Brooklyn Woman Goes From Rags To Riches

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Her tough life just got a whole lot better.

Garina Fearon has overcome being homeless, bankrupt and a robbery victim. Now she’s gone from counting inmates to counting millions after winning $54 million in last Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot.

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The 34-year-old Rikers Island guard told the New York Post that she came from nothing and just wanted a better life for her and her two teenage children. She tells the paper her main priority is to buy a house in Jamaica for her ailing mother.

The single mother from East New York is planning to take some time off from work but said she will return to Rikers Island. She told the Post it was her correction career that saved her from financial despair and feels too loyal to let the job go.

The irony is when she walked into the Sutter Avenue bodega she wanted to play Powerball but instead was given a Mega Millions ticket.

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One Comment

  1. the arab says:

    revisit the bodega and give the clerk what he eserves
    for now your mom comes first

  2. kevin markel says:

    A topic close to my heart cheers, found you through Bing.This is an informative post, thanks a lot!..done a good work.

  3. Donnatella says:

    God is good. He’s right on time. Congrats Garina. ❤

  4. lisa973 says:

    AWESOME! It’s always good to see people win that need the money.

  5. sexy d says:

    Is she from Jamaica,Jamaica or from queens Jamaica

    1. crazilee says:

      jamaica the island

  6. YA Florida says:

    Please someone advise her to hire a lawyer and Afinancial advisor NOW! She has to get help with this or it can ruin her and her children. I hope she sees this comment! YA Florida

  7. Great for her! says:

    This is a fantastic story — I hope she can deal with the new fortune and manage to take one day at a time. Let’s also hope her neighbors share in her happiness, and don’t try to target her. To her? Buy a home, take limos to and from work — keep the kids grounded. Depends on your community, what you have there as far as friends — but you may want to move closer to Manhattan in Brooklyn. Like Prospect Heights or Lefferts Gardens or Park Slope, now. You can write your own “ticket”. GL!

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