Family Suing NYC After Teen’s Brain Found In ME’s Office

The Shipleys Of Staten Island Forced To Bury Son Twice

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Their son died in a horrific car accident, but that was just the beginning of dealing with his heart-wrenching death for his parents.

Next, after he was buried, they found out his brain was on display in the medical examiner’s office.

CBS 2’s John Slattery spoke with the angry parents.

Andre Shipley and his wife, Korisha, said it’s still hard to believe that for two months after their son was buried, his brain was not with the rest of the remains.

“This was tremendously, tremendously out of control. It was bad, nerve-wracking, shocking,” Andre said.

It was in January of 2005 when their son, Jesse, a 17-year-old student at Port Richmond High School, a passenger in a car, was killed in an accident. After an autopsy, the body was released to the family for burial.

But imagine the family’s shock two months later when they learned that a high school field trip to the morgue, involving some of their son’s own friends, noticed Jesse’s brain in a jar.

“Friends who were there saw the brain in a jar, displayed with his name labeled on it,” Andre said.

The ME’s office told the parents the brain was held for tests with other brains, but the parents said they were never informed. So, the parents won a court order for the return of the organ, and their son was buried a second time.

“We had no idea. We had to go dig it up to bury the rest of his remains with his body,” Andre said.

“The body has to be exhumed. Body parts were actually sewn into the cavity of Jesse’s corpse, and a second burial had to take place,” attorney Anthony Galante said.

The boy’s mother said she wants to know why she was never informed that the brain was held back.

“I am destroyed. I am destroyed and I will live with this for the rest of my life,” Korisha said.

The state’s appellate division has allowed a lawsuit to proceed. In a statement, city lawyer Ronald Sternberg said: “We are evaluating our legal options in light of the decision. We note that the court correctly recognized that it was within the medical examiner’s discretion to perform the autopsy.”

The parents are now suing the city, not only to recover damages, but to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The parents said if they had been informed that an organ was being held for later testing, they might have delayed the funeral, instead of having two.


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  1. Spasim says:

    It would be interesting to find out what tests were planned or needed for a car accident victim. Maybe there just liked collecting brains because they don’t have any of their oun.

    Sorry to hear another innocent kid lost minding his own business.

  2. Mike says:

    Ridiculous. There should be a small cap (say $100K) for such suits. The “STATE” isn’t paying…

    WE ARE

  3. BarrackObamaIsVladimirLenin says:

    so this was the health care bill…

  4. unclesmrgol says:

    If this happened to my son, and I had to dig him up so his entire body was buried, I’d sure expect compensation for both the costs of doing this and the pain and suffering I suffered when someone told me they’d found my son’s brain in a jar on a desk.

    They may have been right to do the autopsy, but they had no right to keep any part of the victim’s body.

  5. Paul says:

    Get off your high horses, people. This story conveniently left out some details such as they were retaining the brain for the medical examiner who only comes to town periodically. It wasn’t a conspiracy or a game or arrogance or Obama or anything. The only think noteworthy about this story is the macabre coincidence that his girlfriend and other classmates saw it, and some of them took pics on their cell phones. Let’s sue them next!

    1. Local Resident says:

      If it was just waiting for the medical examiner, why was it sitting out with his name on it where the visiting public could see it? Not cool.

  6. ewww says:

    what kind of school sends its students to the morgue and observe real human body parts. I hope teachers and administrators get fired.

    1. Anon says:

      Ever hear of biology class? Ever looked at an anatomy textbook? It’s not like they were dissecting cadavers.

  7. Jared Lorz says:

    I’m going to say what isn’t popular but true. The parents are just looking for a pay check. This obviously isn’t common practice, but this being America if your feelings get hurt by the government it’s a free paycheck.


    1. joe says:

      you’re right…obviously the parents knew the M.E. would keep their son’s brain and put it on display.

      How dare they get upset and want compensation! EVIL!!!!

  8. Gmattila says:

    As a former assistant to a state medical examiner, few if any organs are returned with the remains to be buried. This includes such as testicles and overies.

    1. Dan says:

      A former assistant to a state medical examiner who cannot spell ‘ovaries’?

