NYC Women On Edge After Pair Of ATM Muggings

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — In the city that never sleeps, detectives were investigating a pair of robberies at ATMs in busy locations in broad daylight. And now they have an image of someone to work with.

Walk up to the ATM, input your secret code, and wait for the cash. Stella Lillig said she’s so accustomed to the routine, she doesn’t think twice about the possibility of it ending badly. “I just come and need money. I don’t even think about it.”

“It kind of worries me that you can get robbed at the ATM machine. There’s cameras right there,” said Manuela Middleton of the Bronx.

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CBS 2’s Jay Dow reports police said the first robbery took place on Sept. 3 around 1 p.m. at a Citibank location in Columbus Circle, then again, a week later, at a Chase ATM on West 23rd Street at mid-morning.

Detectives said in both cases, a woman was approached from behind by the same man, whose image was captured on the ATM’s security camera.

The suspect allegedly pointed what he claimed was a gun and demanded cash.

“I’m scared, because it’s busy,” said Carmen Carban of Harlem. “It’s not late at night.”

Many women said they were aware of standard operating procedure for ATM safety. “Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure all of your personal belongings are close to you,” said Jennifer May of Brooklyn.

Most ATMs are equipped not just with a security camera, but also with a mirror so you can keep an eye on who’s standing behind you while you’re conducting you’re business.

“People are going to have to think a little differently,” said security expert Bob Strang. But those security measures can’t stop a robbery and one Queens resident said if someone was pointing a weapon at her, she wouldn’t try to either.

Nevertheless, one customer said what’s important was escaping this kind of encounter safely. “I wouldn’t blame myself at all for doing the same thing she did, and not feeling guilty about it, because I would never put myself at risk like that. You want it? Take it,” said Laura Conahan, of Queens.

“I’m scared, because it’s busy,” said Carmen Carban of Harlem. “It’s not late at night.”

Both victims were not injured.

One Manhattan resident told Dow she often takes her safety for granted while getting cash at the ATM.

“I just come and need money. I don’t even think about it,” Stella Lillig said.

Said security expert Bob Strang: “People are going to have to think a little differently. It’s not midnight. It’s 9:30 in the morning. It’s noon, going to an ATM machine, but you still have to think like it’s midnight.”

Another woman told Dow that means knowing when not to put up a fight.

“I would never put myself at risk like that. You want it? Take it,” said Laura Conahan of Queens.

Police said they are still searching for the unidentified suspect.


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  1. Stella Lillig says:

    About this Link
    I would appreciate, if you delete it, because That wasn’t what I said about the mugging in NYC. (your reporters and editors team make people look like morons). “of course, I’m concerned and If I said I didn’t think of taking my money from their ATMs its cause, I trusted Chase branches to keep their places secure and save for New yorkers”.
    Thank you,
    Stella L.

  2. NAN says:

    Truth: it’s not about races, but this is the fact that most of the crimes in New York city are caused by the Black.

  3. JasonS says:

    I am dumbfounded that this robber has turned out to be black. Could this be the start of a new trend?

  4. MRS. I UNDERSTAND says:

    To eh…more like “empty-headed”..make it your priority to frequent those “Black Long Island Neighborhoods” that you previously mentioned !

  5. Mrs. I UNDERSTAND says:

    To eh…..DUH..are you that blind..or just an early morning drinker ?? This discussion is not about RACe. It’s regarding a ATM robber who visually happens to be black…where are you going w/ this ?

  6. eh says:

    i know plenty of black people who are even suspicious of other black people. Come to Long Island and walk around Wyandanch, Freeport, Hempstead, Lakeview, Uniondale, Roosevelt

  7. MRS> I UNDERSTAND says:

    To all the morons who figured out his race all by their wittle selves..way to go.
    The principal of the matter is that he is a robber and doesn’t about you and anyone else just the green. Racism is still alive and well..all the racists seem to look for such forums to express that. Grow….to learn.

  8. ExCop says:

    Looks sort of similar to this guy here:

    probably grew the beard after he say this picture of himself.

    Only targets women also…

  9. truth says:

    What does race have to do with this? Throughout history, armed robberies have been committed by all races. Stop using every and any incident to air your predjudices. Stick to the subject or don’t bother to comment.

  10. SD says:

    A black man committing an armed robbery? No way, not possible. Our president will tell you that. And do you think you know better than him?

    1. NAN says:

      haha….gd !

  11. KeepAmericafree says:

    Women, especially, are too afraid of being politically incorrect or hurting someone’s feelings. If this POS came into the ATM I would walk out or at least not turn my back to him and let him get close to me. Hopefully someone he tries to rob will put a bullet in him and the police will find themselves too busy to investigage.

  12. Jeff says:

    According to the picture of the mugger on TV, He appears to be Black.

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