Lindsay Lohan Satisfied With E-Trade Settlement

 NEW YORK (AP) — A lawyer says Lindsay Lohan is “satisfied” to have resolved her $100 million New York lawsuit over an E-Trade television commercial.

Lawyer Anand Ahuja said Tuesday that the actress reached a settlement with the brokerage before withdrawing the lawsuit a day earlier. Ahuja and an E-Trade Financial Corp. spokeswoman said the terms of the agreement were confidential.

Lohan had claimed E-Trade was referring to her in a Super Bowl ad that mentioned a “milkaholic” named Lindsay. The commercial featured the brokerage’s familiar talking babies.

The “Mean Girls” star spent two weeks in jail in California this year for violating her probation in a 2007 case involving drug use and driving under the influence.

E-Trade called Lohan’s claims meritless.

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One Comment

  1. Funky says:

    She got to see the dirt that E-trade had on her. She’s satisfied that the dirt got swept under the rug. I seriously doubt she got any money out of this patently ridiculous suit.

  2. Maris says:

    She will stop at nothing to get money from people! Grow up Lindsey and face your life as you are living it. If people make fun of you its because you bring it upon yourself.

  3. IPis says:

    vA JAY,JAY… need to get a life if you are really taking up for the “FIRECROTCH GURL”………. Ipis e’verywhere!!

  4. vijay says:

    It’s sad to see how judgemental and cruel can be against lohan, and people thought mean girls were cruel in the movie. Get a life, and watch yours first.

  5. Chris says:

    Bet she settled for a ‘pant load!’

  6. Wayne says:

    She needed th money for her ha….I mean hobby (SNOOOORT)

  7. Jimmy says:

    Does Lindsay know anything about investing in anything except coke and expensive cars she trashes?

  8. El Latino says:

    Lins, time to search God!

  9. mourner in black says:

    May Lindsy rest in peace!

  10. Al Coholic says:

    Now Lindsay and Paris Hilton can have a “Blast”

  11. Roy says:

    So if the ad had said,alcoholic,or drug addict,she would not have had a lawsuit ?

  12. Cocaine says:

    WOOT WOOT… give me your settlement money!

  13. Meg Ryan says:

    Lins, your upper lip is more effed up than mine! Who is your plastic surgeon?

  14. potawatomi says:

    Haha, Cosmo Kramer!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  15. Michael J Brown says:

    E-Trade: We’ll give you free trades for life and…
    Lindsay: I’ll take it!!
    Cosmo Kramer would be proud

    1. Campbell Owens says:

      Free trades and a lifetime supply of cocaine FTMFW!

    2. dd says:

      cosmo kramer – riot – I’ll take It’ Maybe Jackie Childs is her attorney

  16. Michael Lohan, Dad of the Year says:

    Ka-ching!! Got my lawyer on speed dial for when my name is used in a rage-a-holic and/or white-trash ad.

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