Queens Teacher Removed Over Racy Assignment

Somehow, 'The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow' Got Shelved By Sub

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — On Monday night a mom couldn’t believe her daughter’s shocking homework assignment. On Tuesday she went to the school demanding answers.

And, as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, the teacher who assigned the reading is now out of the classroom.

Angry parents met with officials at Robert Goddard High School in Ozone Park, Queens, concerned over a teacher’s assignment which they thought was far too racy.

“They were appalled when they were reading it. They were like, ‘Whoaaaa!’” parent Melissa Naprawa said.

Her daughter, 16-year-old Giavanna Grasso, was supposed to be reading “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” for her honors writing class. Instead, a long-term substitute teacher, Nancy Filingeri, assigned a passage from the book “The Rules of Attraction” by Bret Easton Ellis, a novel spiced up with curse words and sexually explicit language.

“The homework was to find the most descriptive parts. The only descriptive parts were the parts where they were doing sexual things,” Grasso said.

A review by Publishers Weekly called the book “…adolescent fantasy of sex…” that “…manages to pack in a suicide, assorted suicide attempts, an abortion, and the death of a parent.”

The Department of Education said it was not on the class syllabus that includes works by Edgar Allen Poe and Ray Bradbury.

The book was made into a movie in 2002.

Giavanna’s mother found the passage inappropriate for 11th grade.

“I just don’t understand where the teacher’s head was in this when she assigned this,” Naprawa said.

The teacher was not at school Tuesday and was not at her home on Staten Island, where her father said he was unaware of the controversy.

“I don’t know anything about it. She didn’t talk to me at all,” Vito Filingeri said.

The Department of Education said that teacher will not be returning to that school and that her future remains unclear. The DOE also said the principal was unaware of the unauthorized assignment, which the teacher came up with on her own.


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  1. BT says:

    Remember children, all sex is dirty and unnatural. We paranoid parents want to protect you from any and all sex education as an adolescent so you will be completely unprepared to deal with real life issues as an adult.

  2. BS Meter says:

    Once you let something out in the digital realm — any goofball can comment on any aspect of what should be a protected subject. The family has to have thicker skin — otherwise, don’t put your face to the media alert.

    We can look at this story a few ways: 1) there’s the media not reporting on the TEACHER in question, nor following up by asking that TEACHER exact questions about why, when, how, etc… 2) there’s students who are, in fact already EXPOSED to “vampires” run amok and passions beyond their years (we’d hope) and TON of sensory happenings on TV, movies and online.

    Does it make it right? no. The school isn’t subject to a law suit either. So calm down.

  3. A.Grasso says:

    Shame on channel 2 news for leaving out the details of the story. And, shame on many of you for making your own awful and slanderous assumptions.My brother’s ex was contacted by channel 2 news after she posted a message on facebook to friends and one of them emailed channel 2. My niece’s mom did contact the school and was told that the principal was not there before receiving the call from the news. The Robert Goddard is a good school and has some very talented teachers. This particular teacher was substituting and decided to ignore the curriculum that was assigned and distribute pages of this book which uses vulgar language and describes very explicit situations. I do not know what this woman was thinking. This woman was not fired, they are investigating her. If you have not read this book, google it or look it up on wikipedia, before you put your uneducated opinions in print. I am sure it is a great read for adults, but after reading it you tell me if you want your 16 year old reading it or “finding the decriptive words”, which is how it was assigned. My niece is an honor student and we are very proud of her. Her grandmother and I are both NYC teachers. It is a shame that people want to demonize and pick on my 16 year old niece for having a family that actually cares about what she is exposed to at school and take interest in her education. I agree we should applaud great teachers. But this woman is not one of them. I would think you would all want us to take care in what we are teaching your children. Thank you to those of you who supported my earlier comment.

