NEW YORK (AP) — Former New York City Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani won’t say if he plans to endorse Carl Paladino, his party’s nominee for governor.

On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Giuliani said he doesn’t know Paladino and that Paladino has not sought his backing.

The city’s current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, endorsed Democrat Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday. Giuliani didn’t rule out endorsing Cuomo but said he would prefer to back a Republican.

Giuliani declined to comment on remarks Paladino has made that some consider inappropriate. Paladino has suggested Cuomo lacks the manhood to debate him, and has called former Republican Gov. George Pataki a “degenerate idiot.”

Giuliani said he would not base his endorsement decision on such comments. He said everyone made “incorrect” remarks from time to time.

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