      1. but-seriously-folks says:

        Yeah, I was wondering about that one myself. Good catch

  9. Bob says:

    People have such hangups about death and body parts. Everything has to be in a nice neat package, all wrapped up in a “body” that is no longer living. Hard to figure that one out. Guess people need reminders.

  10. Udo4Accept says:

    yobama’s at it already!! he and his governemnent think they own us. i hope this family owns this city after this lawsuit is done. what a crock.

  11. ghostsouls says:

    Opportunists. what will money do for their pain & disgust? and why is a brain labeled??

  12. Chukkalady says:

    Once your dead…what does it matter? Whenever you hear, “I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again…”…….there’s money to be had!!!

  13. nobama2012 says:

    It is time for skells to get off their high horse

  14. Kelly says:

    Each person has the right to keep as much of their physical self in tact as possible when going to meet their maker. Any exceptions should be cleared w/ the family first! The end.

    1. anon says:

      Newsflash–you can’t take it with you.

      1. Armando says:

        anon, here’s your Word of the Day:

        : an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality ; also : something (as a satisfying ending) that provides such a sense

        Given that the kid’s death was so traumatic, I wouldn’t want to be the guy to deny his family their wishes.

  15. Ed says:

    Who cares? The parents never knew and they were fine. Only when they found out did it become an issue. Why? Because they saw an opportunity to get rich. Their son has no use for a brain and maybe just maybe his brain can be studied and save someone else. People need to stop looking for a way to get rich with the least amount of effort as possible!

    1. Brainless??? says:

      Ed would you mind giving up your brain right now??? It seems that you don’t have any use for it either…

      1. Texas Slim says:


        You take the prize for “Come-back of this forum string”!
        ZZZAAAP….snap-snap, he got’cha, Ed…..

    2. Todd K says:

      Are you kidding??? What a heartless thing to say. What if it was your child? At leat the Medical Examiner office should ask permission… the very least.

      1. James says:

        If it were my child, I would not care. He’s GONE, regardless, and it’s not like he really had a need for it anymore.

        Frivolous, emotional reaction…

      2. BigMurph says:

        No one is kidding. And in no way heartless. I have children and it would not bother me in the least. But then I am not a neurotic nutter. I have a life. When someone is dead then they are dead. There is no glory in the rotting parts of their body.

    3. julia says:

      Ed, I thought the same thing. Then I thought about what if it was my son. Given I woudn’t sue for a bazillion dollars, but they would pay for it to be reburied with my son. I can see why it is heartwrenching, though. I would be distraught to if I were the mom.

    4. joe says:

      so if i steal $5,000 from you and you don’t know it makes it OK/

    5. marko says:

      Ed,you obviously don’t have kids. If you did,you wouldn’t say “so what?” If you do,God help them for how they are raised………..

    6. EdIsAnIdiot says:

      Ed, obviously your brain is detatched and in a jar somewhere too.

    7. TOWG says:

      You sir,are as ass.

    8. nate peek says:

      completely agreed

  16. Duke Ruke says:

    A mind’s a terrible thing to waste.

  17. Randolph2010 says:

    This is nothing. The government was, for a few decades, illegally taking blood from all children born, and putting the DNA info into huge databases without even informing the parents.

    In Texas, a judge ruled that the government is required to destroy all the samples. Of course it’s too late regarding the illegal database.

    I’m so tired of criminals being in charge of our government. Some of them are even violent criminals. Heaven, help us.

  18. JustSomeGuy says:

    Just to be clear: Even though I made fun of this moron kid, and he was most definitely a moron – a picture is worth a thousand words – I would sue for as much as I possibly could if this happened to my loved one. And I would not use such measured language as this moron kid’s mother used in my comments to a reporter. It is likely they would not have been able to print what I said.

  19. ML says:

    Abby Normal

    1. Igor says:

      What hump?

  20. Bob says:

    The fact he is dead is irrelevant. For some people, be it for cultural or religious reasons, being buried with an intact corpse is very important. That you mock such beliefs shows what kind of person you are.

