New Poll Focuses On Ground Zero Mosque

NEW YORK (WCBS 880/AP) – A new poll focuses on whether a proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero should voluntarily be moved.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

A Quinnipiac University poll asking “Do you think it is appropriate to build a mosque and Islamic center near ground zero, or do you think it would be wrong to do so?” found that 57 percent of New Yorkers say it would be wrong to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque on Park Place, two blocks from Ground Zero.

However, Quinnipiac’s Maurice Carroll says researches asked another question.

Carroll told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb that the question was “Regardless of whether you think the Muslim group has the right to build a mosque there, do you think the Muslim group should voluntarily build the mosque somewhere else or not, voluntarily? Yes – 67 percent. No – 21 percent.”

Eighty percent of those asked do say the developers of the mosque and the cultural center have the right to build.

The poll found sharp divisions among Democrats and Republicans on the proposed mosque. Fifty percent of Democrats say the project is appropriate, while 90 percent of Republicans say it’s wrong.

LINK: Full Poll Results

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One Comment

  1. Madelyn says:

    Why does this group refuse to simply relocate?

    Why do they refuse to acknowledge the fact that this location is offensive to us?
    How does this building which a piece of one of the planes crashed through even come up for sale?

    I hope they will d the honorable thing and relocate this project

  2. Proud Agnostic says:

    They should move the mosque and themselves to Mecca!

  3. Toy says:

    Our leaders ALL have nice safe “bolt holes” and “undisclosed locations” (that WE PAY FOR) that they will be in when things get too hot.. so is it any wonder THEY aren’t against this travesty?.. Take away THEIR safe havens and THEN see how they feel about building this mosque…They would be at the head of the line protesting this.

  4. Steve says:

    i am weary of these polls – no offense to anyone from Syracuse, Buffalo or the Finger Lakes, but why don’t the pollsters every discuss how NEW YORK CITY residents feel about it. What about the Muslim victims of 9/11? I head their names read during the ceremony. I was 5 blocks away when the first plane hit and I don’t go blaming ALL OF ISLAM. The KKK and Nazi Germany (I believe) were both considered Christian. Should we condemn all of Christianity?

    John (above) – you are a bigot and an IDIOT!

  5. richard says:

    will muslims in saudi for example be willing to allow christians to build a church in the centre of jeddah.christians are not even allowed to practice their religion in such countries and yet they hide behind freedom of religion to do anything they want in USA.Very soon they will be asking to build a mosque at the white house,congress and all important buildings in USA.Lets stop this nonsense now before it gets out of control.Americans should vote out any congressman who supports this building project as a sign of protest.let it be an issue in the elections.

  6. jason says:

    America is not a land where we cater to Islamic Fundamentalists out of fear of their backlash if we don’t build a mosque on the very site which they are responsible for destroying.

    Why is it ok to offendi those that lost loved ones on that day?

  7. saffer says:

    But what if poll was, Do you agree with the “Islamic center” that includes a synagogue, a church and a mosque and a sports hall, a public library and museum commemorates the names of those killed in September 11 …. (this is the basis of the idea of the legislator Cordoba) …… I’m sure that irrigation will be supported by a very large

    It is clear that the media character the idea of the project and try to picture it as a mosque for Muslims only,And of course this is contrary to the reality of the idea of the project .

  8. Ashraf says:

    In this type of pole muslims and non muslims should randomly represent 50/50, otherwise it’s a decision imposed on a group by others. Building a mosque is really an issue with the muslims. American muslims are just Americans, they need to be seen as Americans, not just muslims.

  9. GEORGE says:

    Never! No mosque must be built on ground zero! NO! NO!! NO!!!

  10. Eric says:

    There is no such thing as moderate Islam. No mosque. End Muslim immigration. Deport all radical Muslims.

  11. gary doubelu says:

    let the muzzies bulid it. Our dear leader Inman Obama said we can absorb another 9-11.

  12. Nads says:

    America is a land for everyone. Anyone against this notion is a LOSER!

  13. JEFF GORDON says:

    After it’s turned into a mosque, maybe someone could get a couple of people to fly airplanes into it.

  14. sara says:

    let them buil it……shut ur mouth idiot

  15. Cam El says:

    Sheikh Walid bin Ali is an internet terrorist right now recruiting angry Musulmen and Mohammedans for the coming homeland Jihad! round ’em all Musulmen and Mohammadans up and ship them all to Mecca and other third world sh!thole they all came from! Now!

  16. Don key says:

    Texas thinks NYers are stupid enough to take another blow to the nose. Here in Texas, we fry terrorists!

  17. Don Key says:

    There are no Moderate muslims. There’re Terrorists and then there are CLOSET terrorists. Get your heads out of the sand ( yes, pun intended)!

  18. John says:

    Don’t let terrrosits built Mosque terrorist trailning camps on Ground Zero.

  19. Kasim says:

    “Moderate Muslims” need to come out in bigger numbers against the extremists. Right now you are letting the jihadist Muslims define your religion because not enough of the moderates are condemning the acts of Al Quaeda. That is making it easier for Americans to distrust your motives.

  20. umar says:

    yah let build

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