Eye On New York: Mouth Off To Montone

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s time for our weekly feature, with radio partner 1010 WINS, where New Yorkers get the chance to tell reporter John Montone what’s on their minds. This week it’s everything from college tuition to painful knees.

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  1. Deanna Roth says:

    I am outraged that the NYS gov’t. is going to spend $28 million of the taxpayers money to change street signs to lower case, when the signs are in perfect condition the way they are! We are in a recession! Don’t they know there are so many more responsible areas to spend this money? Senior citizens were not given a cost of living increase this year, despite the fact that gas, electric, telephone and practically everything else went up! Where is our stimulous that we were supposed to receive in lieu of this? Think about the people, forget about the signs!!!

  2. Tamara Geacintov says:

    I saw your item about correcting “drive slow” which should be “drive slowly”. I want to call your attention to the NY Times article by Nicholas Wade where he spells “comingle” with a double mm. Comiingle is not spelled with a double m! Also, the show “The good wife” advertised it’s next segment by “who wilol she choose?” – It should be “whom does she choose”. What is happening to our media – they can’t spell any more?

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