racict ho planned it all.

  19. hellnewsboy says:

    mjf and fed to much are from the pee party those stupid loosers who nominated a bipolar lady named sara failin

  20. mjf says:

    Racism is a big problem everywhere hellnews. Nobody likes anyone different from them in every country in the world. After the Mosque opens at ground zero i dare you to open a cathedral in Riyad.

  21. E says:

    Agree with you MDM..not to mention that the money can be used to set up a scholarship fund on behalf of the child

  22. mjf says:

    Next on line is the girl who didnt get CPR (and CPR does not work for Asthma), from the NYPD. Not the mothers fault but the “Citys” fault. when are these hispanic cops gonna stop murdering hispanic childer? Why wont white cops murder white children? Im sick and tired of this!!! Money for everyone!!! 25 million for Asthma Mom who doesnt know CPR herself (not that it works on asthma) but will cry on the nightly new to win the compassion of idiots who admire the ghetto lottery of involving the “city” in a law suit!

  23. hellnewsboy says:

    When is there going to be a white girl drowning with a blak teacheron duty im sick and tired of this murderous masqerade taking place time andtime again and dont give me that lie about blacks ant swim I know a black guy in St>Louis who beat white guys for five years straight and will someone tell mjf that the reason for the cheese ards is that the international human rights found that racism is a big problem in America but dont worry we have a job for you in china sweeping toy factories.

  24. ABB says:

    Throw that teacher in jail thats murder!

  25. Fed Up With Lawsuits says:

    No, this is not about compassion for the parents. This is about the spiral of litigation that is making this country a legal and social basket case. Because of these types of lawsuits our rights to simply exist – to simply enjoy certain God-given (or Dawkins-given) RIGHTS to be on beaches or in parks at night, to drink a beer on a beach, to enjoy life without police harassment, fences, signs, laundry-lists of prohibitions – are increasingly being whittled away. What part of PUBLIC space is not now constricted by pages and pages of restrictions due to lawsuits and the fear of lawsuits? We are becoming victims of our own greed and lack of common sense. There is no doubt these parents have suffered and will always suffer the pain of a devastating loss. Suing NYC and making field trips for the next generations of students more difficult/impossible, or restricting swimming in the ocean, is not an answer to their loss.

  26. AUBREY says:


  27. hellnewsboy says:

    When is there going to be a white girl drowning with a blak teacheron duty im sick and tired of this murderous masqerade taking place time andtime again and dont give me that lie about blacks ant swim I know a black guy in St>Louis who beat white guys for five years straight

  28. mjf says:

    The “City” doesnt pay the tax payers do. Im okay with a 20 million dollar payout as long as the money comes from other social cheese funds such as public housing, section 8, and those white welfare chees cards. The city should close some projects and senior centers to foot this “wrongful death” suit!

  29. hellnewsboy says:

    Oh yeah bloodmoney is only for 9-11 victimsget a life….negligence is negligence the b didnt even try to save the little girl shes a cold blooded white d g

  30. Follonero says:

    20 Millions only! I would have asked for 100 Billions and the head of the teacher!

  31. hellnewsboy says:

    Another senseless drowing committed by a racist teacher who hates biracial marriages

  32. bf says:

    sharks know no color be good movie name

  33. rob says:

    Why attacking the parents in here? They have to sue all parties involved here, it’s part of the suing process. Won’t you sue someone if one of your loved ones died due to negligence or wrongful death? I hope they sue and win big so at least there will be closure in their lives. For those of whom in here that are attacking with their words of venom without merits are just plain stupid and childish. No law experience whatsoever.

  34. al in da bx says:

    mdm – you’re the only sane person here. What’s more tragic about this girl’s death is the utter lack of compassion of most of the posters here. Let them be the next one to lose a loved one in a tragic, perhaps avoidable way. Sometimes, even with the best precautions, unpreventable things go wrong. No wonder this country’s in a mess, and rightly so. No sane person would want to live in this society, if they didn’t have to. Shame on all of you, and you deserve every last bit of insecurity you have…

  35. mrm says:

    Here, here! You have said it well, mdm.

  36. hellnewsboy says:

    The racist B should be prosecuted for reckless homicide and all present should be interviewed to fine out just what was this dumb polaks role,in the drowning>

    1. David says:

      Dumb Polak? Fine out? So not only are you a racist as well, but you’re an unedjamacated racist. Good job loser.

  37. hellnewsboy says:

    How ome rakers want blood money when they get waked but when other races get whacked they come up with excuses….eat crow you sorryless sap!s

  38. Joe says:

    Why are they suing NYC? Why not sue the teacher? They are just going after the money.

    What could the city have done differently to stop this from happening? What could anyone have done? Even if the there was a signed permission slip (and the parents would have signed one just like any parent would have if the class was going on a trip) what would be different?

    The only one at fault here is the teacher. No permission slips (as is policy); not adequate chaperons for the number of students (as is policy); going to a beach when you do not have anyone with you that knows how to swim (stupid). But, to sue NYC looks like a money grab.

    1. Bee says:

      Its amazing that some of you just don’t get it. A teacher can’t schedule any type of field trip without notifying there superiors and to have transportation scheduled for that trip. The administrative staff, assistant principal and principle didn’t do there jobs, but received a slap on the wrist..They should have been fired as well..What rock are some of you under..You must not have kids to make such ignorant comments.

  39. Carole says:

    I guess I don’t understand how the NYC is to blame for this tragedy.

  40. Jou Baur says:

    That’s the way.
    Blame the school and the teachers.

    Not the parents who taught their child to ignore rules, like the signs that were totally visible stating that there was no lifeguard on duty.

    Parents let their children get away with anything nowadays and this is the result. If she had been raised properly, this would not have happened.

    I guess the money will make you feel better, though.

  41. Doreem says:

    MDM – I so agree with you!

  42. Mo says:

    I am not saying that a lawsuit is not warranted, but $20 million it is not. Get better teachers by paying more, teach children to swim at a very early age, and parents take responsibility to get that done. My child is 6 and knows how to swim. There should be limits on things such as this. Set up a swim program in the child’s name to teach others how to swim, that is allot better than this.

  43. Doreem says:

    WOW people, the parents are not the ones that know the laws, how to file, let alone present a case to a court. The sharks went after the parents as soon as the news broke of the little girl drowning. The sharks are the ones that requested NY (and essentially New Yorkers) to foot the bill for the girl’s death and the parent’s loss. The sharks aka lawyers are also going to line their pockets by way of the grieving parents and the death of the little girl. The people who are directly responsible for the death are not in jail. Why isn’t anyone bothered by those two facts?

  44. abe paul says:

    The NYC schools must be in sad shape if 12-year olds can’t read!

  45. Annie says:

    Because they got to make money somehow even if it is off the death of a child. Shame on them, it can’t bring her back. Why not ask for better teachers maybe one that can read and know that you don’t take someone’s child on a trip without permission.

    1. E says:

      They may set up a scholarship fund in the child’s name.

  46. foncha says:

    why aske d for money?

  47. Richard says:

    Yup, 20 million ought to soothe the pain.

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