Family: Grandma Wrongly Diagnosed With Cancer

LONG ISLAND (1010 WINS) — Two years ago, doctors told a Long Island grandmother she had mere months to live but a second opinion gave her another chance at life.

Ramona Jiminez, 85, formerly of Patchogue, is now preparing a multi-million dollar malpractice lawsuit against Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Bayshore.

AUDIO: 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

Her daughter, Bruni, says no one should have to go through the hell her family went through after bringing Jiminez there for a stomach ache in November 2008.

“They told us that she had double cancer, ” Bruni told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. “Stomach and lung cancer.”

Bruni says her mother was told she had two months to live, was set up with in-home hospice and was put on morphine.

Jiminez told reporters that her husband abandoned her after she became addicted to the drugs and started hallucinating.

“She lost her memories, she lost everything,” Bruni said.

After nearly two years went by another hospital tested Jiminez and told the family the truth — she didn’t have cancer.

The family is ecstatic that Jiminez is off her death-bed but they wonder how such a mistake could be made.

A call to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital was not immediately returned.


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  1. Jeff says:

    If a white woman fall at Watmart and suit the store, everybody will be talking about the store’s neglugence; but if and Hispanic woman die because a misdiagnosis, then is his family fault because they did not get a second opinion.

  2. JLA11772 says:

    I don’t even know how Brookhaven is allowed to be called a hospital!

  3. Johnny says:

    Meet NYs newest millionaire, Ms. Jiminez. What a joke.

  4. El Spico! says:

    I want all illegal immigrants deported as well!!! We can start with with the Irish who are the hardest to find beacuse there white!!!!!!

  5. Voice of Reason says:

    This litigious nincompoopery is NOT limited to the ghetto. It’s practiced by ALL people with entitlement issues.

  6. Voice of Reason says:

    This litigious nicompoopery is NOT limited to the ghetto. It’s practiced by ALL people.

  7. JAY says:

    Sounds like ghetto powerball to me

  8. Chris says:

    I believe this poor lady was neglected for 2 years by her family. They will not get this money because they did not follow up with the diagnosis. Yes it was a misdiagnosis but it does not take 2 years to clear it up if only given 2 months to live. I had stomach cancer and was given a 50-50 chance of survival. I am recovering now. By the way.. I am also hispanic….A teacher with a master’s degree in education….

    1. Jeff says:

      If doctor do not know what are they doing, what a master degree in educacion have to do with this. Don’t be stupid trying to impress with an stupid degree in education, teacher in this contry don’t even know how to write and read. Theacher’s test has proved that.

  9. Joann says:

    Two years without a second opinion? Ok so lets build this one up for the big collection. Husband leaves probably just waiting in the wings somewhere for the lawsuit to pay off. The hospital definitely holds responsibility for this grave error but come on people..just put granny on drugs and wait 2 years to find out the truth. Sounds doubtful. Final word STAY AWAY FROM BROOKHAVEN HOSPITAL!

  10. Luda says:

    If there are scans made at the time of original diagnosis(which I’m sure there are, no MD would diagnose cancer without doing at least x-ray and CT/MRI, biopsy probably wasn’t appropriate given the patient’s age) and with the two-year wait for the second opinion – the family won’t win the case.
    Too bad Mrs. Jimenez had to go trough all of this, but even worse is having a husband who leaves you when you’re 85 and battling a cancer

  11. Jeff says:

    There is quite a bit of ignorance going on here. For the racists that are leaving anti-Hispanic comments, please check your opinions at the door. This country was designed to be inclusive, not exclusive. Unless you are of American Indian origin, you are here because your family were immigrants, too. Get a life.
    As for the lawsuit, the grandkids need to get a life, too. They are clearly looking at their grandmother (poor lady) as a lottery ticket. It is unfortunate that she was misdiagnosed, but if they really cared about her, they would’ve had her checked out immediately by another doctor. So, rather than holding themselves accountable, they try to bleed the system dry. Ridiculous.

  12. tiger says:

    Forget about the lawsuit. It is quite possible she had the cancer and in the past two years, the cancer cells were killed for unknown reasons. They should cherish for it rather than lawsuit. Do not be so greedy.

  13. Leanne says:

    People need to remember YOU HIRE the doctors and you can fire them too if you are not happy with your care! But doctors are human and thus able to make mistakes. This is why second opinions for things so serious as cancer are a must (if you have insurance to pay for it and maybe in this case would have been worth the out of pocket expense if they didn’t)

  14. Leanne says:

    Nikki, most hospitals are not for profit. They are the ones who take the poor and uninsured and WE DO make up for it in increased insurance premiums. I believe Brookhaven falls into that category.I feel the family is as much to blame as the doctors if they did not seek a second opinion from the start and certainly for waiting 22 months.

  15. AJ says:

    Curious to know if a TRIAL drug was used on her. I’ve suspected this in other hospitals and I wouldn’t be surprised.

  16. gergames says:

    After reading this article, I wonder how long till the husband shows back up? After all, if still married, its half his money!

