Artist Renderings Of ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Revealed

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The first artist renderings of the proposed Islamic community center near ground zero have been released.

The pictures of Park 51, unveiled by SOMA Architects, show a white building with a futuristic, honeycomb-like openings all along its façade.

The developer said the 16-story tower would contain sports and fitness facilities as well as a childcare center, culinary school and auditorium.

Construction on the project isn’t expected to begin for another two or three years.

fs mosque ground zero plan 1 Artist Renderings Of Ground Zero Mosque Revealed

(AP Photo/SOMA Architects)

fs mosque ground zero plan 21 Artist Renderings Of Ground Zero Mosque Revealed

(AP Photo/SOMA Architects)

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  • Blank_opera

    this mosque is only a 1/3 of Cairo cathedral, and american peoples still got an acute islamophobia!!!

  • angry but not enraged

    Extremists are using religion as an excuse for their desire to strike fear in the west for the atrocities they think we are responsible for. However, IMHO (not being an expert in Islam) , their religion does give them some leeway to do this. You do not read about Buddhists terrorists or Hindu extremists blowing up buses or buildings. However to the poster that that said Christians haven’t followed this path, in the near past anyway, is obviously not English. The IRA was also motivated by getting, again, what they perceived as evil occupiers out of their lands and used similar tactics. However, their antagonists we’re across an ocean but a channel.
    Either way, violence begets bigotry and hatred. My first reaction to 9/11 was a desire for a nuclear response. They’re hiding in mountains, fine, no one of consequence lives there anyway, glass the entire range. We are NOT a super power if we don’t use our power. In the following 9 years, I’ve changed my position to one followed by rational thinkers (both sides of govt.)
    But back to the point of Christians (IRA) using violence to gain a semblance of vengeance or to prove a blood covered point against those who they see as oppressors:

    March 1971: Attack at Ligoniel: Three soldiers killed.

    July 1972: Bloody Friday. Series of blasts across Belfast. Nine killed, many more injured as 22 bombs go off.

    July 1972: Ten die in bomb attack in County Derry.

    October 1974: Guildford pub bombing on British mainland. Five die, 44 injured.

    November 1974: Birmingham pub bombings. 19 dead, 182 injured.

    December 1975: Balcombe Street siege. Four IRA gunmen take a couple hostage after a street gun battle in London, surrendering after six days.

    February 1978: Firebomb at hotel in Co Down. Twelve people killed, 23 injured.

    November 1978: Deputy governor of Crumlin Road prison, Albert Miles, shot dead.

    Wreckage of Lord Mountbatten’s boat after the IRA bomb
    August 1979: Lord Mountbatten, the Queen’s uncle, and three others killed by Provisional IRA bomb in County Sligo. The same day, 18 soldiers killed in bomb attack at Warrenpoint, County Down.

    November 1981: Ulster Unionist MP for Belfast South, Robert Bradford, murdered.

    July 1982: Two bombs in Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, London. In Hyde Park, two members of the Household Cavalry and seven horses die. In Regent’s Park, six soldiers from the Royal Green Jackets killed.

    December 1983: Harrods bomb. Five people killed and 80 wounded in a blast during Christmas shopping at the West London department store.

    October 1984: Brighton bomb. Huge blast at the Grand Hotel, during the Conservative Party conference. Five die. Among the injured: the Cabinet minister Norman Tebbit and his wife.

    November 1987: Consignment of 150 tons of weapons and ammunition destined for the IRA intercepted on the French coaster Eksund.

    November 1989: Enniskillen massacre. Remembrance Day parade in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. Blast kills 11 people, injures 63.

    September 1989: Deal bombing. Ten Royal Marines bandsmen are killed and 22 are injured when base in Deal, Kent, bombed.

    July 1990: Ian Gow, Conservative MP for Eastbourne and former Northern Ireland minister, killed by bomb at his Sussex home.

    [ image: Police clear Whitehall after the mortar attack]
    Police clear Whitehall after the mortar attack
    February 1991: Three mortar bombs launched from across Whitehall at Downing Street during a Cabinet meeting. One explodes in the garden, but nobody injured.

