By Ernie Acosta

Same old Jets. That’s all you probably heard this week in any talk regarding the Jets and it’s probably what you were thinking when watching the first 20 minutes of Sunday’s game. Only the Jets could go from looking so putrid against the Ravens last week to come back against the Patriots and look every bit like the world beaters they had their fans convinced they were in pre-season. I won’t insult your intelligence by beginning to act like I had any inclination the Jets would put on the show they did in week two, especially after seeing the Ravens go quietly into the night against the Bengals. My goodness I thought the Jets were going to get smoked. I honestly thought Vernon Gholston had a better shot at winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award than the Jets beating the Pats by two touchdowns.

For most of the Jets team this was a game of redemption. Confidence can be one heck of a thing. Last week Sanchise was walking into the huddle looking like a scared puppy. This week he was the quarterback many of us always felt he could become. Every pass was either on the money or thrown to a spot no one but his receiver could make the catch. Oh, and has anyone noticed that this kid has now gone two games without throwing a pick?

Antonio “The Father of our Nation” Cromartie also brought himself back in the good graces of the Jets faithful. After getting sliced and diced by Anquan Boldin last Monday, somehow, someway he was able to limit the effectiveness of Randy Moss after Revis limped off the field. And….he committed NO PENALTIES!

Dustin Keller was another that took his share of criticism in the six days since the Monday night stinker, after failing to get a first down on the last offensive play of the game. When you get seven grabs for 115 yards and a score, people will forgive for a little while. Looks like Brian Shottenheimer finally remembered he has a talented tight end at his disposal.

Speaking of “Shotty,” congratulations Mr. Offensive Coordinator. You can keep your job another week. He looked as incompetent as any coordinator in the league against the Ravens by calling one conservative play after another after another. That playbook must have been thrown out the window by Rex Ryan because this offense looked completely different from the vanilla it featured in the opener. As much as I still think the best thing for Sanchez would be for Shottenheimer to move on, I must give credit to the man for listening to the criticism of the fan base and getting creative with the plays. Some luck was also involved with how well the players were able to execute with such perfection, but for Week 2, he rolled nothing but sevens. The only frustrating aspect is I wonder what would have happened if he had tried a few of those plays last week.

Now it’s off to Miami. Even though the Pats have dominated us the last decade, I still hate the Dolphins with the fire of seven suns. That goes especially for the quarterback Chad Henne, who seems be lauded with as much praise as Sanchez is criticized. I wouldn’t mind the defense picking off a few of his passes and shutting down the Williams-Brown tandem like the first two running games they have seen this year. And as much as I would love to see Revis dominate Brandon Marshall next Sunday night, I am absolutely begging Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum to not even allow Revis to suit up. Not only should he sit out the Dolphins game, we shouldn’t even need him to handle the Bills in Week Four. After what they did to Moss, Cromartie and Pool should be able to at least do a respectable job against the Dolphins only legitimate receiver. Even if Marshall has a great game, the focus needs to be on getting Revis back to 100%, because if this injury causes him to miss any extended period of time, well, then that SOJ talk may start up once more.

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