Many More New York City Students Held Back

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) — New York City’s Department of Education says nearly five times as many students in grades three through eight are repeating a grade this year.

The kids now face a higher bar on state tests.

Director Kim Sweet says Advocates for Children of New York has received an “extraordinary number” of complaints about kids being sent back to middle schools “that failed them.”

Department spokesman Matthew Mittenthal tells The New York Times that the city is keeping its strict promotion policies.

Mittenthal says it’s wrong to promote students who are not up to speed. But he concedes that the school system has  “a lot of work ahead.”

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  1. Penny Stanton says:

    The chief problem are not deficits in the students or the parents. It’s that the teachers are just as ignorant as the students — the teachers also never heard of the Rio Grande (they think it’s a rock group), and use the double negative. I’m 57, went to NYC public schools (Douglaston, Queens district), and both my parents worked full time. Yet the teachers, then, were intellectuals, That’s right — intellectuals.

    Can you point to any public school teacher who is an intellectual, unless he/she teaches at Bronx Science or Stuyvesant? The teachers today are for the most part, know-nothings, who couldn’t inspire a milk cow.

  2. The Truth says:

    Wow so much blame! Lets start with the parents. True they need to keep on top and true teachers need to teach and not worry about money or tenure. Hell they fired that lady who hooked in her past but was a good teacher. Ex-see Spitzer to think double standard. GOP for running up the deficit to give to the wealthy! Get mad and violent to turn the tide.

  3. concerned says:

    Whether a child learns ot not is the parent’s responsibility not the teachers. Homework must not only be done, it mist be checked and the parent must ensure that they child understands the homework

  4. Funky says:

    The parents have failed them. There are certain things parents need do do with their student children at home.

  5. herb raskin says:

    Now it’s the teacher’s turn to improve or have their pay reduced!

  6. robhan says:

    I work in retail and I’m amazed on how many “parents” have their young children shopping at 10PM and later. No wonder their failing, their tried!

  7. We Still Care says:

    The problem is you already passed them through grades that they should not have. Now it is too late. it will take a few years to weed out all the ones that made it through. Then it will flow once again. Of coursse until the teachers dont care again. for regular peoples view.

    1. tnote says:

      As a NYC teacher, I couldn’t agree more–too often, we are told by our administrators to do whatever we can to push the students through the system, whether the child has achieved the requisite benchmark or not. Social promotion is very much alive and well. However, I take exception to your assertion that teachers don’t care–we do everything short of take the test ourselves to help them achieve. If the kids aren’t invested in their own learning and their parents are a no-show in the process, God himself isn’t going to make a difference!

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