Report Card Out On L.I.R.R. and Metro-North

STAMFORD, CT (WCBS 880) – About 10 percent of the Long Island Rail Road ran late between July and September of 2010.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane talks to commuters

About 2 percent of Metro-North trains ran behind schedule.

One LIRR afternoon departure from Babylon to Penn Station was late 32 times, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

A pair of New Haven Line trains to and from Grand Central were late 10 times this summer.

A Metro-North train - Stamford, CT - Oct 4, 2010 - Photo: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880

A Metro-North train - Stamford, CT - Oct 4, 2010 - Photo: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880

WCBS 880 reporter Paul Murnane asked one man at the Stamford train station, “How do you think the service is? I mean, has it been an okay summer?”

“It sits and starts a little bit,” the man answered.

Murnane asked another man, “How long you been riding?”

The man answered, “Let’s see, about two years. Long Island Rail Road before that.”

Murnane replied, “Oh, so you can compare the two.”

The man said, “Much better here, much better.”

Murnane followed up, “Metro-North is better than LIRR?”

The man confirmed, saying “In my experience.”

One rider at the station said he doesn’t think the commute is getting better, but it’s not getting worse.

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  1. Raul Mihali says:

    Rarely leave comments anywhere but have to add one as well.
    Been using Metro-North between Milford and South Norwalk, for about 3 years daily commute. The morning train is fairly sharp, 8:07, and they’re there, rarely delayed.
    But coming back to Milford, I’ve been using 5:40, 5:51, 5:56, they are all disasters. I read their train was late 10 times? I think 10 times just on my line over the last few weeks, and I mean 5 to 10 minutes each in general.
    Very frustrating, not to mention sometimes the unannounced change of tracks from one side to the other, when you find yourself running to the other side to catch it.
    I will give them some break to the fact that they’re renovating the electric lines and this has caused a substantially different number of delays, but I have plenty of stories from the summer.

  2. ryan benson says:

    I take the 8:19 on the Port Washington line of the LIRR, and 9/10 times the train is dirty, doesn’t have enough cars and is terribly overcrowded, arrives late, gets delayed to a stop when trying to enter Penn Station, and I’m late for work regularly. the 8:04 gets in 5 minutes before the 8:19 (it’s not express) and the train before that would make me 30 minutes early for work if it got in on time (which I can assume it doesn’t.)

    Where they get the nerve to raise prices is beyond me.

  3. tea says:

    i would really hate to see them have a report card out on the MTA, they get a big fat “F”

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