Guilty Pleas Made In L.I. Toddler’s Choking Death

MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP/1010 WINS) — The owner and former assistant director of a New York day care center where a 2-year-old girl choked to death on a carrot have pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

olivia raspanti Guilty Pleas Made In L.I. Toddlers Choking Death

Olivia Raspanti

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice says Carousel Day School owner Eugene Formica pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment Monday. Formica will receive three years of probation.

Former assistant director Kathryn Cordaro pleaded guilty to running an unlicensed day care center for toddlers. She’ll receive a conditional discharge, meaning the arrest will be purged if she stays out of trouble.

Prosecutors say Olivia Raspanti choked to death March 17, 2009, after getting the carrot from a teacher’s bag.

They say the corporation that operates the Hicksville facility pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and running an unlicensed day care for toddlers and preschoolers. The corporation will be fined $15,000.

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  1. gene says:

    Its too bad the truth is rarely in the news.The school is properly licensed and has been since 1956. The child did not steal the carrot it was a snack she took from another child.Unfortunately the powers that be turned a terrible tragedy into a politically motivated opportunity.without regard for the family the child or the people who love what they do and are completely qualified. The press of course does not want to hear that because it doesnt sell papers.

  2. poet says:

    ahhhh… duh…she dont sit there and just watch ur child…she has to teach them even little things on a daily…. so yea there teachers as well as baby sitters..n you call ur daycare person a babysitter n see what respect u get in return..ur child will most likely not be a fav of hers or his…trust me on that…..oh n btw…..its sad no matter how u slice it..

  3. Dan Te says:

    And I agree with “Funny”. All my friends taught their young kids not to go into other people’s bags. It’s just not polite.

    And before I’m accused of being the kid’s mom (a Carousel worker), nope, I’m not with Carousel nor do I let kids run rampant.

    1. regina says:

      I used carousel in 2005 and it was 250 a week back then…not a place where your kids run rampant I assure you…but nice facades don’t cut it..of course it is not the two year olds fault, its the fault of the daycare center’s slacking…their camp in the same year was 100 a day…it was supposed to be high quality daycare..the parents and children were let down … they should have maintained their license and procedures with the same vigor they pursued their weekly payment

  4. Dan Te says:

    Hmm… So far, most of the “not my fault raising stupid” commenters use the same writing style.

  5. regina says:

    Nick and funny sound like they work at carousel !

  6. ezflyer says:

    Nick – amazing how you show both your ignorance and lack of intelligence when it comes to your comments regarding this story. To think that you accuse the two year old of stealing when at that age, a child is still in the learning process. What dictates their lives is curiosity and that is part of the process.

    Funny – another perfect example of one who posts and has no idea what life is like when it comes to a child. Plus, to state that it is a cultural issue shows how brainless you really are.

    It goes to show that when it comes to being singled out as ones who make worthless statements, we have the two winners stated above.

    This is a tragedy and the life of a child was lost and regardless of where the blame lies, this is the stark truth.

  7. Marty says:

    Rich, if you are going to comment on someone’s grammar. Spell grammatical correctly. It makes you look like a moron.

  8. Rich says:

    If you’re going to call someone an idiot, make sure you use the correct gramatical wording like ” you’re an idiot” as opposed to ” your an idiot”. Geez.

  9. poet says:

    i ment looks——-and i also ment fact….lol…

  10. poet says:

    your an idiot…the carrot lookes like candy it looked like it would taste was the little pre cut pre skined little carrot bites u a$$…and just the fack that u dont see that your an idiot..its a shame. i know the teacher will have a hole in her heart for the rest of her life..she wants to help not hurt…god bless the little girl and everyone involved

    1. Funny says:

      So it’s ok for her to just take anything she wants out of anyone’s property she wants?

      Sorry, but none of the little girls I know were allowed to do that. Must be a cultural thing. What culture are you from again?

      1. regina says:

        We re from the culture of don’t call a daycare worker a teacher..and maintain child/daycare ratios so that proper supervision guidelines are met, and follow guidlines of securing employee handbags and their contents, and maintaining the caility license

  11. Nick says:

    A little girl raised to steal anything it wants. So now people are in trouble because it’s stealing caught up with it.

    1. vme says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. A two year old dies and you think it’s because she was raised to steal. Talk about blaming the victim. Maybe the day care forgot to teach about personal property when they forgot to get a license.

    2. Rhonda says:

      This is for Nick and Funny…..I read several others have called you both an idiot. I must chime in and agree whole heartedly. What I find amazing is your nerve to question the upbringing of this cute 2 year old. Where as the questioning should lie in your upbringing. Your parents obviously didn’t do a very good job in the common sense or compassion department when it came to you. i quess you do know something about sucky parenting after all. I just pray you don’t or never do have children. You truely are an IDIOT!!!!

    3. regina says:

      No…the little girl (“it”) was two years old so the parents do not get the chance to raise her..lack of supervision and improper securing of employees’ personal belongings was the issue

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