NEW YORK (AP/WFAN) — With Mets manager Jerry Manuel expected to be on the chopping block, New York legend Joe Torre isn’t ruling out a return to Flushing.

“I am curious,” Torre told WFAN’s Mike Francesa on Monday. “When the season is over, I hope the phone will be ringing.”

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Torre is 70 and while he still loves it, he realizes he wasn’t able to get through to his players and correct problems this season the way he used to. He got a fresh start and found success with the Dodgers after more than a decade of pressure-packed days with the Yankees.

Torre has talked repeatedly about moving on from managing — and how hard that choice is, or actually following through with it.

“It’s tough to get out of your system,” said Torre, who hasn’t ruled out managing again.

Perhaps with the Mets? Torre played his final three seasons with them and would come full circle back to the other New York team. It’s not a far-fetched thought if Manuel is out.

“That’s where it all started for me in ’77; it would really be weird,” Torre said.

The Dodgers are replacing Torre with hitting coach Don Mattingly, giving him his first managerial job. Torre all but anointed Mattingly his successor from Day 1 in Dodger Blue. The Dodgers are dealing with the ugly divorce of owner Frank McCourt and former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt, so finances certainly came into play when making the decision to go with Mattingly over a high-profile, experienced skipper.

Torre’s immediate family knew of his plans before he made them public Friday. One thing he knows is he will stay involved in the game. Maybe returning to the broadcast booth at some point.

“Everybody is assuming I’m not coming back, which is the fun part,” Torre joked this week before making it official.

He then turned serious about his mark on the sport. He will reflect more on his career down the road.

“I just hope people feel they got their money’s worth,” Torre said.

AP Sports Writer Mike Fitzpatrick and AP Freelance Writer Ken Powtak contributed to this report.

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