    1. Michelle says:

      A.Grasso, as an educated woman (which you must be as an educator yourself), I find it very hard to believe that you can be so naive about this situation. When you put yourself in the public eye, the public is bound to have opinions – both good and bad – about your actions. Your family just LOVES telling people what they’re allowed/not allowed to do, don’t they? First you dictate to a school which books the kids should be reading, and then you tell everyone how they should feel about your brother’s ex’s decision to just jump to the media instead of waiting a FEW HOURS to talk to a principal? Come on. Really.

      Secondly, you should also know as an educator that everyone’s going to have a different opinion about a text that is read. Just because people don’t think the book’s a big deal doesn’t mean they haven’t read it. I HAVE read the WHOLE book The Rules of Attraction (not just a random excerpt). I read it at 19, and it didn’t shock me. I hardly think it would have shocked me a mere three years earlier. At neither time was I ever some big, promiscuous, sex-driven nut. Quite the opposite; I was an honors student who stayed out of trouble my whole youth.

      Third, everyone IS entitled to their OWN opinion. As this is a family matter, if the mom felt it was too much for her daughter, fine. Why did she have to impose that opinion on every other student in the class? Why not handle it privately? This is why I also believe 16 is a great age to start making more independent choices – NOT to run to mommy every time a big, bad book comes up. There are SO MANY MORE important things to worry about than an assignment given by a substitute teacher. I mean, really.

      1. Michelle says:

        ^ And, just to add…I don’t think it makes a difference if she ran to the media or the media contacted her via the facebook post. The point is, she accepted the offer to put her daughter and her family at the center of this story, make a school look terrible, potentially ruin this teacher’s life instead of giving her the chance at getting some guidance and, basically, play drama queen instead of saying, “Sorry, but my family and I would rather handle this matter with the administration at this point.” That would have been the dignified thing to do, and the BEST thing for her daughter.

  4. Sugar says:

    Brett Easton Ellis is brilliant.
    This mother should be more concerned with the state of her eyebrows.

  5. jacob says:

    ms.F is a good teacher and gia acts like shes never done these things before . shes desperate and its embarrassing . i dont even know why she would let her mom take it that far .

  6. Sue says:

    Did any one watch the clip? Why are we even listening to these people? I believe the daughter is in honors English as much as I believe the mother graduated junior high! Bob maybe we should talk to Channel 2 about following up with the family that made the claim! Get some background information. Instead of just quoting some ignorant lady in an article that is bound to destroy this teacher’s career! Nice to see if this blushing student is really as naive as she is portraying for the camera.

    1. Rob says:

      Sue, trust me, she’s not. I happen to know both parties and out of everyone, she’s the last one I thought would get “offended”.

    2. Amazed says:

      BTW, this student is pregnant and was pregnant in the above clip.

  7. bob says:

    The employees at this school are there till about 5:30pm. I don’t think she tried to call the school. I say pull the phone records to back up her story. The next day wasn’t good enough to call or go there to speak to someone to address this issue. You go way out of the way to ruin a new teachers career and blame an entire school. The school didn’t give out the books. The teacher had copies of pages. The school is not to blame at that point. She made a mistake in bad judgement and you look to get her fired. I hope they find that your story is full of holes so the NYCBOE and teacher can sue you for slander, defecation and defamation of character. Then you can see how it feels.

  8. Kim says:

    Even so, parents were outraged. “I dont want my kids involved in nothing like that or seeing nothing like that. I think that’s really disgusting and degrading,” said James Papacena, Sr

    I’m glad the parents are educated enough to help choose what literature is appropriate for everyone’s children. So educated in fact then never learned what a double negative is. You learn that in what, 3rd grade?

  9. jtorres says:

    Just because she hears that language and worse on the subway, from her classmates or even herself does not give the school the excuse to encourage or condone it. I was a very sheltered teen and would have been appalled and my mother would have flipped. That said, going to the media was overkill and the teacher should have been punished, not fired. What was she thinking anyway?

