NEW YORK (CBS) — While Captain Jack Conroyd, the pilot who saved 64 lives in a scary emergency landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport over the weekend, takes in the acclaim for being the latest “Sully” in New York, it turns out there’s more than just heroics that makes his story similar to the famous US Airways pilot’s.

CBSNewYork noticed an eerie coincidence: both flights have the same exact four numbers.

The flight that Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger safely landed in the Hudson River back in January 2009 was US Airways Flight 1549.

Captain Conroyd’s flight that he maneuvered on its wing against the ground after its landing gear failed? Delta Flight 4951.

What are the odds?

Cursed numbers or lucky ones? You tell us!

For more on Captain Conroyd’s incredible story, including amateur video captured by passengers on board the flight, click here.

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