Spitzer: Cuomo ‘Dirtiest, Nastiest’ Of Politicians

Former Gov Says Suburban, Independent Voters Key To Race

NEW YORK (1010 WINS / WCBS 880 / CBS 2) — Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer said he will back Democrat Andrew Cuomo come November, but it sure didn’t sound like much of an endorsement.

“Everybody knows that behind the scenes that he’s the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there,” Spitzer said of Cuomo Thursday.

Al Jones of 1010 WINS reports Spitzer, in his new role as CNN commentator, also said the Cuomo will likely face a stiff challenge from Republican Carl Paladino. The tea party candidate also appeared on the news network Thursday, and accused Cuomo of playing dirty.

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LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

“He’s sent out in the past week and a half every surrogate he could from the cesspool of Albany and from the cesspool of city government in Buffalo,” Paladino said.

Spitzer predicted the attorney general will carry the city and his opponent upstate.

“The suburban ring and the independent voters will determine the outcome of this race,” Spitzer said.

In a recent poll, Paladino had pulled within 6 points of Cuomo in what is traditionally a blue state.

Cuomo’s campaign said his record, credibility and honor speak for themselves, then added: “As do Mr. Spitzer’s.”

Spitzer, who resigned in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal, has said he’ll support Cuomo for governor, although they’ve had conflicts.

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One Comment

  1. Chris says:

    When Andrew Cuomo ran HUD,
    $56 billion disappeared in 1999.

  2. El Grand De Rondo says:

    dueling vermin

  3. Pandy says:

    His father was one of the worst elected officials in history. I lived in NY during his reign of tax and spend politics, he ran businesses out of the state. If they elect this joker the people of NY deserve what they’re going to get.

  4. Jasonn says:

    Elliott is hyping his new show on CNN. Otherwise he’d still be back under his rock and you wouldn’t be hearing from him.

  5. forparity says:

    Next to Bill Clinton, Cuomo is the most responsible person for the current crisis -he brought us the housing bubble that led to the housing crisis, which led to the cridit crisis, which brought the world’s economy to it’s knees.

    The man needs to go to jail for the immense pain and suffering he has caused – the tens of millions – 100’s of millino of lives that have been destroyed .

  6. jim schwartz says:

    Has everyone forgot Cuomo has his fingerprints all over the housing financial meltdown? He forced an increase in the % of non qualified community house act applicants for houses as HUD secretary…

  7. Spencer says:

    After all the childish elecrtion year antics are done the baffoon who gets elected will commence to RUNNING (ruining) OUR LIVES and all his/her “solutions” to lifes problems will get us more of the mess we have now. A comforting thought, huh?

    Throw ALL the bums out. Otherwise, you have no reason to complain.

  8. Rocco says:

    Cuomo IS the dirtiest and the nastiest pol. And if wasn’t for Spitzer, he’d also be the ugliest.

  9. ertwngr says:

    Cuomo is exactly the type of career politician that is ruining this country. It’s all about power for them, money from us, and favors for their own friends. thnis is the season of change. Best to pass over this clown.

  10. Robert Simon says:

    New York needs major reform.It has become the leftist Mississipi of the North.A national embarrassment…

  11. robert simon says:

    I grew up in New York state.After all these years,they still don”t get it.Paladino would be a breath of fresh air…..

  12. Gomalio Fung says:

    Hey, Bada Bing, Bada Boom!

    The ’70’s called. They want their haircut back.

  13. Gomalio Fung says:

    In a better world, this “greaseball” would be tossing pizza crusts in a Brooklyn pizzeria, not running for governor.

  14. Jsck Kinch(1uncle) says:

    Think about this. Why elect any of these people?

  15. TexanPatriot says:

    NY’s wwill elect Cuomo, and keep all the Dems. I hope they raise the taxes on ya’ll to 80-90%. Just don’t look for TX to pay your bill through the FEDs. That is truly taxation without representation. I refuse. Good Luck!!

  16. William W. says:

    Cuommo single-handed tossed out thousands of jobs across the country with his lame HVCC extortion of Fannie Mae on the backs of appraisers. He forced them all (every appraiser in America) into AMC which he had a piece of the action. This has been one of the factors that have kept the real estate industry down. Appraiser are not independent anymore but controlled by big bank. Banks were not supposed to have ownership of the AMC until the 12 hour and the bait and switch was in. Appraisers across the country let the office staff go and tried to make sense of this, their new communistic system of business. To get wok they have to give up a large portion of their fee and basically work for half pay for a company they didn’t want or need. Don’t get me started on what this did to the quality of appraisals despite what the power puppets say. That is not what I call independent. This man does not need to be in control of anything except the door handle on the way out.

  17. Jeff says:

    Sounds like these two idiots know what each other are like. My point in saying that is I find it hard to believe that there are that many boobs in New York that support these BOZOs.

  18. Todd says:

    Only a FOOL would EVER vote for a Democrat in NY! Who wants their TAXES RAISED OVER AND OVER again at the same time as the Dems TAKE AWAY all your freedoms (eg- can’t smoke, eat trans fats, drink soda, etc.)?? NY voters better wake up, before it’s too late…….

  19. darko714 says:

    What do you wanna bet it was Cuomo people who blew the whistle to that Banker on Spitzer?

  20. Sam says:

    Just what New York doesn’t need is another arrogant Cuomo. His father did nothing for the state, and Andrew will follow in his foot steeps. Being a native from New York, I sure don’t miss the 8 1/2 percent sales tax!

  21. Glenn Koons says:

    And of course, the lemming like Dems will vote for the Devil because the Lust Demon supports him???? Oh puleeze. Will New Yorkers ever vote against corruption,socialist baloney and taxes and spending???? Think this Nov., Carl and Joe. At least give them a chance.

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