NJ Union Leaders Accused Of Embezzlement

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Federal authorities on Tuesday arrested two leaders of a New Jersey-based union local on charges of embezzling more than $375,000.

Authorities said Local 148 of the Production Workers Union president Stephen Arena of Nesconset, N.Y., and secretary-treasurer David Caivano of Bloomfield, N.J., gave themselves unauthorized raises, bonuses and paid vacations.

The union represents various trades including bus drivers, hotel workers and factory employees.

Federal prosecutors alleged the pair stacked the union’s executive board with people who provided no oversight.

Authorities said Caivano altered the minutes of meetings to create the illusion the raises and bonuses were approved by the board.

It was not known whether either has retained a lawyer.

They’re expected to have an initial court appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

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  • DanTe


    The grease balls know how to post on the Internet now?

  • Funky

    Uuuuuuuunion Ruuuuuuuuules.

  • Roy

    who says organized crime is out of the unions,How much was paid in tribute by these low lifes?

  • Devenio

    @Paul: Yeah, thats what we want you to believe. Don’t listen to those people who think big business is trying to bust the unions because it represents a threat to the bottom line. We all know every union in the world is corrupt. Let the working people [middle class] due with less. The big guys need another billion to play BlackJack with!

  • Devenio

    @Clammy: You hit the nail on the head. We will never report the crimes committed by those who own us and keep in business.

  • Paul

    Any Union is full of crooks and thieves!! Try digging a little deeper into any Union books, and you can easily put the entire union management in jail for a very longtime

  • clammy

    politicians and corporate ceo’s crimes are never mentioned in main stream media because they contribute majorly to media outlets, right?

    • Nick

      You don’t read too often do you, clammy? Reports everywhere.

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