Man Accused Of Stealing From L.I. Home Depots

ON LONG ISLAND (WCBS 880) – Police on Long Island say this scheme happened over a two-year period.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports

Bruce Oxer is accused of going to a number of Home Depot stores in Nassau County and going through the self check outs with a number of items each time.

However, Det. Vincent Garcia tells WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall that the 56-year-old never scanned any of the items. He stole them instead.

“Then later on, he would return these items to the store in sealed boxes. When the boxes are later opened by Home Depot employee, they are found to have to have unrelated items of little value,” says Garcia.

Garcia says Oxer, who is in the real estate business, would receive gift cards every time he would take items back to the store.

The total loss to Home Depot – a whopping $200,000.

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One Comment

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey! A police officer called me from a NJ Home Depot a few months ago because there was a return with my ex-husband”s personal papers in it! I thought that was so weird. I bet this guy owned the storage place my ex kept his stuff!!

    1. victoria says:

      Home Depot returns cashiers are trained to not ask questions….take back anything even if the HD never carried it….return policy…no questions asked. How does a customer return a $500 mostly glass door shattered? I bought it that way or it is defective. Then the company who manufactured the door gets hit with the cost of the broken door because it was ‘defective’….returned to vendor. Who is that cost passed on to? Other consumers. HD employees are told NOT to stop customers even if the alarm goes off or risk being fired. How many thieves get away in a mega store with one loss prevention employee per store for a few hours a day? The $200,000 is a drop in the bucket.
      Home Depot should be tried in the courts for aiding, abetting and condoning the acts of thieves. Forgot…it has been in the courts………

  2. Roy says:

    Hey we all know the real estate busines sucks ,sounds like an easy way to supplement his dwindling income………………..

  3. DP says:

    Those self checkout registers are nothing but an invitation to steal….. if they calculated how much merchandise has been robbed at theses checkouts and compared it to the hourly rate a cashier gets..they would eliminate all of the self check outs.

  4. jeffp26 says:

    Nothing like leaving a paper trail!!!! Stupid is as Long Island does.

  5. bob says:

    They should hire this guy, he obviously knows Home Depots system better than 99.9% of the employees and mangers.

  6. LEE STAND says:

    hire more cashiers…these self check outs may speed things up but lend themseelves to fraud..

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