Airline: Mechanical Problem Forced Emergency Landing

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Investigators believe mechanical problems and not terrorism were to blame for a British Airways jet en route to New York City having to make an emergency landing.

The airline said the plane, with 296 passengers on board, was headed from Heathrow to Kennedy Airport and turned back because the handle of one of the cabin doors was moving.

The door was never opened and the Boeing 747 landed safely Saturday.

The passengers were able to catch later flights.

British Airways said the investigation was ongoing.

  • tim

    It is impossible for the cabin door to open during flight as the pressure inside forces it to remain closed.
    Possible at lower altitudes though.

  • Chruckles

    sounds like another nervous nellie to me. And hhere’s plenty of light attendants around that like to exercise their hubris, and control freak characteristics….”pay attention to me” factors in, too…

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