    1. jallan says:

      Bob, being dead is very relavant. It is a pity your countryfolk did not care more about the live people in VietNam before they carpet bombed them and spread their living bodyparts over their own country. The belief we mock is that you believe that dead Americans are more important than live people from other countries. Think about it, please.

      1. JR Cash says:

        You’re projecting. Go sell crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here.

      2. Me says:

        Git off yer high (hobbie) horse city boy and go hug a tree…

  21. John says:

    This family is all about the money. How can any parent with a brain let their 17 year old boy pose with 2 of his Grandmas diamond earings? This is nothing but a money grab. Issue them an apology, then move on.

  22. El gato says:

    these people are just plain pathetic! the boy is dead! his brain is dead! who cares what is done with the leftovers? people who can’t accept death are obviously unbelievers who are afraid of being judged and sentenced to the lake of fire!

  23. Matamoros says:

    The medical examiner will not pay, the taxpayers will.

  24. Nanny Mo says:

    The part that makes me sick is that it was on display. How long were they going to keep it? This is just wrong. Our government has gotten too big, if they think they can get away with this sort of thing. I hope NYC pays big, just to scare them straight.

  25. Dr. C says:

    I’d be curious to know if he was any type of donor, science or organ / if his parent’s concented to anything after his death (which they might/not remember), and to know how that played out in all of this. I think that information would have been nice to have in this story.

  26. Jack says:

    God be with this young man’s family. This is not so much a legal case, but a human dignity and grieving case. Let the boy’s family put him to rest and be done with it. The macabre elements of the medical examiner’s offices is incredible, and sadly, this young man is not the first, nor will he be the last, to suffer such indignity in the name of “science.”

    Think about this: That Bodies exhibit? Those are the bodies of Chinese who never consented to such display. How can an evolved society condone such disrespect?

  27. Paul B. says:

    Still want an all-reaching government?

  28. Obamamammajamma says:

    Greg, you are a hoot!. I would have gone with…It/’s alive! It’s alive!

  29. HeroCop says:

    Sorry, I can’t work-up any tears…the kid is dead. He would have ended-up in prison anyway, right?? Sometimes things work out the best for society in the long run.

  30. eric says:

    your comment is truly horrific

    1. Eric says:

      As disturbing as you find my post it is based on fact and from personal work experience. This is not reality tv were are disucssing…this is the real world in which we reside.

  31. Peabody says:

    The medical examiner’s office all Democrats

  32. HCS Knight says:

    Let me get this straight, a nation whose laws and government chops up babies while they are in the womb are shocked and horrified that the “government” would do such a thing?

    Wake up people, look in the proverbial mirror and realize that you are the government; your vote, your “tolerance”, your lack of moral and ethical standards, your measure of value by how it “doesn’t hurt me”, etc., etc., etc.

    You get and become what you value.

    1. brian says:

      incredible insight knight…. undoubtedly some are more concerned about the deceased’s rights more than the living’s….

    2. jenny says:

      You are so right! When there is no value on life, how can there be value for the dead?

  33. ghostsouls says:

    quit posting as me, what a moron who doesn’t have the moral conviction of his own words to post as someone else, they have to hide behind someone else….just a scared blogger, who has a lot to say but not under their own name. reported.

  34. justavoter says:

    Well, what would do you expect with Obama and democrats in charge of the government. You think it’s bad now, just wait. Wait until we lose our healthcare. We’ll be having lotteries just to see a doctor and we still might have to wait months and months for medical care.

    1. AJ says:

      Your stupid is showing…

  35. Cyndo says:

    I speak for everyone when I say that we as a country are sick and tired of thugs and the “I’m tough” stupid attitude. Glad the punk is dead.

    1. greg says:

      hope your next

  36. Joan2010 says:

    Give us a break! Just because his brain wasn’t with his body doesn’t mean the boy is deader. It’s tragic that these parents lost their son, but now they’re trying to profit from it by suing the city when no real harm has been done. They should just accept an apology. It’s no fun having to do a burial twice, but again, it doesn’t make the boy deader. It’s an inconvenience that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for!