  17. Sherri says:

    I agree with LJ and John 100%. Lawsuits like this are why healthcare costs are out of control and hospitals are closing left and right. If my grandmother/mother/myself was diagnosed with a fatal illness, let alone stomach AND lung cancer, just because of a stomach ache, I’d be on the phone making appointments for additional opinions immediately. This article does not mention anything about any follow up tests over the two year period. Was she diagnosed and then nothing for two years? No matter what many of them believe, an MD after your name does not make you all knowing or godly. Patients need to stand up and take an active part in their own health and not just roll over and play dead because some doctor tells them to. While I do feel for the family, I do not feel that draining the resources of a hospital is a good idea because this family couldn’t be bothered getting a second opinion. PS – lets see how quickly that husband comes back when the family gets money…

  18. Liza says:

    It’s very easy to say what you would do, and what you wouldn’t do looking on the outside. Wonder how many of the people above who say she’s greedy would like to go through what she went through? If you judge, you’ll soon see it anyway.

  19. Dutchess says:

    OMG there is so much ignorance on this page that its disgusting…..Many of you are gonna burn in hell & u deserve it. As for all hispanic name meaning you are illegal look again. Puerto Ricans are not illiegal idiots….

  20. irritated says:

    HELLO?? who gets diagnosed with cancer and doesn’t get a second opinion?? COME ON! I agree, multi-million dollar law suit is silly. this is why hospital bills get higher and higher to pay for people who are law-suit-happy

  21. Charlotte Gibson says:

    There was no second opinion???? Excuse me but if someone is told they have cancer, the FIRST thing to do is to get a second opinion. How stupid are these people anyway?

  22. J Rogers says:

    this is a different subject, but I just want to know what happened to the other Katy, who use to sit next to Maurice in the early morning

  23. nikki says:

    The past 2 years have probably been hell and a blessing for them because as far as they knew it would be any day! Lets see how you would feel if this were your grandmother!!!

  24. Nikki says:

    I think the hospital should get the u know what sued out of them for a MISTAKE like this. These doctors and hospitals make billions of dollars…the least they can do is provide accurate diagnosis especially for a terminal illness like cancer. SUE’em and take down every negligent person that didn’t do their job RIGHT. That’s what they have malpractice insurance for!!!!

  25. Frank says:


  26. Laura says:

    Maybe the original diagnosis was right and she was one of those few cancer Patients that the body can heal and eliminates cancer cells .

  27. LJ says:

    Two years for a second opinion? I would have taken my mother to another Dr. the same week, not two years later. Her husband that left? WEAK and useless. I certainly would not grant a multi-million claim either. I feel for the family however, what about the others that were told everything was fine?

  28. RICH says:

    hey id sue their panys off if they did this to me

  29. RICH says:

    Mike, how do u Know here illegally? im all against illegals and want them all deported, by why would u Say this one is illegal? anyway that rotten husband should be dhot for leaving

  30. Mike G says:

    Probably here illegally. And right about the lack of a second diagnosis after two years for a two month prognosis.

    1. RICH says:

      u dont Know that Mike..why would u think they’re illegal?

    2. ALBERTO says:

      Of course shes illegal , she has a hispanic name . If her name was Woodman for example no idiot would make such a statement . My name is Rosado so I guess I am also illegal even though my family have been citizens for over 100 years

  31. Dr. Zizmor says:

    They should just give her the cancer of her choice, and call it even.

  32. jackie says:

    this suit is for the grand kids – if only given months to live and nothing happened then it should not have taken 2 years for a second opinion

  33. Dan Jones says:

    Couldn’t agree with John Allen more. All patients pay for these multi-million dollar lawsuits when they go to a doctor or hospital and our employees pay when they attempt to afford our healthcare. Compensation? Sure. But multi million is plain greed and looking for a nice gravy train to support the entire famiily.

  34. Ctee says:

    Brookhaven Hospital is in Patchogue not Bayshore.

  35. christine says:

    i feel bad for the other patient who was told he/she was fine.

  36. John Allen says:

    And we wonder why healthcare costs so much in this country. I’m sorry but your multi-million dollar lawsuit is just plain greedy. It’s unfortunate that she was misdiagnosed, but the fact that she doesn’t have cancer is good news.

    1. mariella says:

      two years of misdiagnosis? I don’t think multi million dollar lawsuit is greedy. John Allen should go through hell too just as much as this grandmother did and we’ll see if he still says the same thing. Definitely he won’t be.

      1. karen says:

        If it was only a stomach-ache, did it not go away? The patient is responsible for some things, too. Waiting it out for two years then filing a lawsuit is ignorance AND greed.

    2. Daniel Birt says:

      Consider how much the Lawyers will make on this and how much the patient’s insurance will go up.

    3. Phyllis says:

      Maybe God changed hs mind.

    4. Jennifer says:

      think of all the money invested in treaments and various other ailments now caused by those said treaments .. a couple million doesnt seem so large once u start factoring in thousands of dollars monthly + interest and any permanent damage physically/mentally

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