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Paladino: Cuomo Ducking Debate Via Protests

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A Buffalo union, Long Island Latinos, and an Albany minority coalition were the latest groups aligned with Democrats to rally against Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino.

Paladino said the drum beat of protests were part of Democrat Andrew Cuomo’s campaign for governor to use surrogates while Cuomo “ducks” a public debate.

On Tuesday Paladino was protested by the Buffalo Central Labor Council and the Buffalo Building and Construction Trades Council, the Albany area NAACP and the Suffolk County Latino community.

Paladino recently won the support of conservative Latino ministers in the Bronx at a stop in his campaign that now includes former Buffalo Bills star Thurman Thomas, who is black and says Paladino isn’t racist.

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  1. Proud Agnostic says:

    Perhaps Andy should have his daddy debate for him.HYMPH!

  2. DanTe says:

    So how come libturd media is still not asking Cuomo what he was thinking of when he was in charge of HUD. You know, when HUD mandated that FNMA and FHLMC come up with some creative ways for people who can’t afford it to by a house. And once FNMA and FHLMC set up the ponzi scheme, banks were forced to “accommodate” it and sell it to the market. I believe this mortgage scheme thingie is what this current economic mess is all about? Or have you libturds conveniently forgotten that little event too? You really thought banks wanted to lend to deadbeats if they weren’t forced to do so?

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