    And CBS news is complicit in this waste of court time by sensationalizing the story!!! With teasers that said: “Shocking Discovery” etc. etc. Shame on you news outlets for capitalizing on this.

    I know someone who is suing the city because he TRIPPED on the sidewalk and broke his nose!!! I didn’t think he would find a lawyer who would take such a frivolous case, but I was wrong! It’s sickening: the American dream is to make one’s fortune through lawsuits.

    1. wow says:

      so you wouldnt want some sort of compensation if you found out a coroner had kept your dead teenagers brain as a souvenir in his office?

      1. Zemo says:

        They should pay the state to have his brain shown to help students learn. They should be proud, not mad.

      2. aurnbob says:

        yeah, except this wasn’t a souvenir. it was part of a testing process. much ado about nothing except for the label in public view

    2. KH says:

      tham, you and Joan both raise excellent points; I can understand that an autopsy would be necessary etc. and I do think a lawsuit is a frivolous waste of tax payer money. However, I think the ME should be required to ask the family before they just take and display body parts. That seems like the decent, respectful and appropriate thing to do, don’t you think?

    3. MemoryError says:

      What if it was the whole head on the desk? Where’s the line drawn?

    4. Englishman in NY says:

      Actually, Allistair Cooke, remember him? He was the very dignified and beloved host of Masterpiece Theater. He was British, even did ‘Letter from America’ that fine series for the BBC.

      Ever hear what happened to his remains when he died? Google it and find out. Also find out what that ‘non American’ family did about it?

      This has nothing to do with nationality and everything to do with decency, dignity and the ME overstepping their authority to benefit themselves.

    5. r2d2 says:

      No, Joan, you are wrong. Harm is done when people in power believe they can do anything without the consent of those involved. I support the lawsuit to make sure it doesn’t happen again AND to cover the legal expenses and the additional expenses for the burial… but that is all. No pain and suffering rewards.

      Actually, the person who made this asinine decision ought to be the one who pays the expense and NOT his/her insurance company.

      1. Warhawk says:

        The Coroner has to be able to conduct an autopsy without the family approving. His job is to investigate that no foul play is involved and safeguard public health. It could be very convenient to someone that wanted to off an family member or cover something up if they could just refuse the autopsy. You have to think the facts through and not surrender to a “knee jerk” reaction to an overly sensationalized quasi-news story

    6. Jason G. Williscroft says:

      I agree with Joan2010 and others… why hold taxpayers liable? This is horrible, but it wasn’t THEIR fault.

      Instead, why not hold these stupid bureaucrats PERSONALLY liable for their atrocious actions?

    7. seth says:

      It is shocking and the government has no right to keep body parts for research without the consent of the family. Only bodies that go unclaimed should be allowed without consent. Some people in this country have religious beliefs that require full burial. YOU SHOULD RESPECT THAT

  37. Tantor says:

    I just hope this example of a high-handed government acting like it owns our body parts and can do what it pleases with them doesn’t lead people to believe ObamaCare would do the same, ya know what I mean?

    1. Ben says:

      You know, frankly, if you’re dead, I think any hysteria about body parts is just that… hysteria. Our culture of worshiping dead meat as if it had any value (outside of scientific, education and possibly transplant) is really pretty stone age. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. Maybe if we cut back a little on the stone age theology, we’d get past some of this collar-rending.

      1. Oink says:

        Seriously, Ben. That’s pretty callus. You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. Furthermore, that boy’s parents were entitled to their son’s body – intact – or they should have been made aware.

      2. Shining_Star says:

        Yeah, just go throw your deceased family members in the trash….along with the other rotten meat you throw out. You are obviously some kind of imbecile. You must have some kind of mental disorder. A spiritual man might say you are dead meat…since you’re spirit is DEAD! You are proof that the dead walk amoung us.

      3. Lorena says:


      4. Lorena says:

        Ben = jackhole.

      5. Crichton says:

        You can start by donating your body to science… tonight.

      6. jallan says:

        I Agree Ben. There is nothing magic about a dead body. Obviously people are upset when relatives die, and it is very stupid not to make absolutely sure that you have permission before you do anything with them. When we care enough to even count the number of Iraq children killed, not to mention finding their body-parts, maybe you will get an administration that is more ‘people centred’.

