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Cell Phone, Wireless Service Coming To The Subway

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Morning commuters could soon be getting connected in the subway.

AT&T and T-Mobile signed 10-year contracts to provide cell and Wi-Fi service through a network being built by Transit Wireless.

Other carriers are still negotiating deals.

Six Manhattan subway stations were due to be wired for cell phone service by the end of next year.

All underground stations were expected to be wired by 2016, but trains were not expected to have service between stations.


One Comment

  1. Scotty says:

    At the expense of our safety. Now they can set off bombs using cell phone signals without having to blow themselves up . Just so self important people can’t wait to get out of subway to make their Call? And don’t wanna hear ably in case of emergency. There are personnel for that and I’m sure that didn’t stop them from using transit before they had cells. Probably they sleep and go to movies without talking on cells or using laptops so they can wait til the ride ends. What about people who drive. They’re life just as important and no texting calling or laptopping is allowed til parked. So biggest issue is that I’m sure the terrorists can’t wait for this. It serves them better than us

  2. New York Toimes says:

    In japan there is cell service in moving subway cars but signs tell passengers not to talk on them , and the people obey

  3. Eduardo Rey says:

    This is really bad news. Now we’ll have to listen to people that don’t know how to JUST SHUT UP. We need a little piece and quiet for our mental sanity. This is just one less place.

  4. tea says:

    Just great, now i have to listen to people who don’t know how to control the volume of thier voice yapping away for an hour. thanks a lot.

  5. nathan says:

    Too bad everybody in nyc has Verizon.

  6. cant beleive it says:

    Thtas what we need, people blabbing the entire time while we wait for the train, then again on the train..great JOB NY join me and talk about junk like this.

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