    January 1992: Eight Protestant builders killed by a bomb on their way to work at an Army base near Omagh.

    December 1992: Series of IRA bombs throughout the province culminates in a blast in east Belfast which injures 27.

    March 1993: An IRA bomb hits Saturday shoppers in Warrington, Cheshire. Two children, Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry, killed.

    April 1993: IRA bomb in the City of London causes £350 million of damage.

    October 1993: Blast at a fish and chip shop on the Protestant Shankill Road, Belfast, kills 10 people, including two children.

    February 1995: Massive bomb at Canary Wharf in east London ends the IRA ceasefire that had been running since August 1994.

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  • butt


  • Ilo'lita

    Looks like the architect plays too much Minecraft.

    On a more serious note, I guess I support it being built close to the site. It’s not like they can build it /on/ the site, so what significance does the area around it have to the attacks?

  • PatriotDave

    America has been placing ground zero’s near mosques for ages,
    but now it’s suddenly a problem ?

  • j

    looks like a bunch of pentagrams to me.

  • gupi

    The see-through facade suggests there is nothing hidden inside and shariah law is something God given standard of fairness the non Muslim should follow. Islamphobia is just in the mind and 9-11 is like holocost etc are inside jobs to discredit Islam.

  • Gill Avila

    The building’s designer is from Krypton?

  • chesty

    Islam is a Peaceful Religion. The Guy that believes this as a statement. Be he in Congress or a lay man is being hood winked…. Islam as in accordance with there Holy Book… is a way of life dedicated to the over throw of Non believers, or the conversion of the non believers to the life stile of Muslims by fair means or not so fair….There Holy book say’s quite clearly that it is OK to Lie to an Infidel YOU AND achieve the ultimate goal of converting us …..WAKE UP GUY’S…Congress before its to late…

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    […] Artist Renderings Of ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Revealed NEW YORK (CBS 2) – The first artist renderings of the proposed Islamic community center near ground zero have […] […]

  • Alex D

    That design should make it easier for future hijackers to see from the air.

  • poet

    i say marshall law…n then lets see who comes out ahead

  • edharris

    Islam the root of Evil on Earth a cancer that needs to be destroyed.

  • c.yost

    New age??? New world? are ya wacked….why do you want to hurry the appearing of the antichrist? Oprah is a real leader in paving the way for the antichrist too,,,,and i agree AJ Simkatu you are right… Boy people are REALLY DECEIVED as well as Obama.

  • Harvey Butkiss

    lol paganistic..really

  • ed

    Well, it’s certainly is a Hole-y building. Glass floors do not work well with women who wear garments specifically to cover themselves.

  • emaN

    Good god man. These comments. Reading some of these comments almost makes me wish there WERE a coming Islamisation of America just so some of you illiterate morons would be forced to read a book for once in your lives.

  • Jeff

    I was neutral on building the mosque until seeing these pictures. In the old days an architect would be blinded for designing something so ugly.

    Something like this belongs in the La Defense neighborhood of Paris, or another area where postmodern architecture dominates the skyline.

  • Lei

    You don’t have to be racist to find it wildly wrong. There is a time and a place for everything. This is absolutely the wrong time and even more the wrong PLACE for a mosque. Pretending it’s an issue of racism is a slap in the face to the country, never mind the victims of 911.

  • Xaxyx

    Not only do you have that right, nyclposter, but I would fight with all of my muster to defend your right to do so. That sort of freedom — the freedom to do whatever you want, including being a hateful bigot — is exactly the sort of principle that MLK and other leaders of his ilk lived, fought, and died for.

  • Blargh

    Is it ok to have every other religion represented near ground zero and have none representing the Muslim victims? Is this an Al Qaeda Mosque? NO. Go away.

  • JoeOvercoat

    One question: does the multi-cultural center include a chapel along with the mosque? If not, then it is a all a lie about being ‘multi-cultural’.