  38. justsayin says:

    I agree with HeroCop. The guy looks like an up-and-coming THUG. This country has enough thugs as it is. The fewer we have, the better!!!

  39. ghostsouls says:

    With that attitude, your name is a contradiction in terms. You think just because this young man is black, he is a thug. Or people think the family just wants a buck….money is the only thing people seem to understand today. Merely stating, hey just don’t do this kind of thing any more, get’s you nowhere….. money talks, hit em where it hurts, and they won’t be so apt to do it again. And you Misspelled HeroCop….. it should be ZeroCop

    1. Ed says:

      If they were fine with making the ME pay for the crime without taking any money in return for themselves I would agree! It is not because he is black either, it is because they are seizing an opportunity to get a big payday like most humans! Money is all most people want. If it was just to teach someone a lesson then they would forego their cash settlement by giving it to a good cause. Will that happen NO and you know that!

  40. Freddie K. says:

    This is a common practice in most ME offices across the country. This practice has been going on for many generations. Few realize what is actually left with a corpse once a post moterm exam has been completed. Yes , if the ME office is doing tours maybe they should cover up names of the samples laying around.

  41. tham says:

    I think a lawsuit to hold someone responsible for unprofessional behavior is fine. However, permitting an Oprah-brainwashed jury to hand over lottery winnings (taxpayer funds) to this “outraged” family is a travesty. Any monetary award should go to medical research or to fund a clinic’s operations or something like that. “I am destroyed and will live with this for the rest of my life” — translate, I want the big bucks. Disgusting.

    1. ghostsouls says:

      what is disgusting is your biggotry.

      1. tham says:

        Bigotry? No, I was addressing the lottery lawsuit mentality of this country. People like you cannot address issues so instead just toss out “bigotry” or “racism” or some other epithet. Just shows your lack of critical thinking. Pathetic. You’re just the sort of person their lawyers want on this jury.

  42. slb says:

    Sad, but now they are suing the taxpayers (government ).

  43. SueDonim says:

    I doubt the ME had nefarious intent, but it betrays an incredible arrogance that (at best) he would not consider the possibility that the family might want to bury their son intact. It shows the natural conceit of so many government employees that their needs, or even just their desires, should come before those of the common folk.

  44. AnneP says:

    Usually, I am not into the whole suing culture of the United States, but this is horrific, unnecessary, and so arrogant on the part of NYC officials. Someone should be fired and this family should get compensation. God! The arrogance of the government class.

    1. Gary P says:

      That’s how I see it. We are way too inclined to sue in this country, but if there was ever one that was called for, this is it.

    2. realamericangirl says:

      My sentiments exactly. This is unbelievable

    3. brian says:

      Imagine how horrified this family will be when they hear about the embalming process….

      The problem here is that the young mans name was associated with the brain….
      unless the family had some specific moral/religious objection (eg Jewish)…..the problem is the mans name next to the brain…

      1. Harvey says:

        NO! The problem is that the ME decided to keep part of the remains of a families loved one for show and tell without the permission of the family. Use your head for something besides a hatrack!

      2. ben diamante says:

        Your are exactly right.

      3. R2D2 says:

        No, Brain, the problem is the city ASSuming they have a right to do this.

      4. Warhawk says:

        Brian is right and Harvey is an idiot that has no idea what he is talking about. I work in forensic pathology. The brain is routinely fixed in formalin for almost a month before it is sectioned and fully examined. It is much to soft in the unfixed state to examine well. The brain was not used for “Show and Tell” it was on the shelf fixing with other organs. The problem is that the name was readily seen by visitors and recognized as a friend. Laws prohibit patient identification from being observed by outsiders and this is what went wrong. My guess is that the family became much more horrified and distraught after they spoke to a lawyer.

    4. The Clintidote says:

      The family’s after money. Fine. Let them take it from the people who actually made the decisions – not the taxpayers.

    5. Me says:

      “We are the BloomBORG… you will be assimilated…”

      Indeed! Ultimately, accountability belongs to the “CEO”,
      Mr. Mayor, any thoughts?

  45. Dennis says:

    If this type of medical theft is allowed, next could be removal of any sort of body part that a specialist might want to display–like a diseased leg, or swomeone’s eyes, fill in the blank. Disgusting!

    1. Jubal Harshaw says:

      Care to speculate on the organs that are removed during ‘autopsy’ and sold for transplants?

      1. HawkeeNight says:

        Zero percent, organs used in donations only have limited viability outside a body. The organs are long gone by the time an autopsy is done.

        (I had a double lung transplant in 07)

      2. Lazarus Long says:

        I wonder how many people know where your name came from.

    2. Brian says:

      I wish they would find and return Barack Obama’s brain.Based on how he has acted as President, there’s no way he’s using it.

    3. Zombie Bob says:

      MMMMM, Brainzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. moishek says:

      Walk into new car dealership & c how much u can trust uncle sCam, which car gets u MPG displayed on sticker

      One benefit of trusting our gov. is ME wont display your brains b/c u don’t have any

    5. still says:

      i remember during high school some younger guys skipping school and ending up in a wreck. the car remains were brought to the center of town and on the flat bed was the mangled remains of the car and body parts included. the principle let affected students go and there was a funeral for all to mourn. but the impact of that was felt by all – more so by those who saw the body parts on the wrecker flat bed

    6. marv says:

      This is what happens when the medical profession abandons the hippocratic oath in favor of some “modern” philosophy of secularism, or whatever the hell….no f-ing respect.

      1. Any says:

        How do you think doctors have gained their knowledge of the human body down through the years, Einstein? Do some reasearch. Doctors agree to do NO HARM. This was a dead body. Nothing they did to him changed that.

        1. Armando says:

          Did the family give the ME permission to examine the body for research purposes, Any?

        2. Sara says:

          They stole body parts fool.

          Maybe if it was your kid or family member you might think differently…stop doing drugs and get a job…maybe you will appreciate life more.


          rowdy boots

  46. goodrichard says:

    Let’s hear it for another fantastic government operation! When will people realize?

    1. scotus says:

      realize what? we should abolish all local, state and federal guvmint so all y’all wingnuts will finally have a use for your survival rations and guns?

      1. Sasha says:

        Sorry, Scotus, that’s a big-time straw man. Just because some of us are opposed to the current size, scope, and authority of government doesn’t mean we want all government gone, we just want it to shrink to its proper scope in society. Government isn’t perfect (as this story illustrates), but it IS powerful, and needs to be reduced back to being the people’s servant, rather than its master. Of course, that might mean a lot of people have to get real jobs and a sense of responsibility. That’s something they’ll have to ‘realize’ right there.

      2. Wing Nut says:

        The wingnuts are IN the government, and YOU wingnuts elected them. Hope you enjoy your cell.

      3. ASterling says:

        What possible purpose would they have had to keep this young man’s brain in a jar, much less display it, and put his name on it? This is just one extreme example of out of control government. If it was an isolated situation, people would be unhappy about it, but it would be solvable by getting better-trained and better-qualified employees. As it stands, this is part for the course for government work today – a safety inspection blown here, this young man’s brain there, the “Homeland Security” people at the airport harassing the elderly, and the poor cops losing their minds when the DA won’t prosecute cases handed over on a silver platter. And on and on and on – I know a lot about HUD and HHS programs, and “your beloved Government” has wasted BILLIONS this year alone on programs like “investing $5 million in a new independent for-profit TV station in Kabul, Afghanistan.” That’s USAID – and care to guess which Afghani family will benefit from the TV station we’re paying to set up and staff? Billions more for “whatever” done “wherever” – Sudan, Tunisia, blah blah blah, the list is endless, even Syria. Wherever “they” don’t like us – I get the Federal Register daily and I’ve never, in 6 solid years, seen anything like it. It’s International Aid Porkulus.

      4. TheyComeInPeace says:

        Realize that government is inefficient, ineffective, and not motivated by anything rational to do a decent job at anything. Well, except taking our money to waste on graft and wealth redistribution.