    • aelfheld

      You’re right. ‘Multi-culturalism’ means giving credence to anything not of Western Civilisation while denigrating same.

  • Xboxershorts

    Dear nyclposter,

    If you own the land and it doesn’t violate local zoning laws, sure, build whatever you can afford. Understand this, though. SUFI sect of Islam (of which, Park 51 is a part of) has never, ever, ever participated in Violence or Jihad. You have a narrow and bigoted perception of Islam and absolutely no grasp of the history behind the major groups that make up Islam. Also, it’s not a Mosque, It’s not a shrine, it’s a community center with much more in common with a JCC or a YMCA than anything remotely resembling a church or other house of worship. But keep opening your mouth, we enjoy showing you where your foot goes.

  • Dave

    “billy >
    yeah see all those christians blowing themselves up and ctashing planes into bldgs keep defending the hate religion”

    Don’t claim Christianity is nonviolent. Just look at the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials (or any witch burning really), or dozens of other examples of the Christian faith thinking it’s better to kill all the nonbelievers, or at least the people the church finds inconvenient.

    • Contraman

      The old testament is Jews not Christians lets try that again.


      • Marklar

        Contraman: I was unaware that Christianity has stopped referring to the Old Testament. As you are implying. And Billy, you see Christians committing atrocities every day. Don’t be blinded by your own ignorance and bigotry.

      • PuterPrsn

        You are correct – in the New Testament, Christ said he superceded the eye-for-an-eye rules of the Old Testament.

        Most Christians will condemn anyone who continues to try to use the old, bloodthirsty, rules. “Turn the other cheek” took the place of “an eye for an eye”, which anyone who has studied the entire Christian Bible would know.

    • PuterPrsn

      Note that all your violence from Christians happened hundreds of years ago. They’ve outgrown that – and those that have not are condemned by the majority.

      In the case of Islam, the majority is silent about the violence that is taking place on a daily basis in the 21st century. Basically, they are condoning what is happening.

      • Maya

        Ok, Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and majority of muslims do not support the violence which is happening. You are clearly a bigot, because I can name a few violent events which have been targeted by Christens. Oh and BTW I’m not even Muslim, I’m Hindu, but your comment was so idiotic that I just had to reply.

  • AJ Simkatu

    Do Catholics have a right to build churches near schools that have young boys in them? Not all Muslims are bad. Not all Catholics are bad. Not all Jews are bad. ALL KKK members are bad. Your analogy sucks.

  • Melissa James

    Neither the Koran nor the Islamic religion promote violence anymore than the Bible nor Christians promote those select few crazy zealots that go out and commit murder. No one blames Christians as a whole for the Son of Sam or other violent Christians.

    Only the ignorant continue the incorrect message that the Islamic religion promotes violence and terror. If it does, then does that mean the Christian religion promotes pedophilia and rape?

  • Internet Guru

    The intellect displayed on these internet forums is truly overwhelming.

    • l m

      eyed havta rgree

  • dfdf

    NoIslam poster guy
    1. stop reading atlas shrugs, it’s propaganda and you damn well know it
    2. no one involved in the running and design of Park51 had had anything to do with any murder.
    3. Christians have commited many many times more murders in the US than muslims, should they all be round up and shot like your leader’s(geller) followers constantly suggest?

  • Arat

    Read between the soul. Every Holy Books r telling us to fight the evil (enemy) within us human with love. The terrorists (of any religion) used them just to justified their inhumane evil actions.

  • lol

    I’m sorry, I assumed an article about the architecture and new renderings would be simplly about the new rendering

    but I guess to you “artist renderings” is code word for “jihad come soon!” and “SOMA Architects” is really a Obama ran terrorist training camp sleeper cells

  • Lorpius Prime

    This is how a properly constructed sentence looks.

    • Jack Vancs

      Sadly, the large majority of Americans don’t care if they’re illiterate.

    • Mike

      THANK YOU.

  • Neela

    Please, stop the hate.
    The more we preach intolerance and hatred, the worse off our country will be.