      5. purplekoolaid says:

        scotus, put the koolaid down. It’s nap time for you and all you other obamians.

      6. wohlfguy says:

        Why don’t you try some facts instead of your hatefilled rant? No one is saying that they want to abolish all government. It’s about a government that works WITHIN the constitution. It’s called limited government and that is what the founders had in mind. If it was up to you proglodytes the government would run our entire lives. Now that may be fine with you as it seems you need someone to tell you how to live, but to the majority of Americans, we would like to make our own decisions.

    2. Tony says:

      Drudgean, you are delusional. Everything any government employee or agency ever does will be evidience for you that we need anarchy. That’s dumb, and so are you. This government hate has become an illness. Stop listening to Limbaugh and join the real world.

      1. quotidian says:

        drudgean is a fraud. conservatives want LIMITED govt, not anarchy. there is a proper balance between too much power and chaos. the founders began w/ a pretty good idea on where that balance should be. we need to realize it for ourselves.

        i was sad to read this story. i hope the family can overcome it and that the people responsible will be punished.

    3. last exit says:

      wait until the healthcare plan kicks in full blast!!! think this is bad??

      1. Me says:

        How about instead of waiting around for obamacare to “kick in” you go to polls in oh, say, ’bout a month and flat out REJECT it…

  47. greg says:

    a mind is a terrilbe thing to waste

    1. Obamamammajamma says:

      This was profoundly funny.

  48. TomA says:

    Apparently the government owns us, and can do as it wishes with our remains (see Obama’s Science Czar’s writings).

    1. Jack says:

      It was a terrible mistake, and the State should pay. This has nothing to do with the size of government or President Obama.

      I see the wing-nuts are on the loose again tonight.

      1. unclesmrgol says:

        which wingnuts — the ones who think the Government should butt out, or the ones who think the Government owns everything?

      2. T.S. Jones says:

        I think they are trolls. For the record, I am NOT a supporter of Obama nor the Democrats, but I gotta wonder about these guys that have a pathological need to Obama/Democrat bash regardless of what the topic of discussion is. II gotta wonder who these trolls are who just bring it up over and over and over again ad nauseum. Perhaps they are just doing that “turnabout is fair play’ deal because so many wingnuts were slamming Bush for everything.

      3. Eric says:

        As someone who worked as an assitant to an ME in TX for 5 years I can tell you this is standard practice across america. The ME in most states has Right of Retention when it comes to organs and can keep what is needed/wanted and (as they stated in the story) put the rest in a red bad and sew it in the body cavity. Sounds gruessome i know,……but this is how it works. Eric in Dallas

        1. HIPPA says:

          To those of you indicating that this is “standard autopsy/medical practice” as ME’s, rest assured that there are federal laws protecting the privacy of individuals, so the fact that this poor soul’s brain was displayed with his name labled on the jar is not legal, and I hope the family sues the H E LL out of them! Give me a break.

          1. Eric says:

            Actually the laws prohibit mutilation of the body, but not the removal/retention of tissues that may be relevant to the review. Again, this is a gruesome subject to discuss and I feel for the poor parents. But ME’s across the nation have laws supporting this practice and it happens daily

      4. Danny says:

        you don’t think this is government believing they can do as they please without regard? just one more mistake by those in charge? and people on thee right are nuts for thinking so? i hate people like you with passion.

    2. Shane says:

      If you ever go behind the closed doors liooking for a relative at the examiners office, I assure you that you will be horrified and offended.

      1. aurnbob says:

        which is an excellent reason to stay out of med examiners offices and morgues. most people are not set up for watching autopsies. and this family would be deeply disappointed in a lawsuit amount I was involved in. double burying was their choice and totally unneccessary.

    3. jamco says:

      YOU ARE AN IDIOT. ANY ACCIDENTAL DEATH, KILLING, MURDER, ETC. MUST GO THROUGH THE MEDICAL EXAMINER’S AUTOPSY so that the cause of death can be determined. Who knows maybe someone drugged the kid before the crash, etc. All that type of stuff has to be checked and the real cause of death determined.

  49. Donald .P says:

    thats just not humane

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