    This mosque is not a “symbol of conquest,” and it’s ignorant of you to think it is. Many innocent Muslims died in the wreckage of 9/11. Please respect that fact and accept that the Muslims should be allowed to build their mosque.

    It’s sad that I’m a fifteen year old girl and I can accept this. I’m assuming you’re an adult, but it’s clear to me that you really haven’t grown up yet.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a nineten year old guy, and this non-issue being an issue makes me sick

      this being called a “victory mega-mosque” makes me wonder the IQs of people saying it

    • shay

      I think it is a beautiful building. I don’t see why everyone is up in arms. Live and let live.

    • Sam

      Because you did not loose any one in 9/11. I did and more than one person, so maybe if you lost someone you’d know better and if you are a 15 year old go to school and try graduating that first, other than prying into affairs you know nothing about.

  • billy

    anyone who was dancing on 9/11 ahould have been shot
    Then they wonder why this country is so f u

    • cccccccccc

      yeah, so f-up’d that people are shooting others for they’re use of freedom of expression

  • Sgeo

    If you owned the land, you’d have the right (well, considering applicable zoning laws). Doesn’t mean it would be a nice thing to do, but you’d be allowed to. But it’s not even the case that most Muslims were dancing in the street. As far as I know, most weren’t.

  • milton

    reminds me of haloween

  • Juma

    stop this abuse and intolerance.lets keep history back,preach cohesion,respect and love.with ones abuse/insult thats when you get more insults,but some one has to show and be tolerant.thats what we need for a new world order,not th mistaken former thinking.

  • dhani

    i think islam is not a violent religion,but christian is. you can read in the old testament, that there are many sadistic and full-bloody stories about history of israel. but you will not found that similar things in koran. peace my friend

    • Jay

      Yo, chief, up ’til it broke off around 600-something AD when Muhammad started things up it came out of the same book the Christians and Jews read out of. Do your homework before you start throwing stones.

    • billy

      yeah see all those christians blowing themselves up and ctashing planes intp bldgs
      keep defending the hate religion

    • NoIslam

      Actually dhani is repeating the oldest lie in history, that Islam is non-violent.
      You can read the article “Islam 101” on the Jihadwatch site.
      You can find details of the Victory Mega Mosque on the Atlasshrugs site.

  • diaz

    cool, will make good use of nuclear electricity. sunlight is no use because building cast their shadows. where will the pool be? i guess in the penthouse

    • dd

      obviously the pool will be on a lower level…

  • Alix

    Scott D: And you know that post was from a Christian? The Super Mosque aka “Community Center” is about peace? You are a fool.

  • scott d

    it is an ugly building though i will say that

    • NoIslam

      Ha, listen to that, Magen David is the star of the Muslims.. Yeah, we know how Muslims claim everything is theirs. Like they built two mosques on top of the Jewish Temple to make sure the place is theirs. Like they claim Jerusalem is their city. There is no shame with these guys. Like they block streets in Paris claiming this is their prayer place. Like they come to pray in the Cordoba Cathedral claiming it’s a Mosque. Take good care, this is their style.

      How about the white+grey decoration of the facade ? That symbolises smoke. Take a look. I can’t believe these guys what nerve they have !!
      See my other posts above.

      • AJ Simkatu

        When the Muslim’s built the mosques on the ruins of the temple mount, it was theirs. Are you really that stupid? Kind of like when our forefathers came here and killed millions of natives, took their land, and put up our buildings.

        Or is conquest only valid when you are the victor?

    • above is an idiot

      You some kind of idiot? or high…
      Hexagrams(the star of david is a hexagram) have been used by christians, muslims, jews, hindu and even freemasons….

      for the top part being towers, thats just stupid, it makes as much sense as saying there is a picture of elmo near the bottom right and… OMG there’s Waldo!!
      all it is is about 20 degree angle, so STFU

    • Jcash

      That’s the silliest thing I’ve read all morning

    • DanTe

      Hey Jcash is back.

      Islam is a Peaceful Religion.

      And Jcash should find work in tall buildings in NYC.

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