  10. Michie says:

    A good parent would’ve called a meeting with the school/teacher if it bothered her so. The mother is definitely going for the money. This was so unnecessary to go to the media and crucify the school/teacher. To say it’s not good enough that the teacher is now out of the school as well as the book will be removed shows that there is no solution but to get paid. I’m sure if they said we will give you $$ for your troubles and take the book out of the school she would say that was sufficient. I’m sure she’s unemployed or broke and is looking for a quick buck but in reality she doesn’t realize the consequences of her actions. If it was all about her daughter, she would’ve remained anonymous and let the news do the investigating instead of subjecting her daughter to public humiliation! It is obvious she did not think this all the way through. All she saw were dollar signs and opportunity. Another one for the books!! There are so many things going on in NY and all over the world to waste time on the news for this I say SHAME ON YOU CHANNEL 2!!

  11. togo says:

    “…..16, was supposed to be reading “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” for her honors writing class.”

    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for 16 year olds in an Honors Class??? Really? isnt that more outrageous than Ellis’ novel?

  12. Jojo says:

    A Grasso, while I agree that the book is not appropriate reading material for high school students. Your sister should have gone up to the school first thing and met with proper staff in order to rectify the situation. Going to the media was a little too much. I could see if the school did not see it the same way as your sister then yest absolutely go to the media.

  13. Melanie Coss says:

    I think it’s extremely petty for an adult to take this problem so far. A mature was to have handled such a situation would have been to talk to the administration the next day. But what shocks me the most is her reaction to a novel. It is a very well-known book across our country and if your daughter didn’t find it appropriate then she should’ve taken the steps to tell the teacher herself. Mommy won’t always be there to help you. Not to mention she is almost an adult. The sexual or violent themes are discussed in movies,on TV, in song lyrics, and by the teenagers themselves. They know what they can handle and what they can not. Her daughter is not longer child and Oh my! she will be exposed to sex eventually. It seems that the mother has very little faith in her daughters maturity level. The reading of mature texts creates more well-rounded individuals. This overreaction is setting back our society and placing prudes on a pedestal. Perhaps we should only be exposed to Dr. Seuss as so not to offend anyone. Give me a break.

  14. Samantha says:

    Franny this is the follow-up article. The comments from the first article just move along with updated stories. They actually removed the poor teacher from the school. She just ruined some woman’s life! How terrible! John I guess compared to John Adams, Richmond Hill and Lane it is superior. Would you send your children there? I wasn’t trying to be hurtful, just making a point that it’s not some secluded, prestigious institution of learning.

  15. pete says:

    I guess if someone makes a small mistake in a job or judgement because they are new, do you call the TV stations to get them fired or do you call there boss to find out why it happened so they can learn from the mistake and correct it. Overkill for a book with the same language that you here on TV and radio shows.

  16. John says:

    I don’t get it. She can watch MTV Jersey Shore but can’t handle the word diaphragm. She’s hears worse stuff when she is out with her friends. Some people maybe looking for more attention than they may get at home. There is more going on here than a lousy book. As far as the school being a zoo thats uncalled for. It is actually one of the better schools in the area. Every school is a zoo is some sort if you want to go there and if thats the cases the book should have not phased her.

  17. Franny says:

    Golfer Right On! Can u believe Channel 2 changed this story. Where’s mom’s comment about “disgustedness”? Did mom threaten channel 2 now? The article online has now changed!

  18. golfer says:

    This is pathetic. Has she been so confined that at age 16 she has no idea what a diaphragm is? You news people are morons for even reporting on this. Wasn’t there anything more important like the war in Afghanastan or an update on the latest alert on terrorist threats to people travleing overseas?

  19. bert sanders says:

    this is censorship. the real story is the fact that a school can remove a hardworking professional just because she is technically a sub and has no union rights. this is why teachers need tenure and union rights. the school system should not be catering to an insane attention seeking stay at home mother. students in 11th grade should be exposed to adult themes in a way to realise situations that they will be encountering in the real world.

    i guarantee that that child watches snooky mug it up drunk at clubs on mtv. The excerpt was an example of personification. This is a victory for ignorance.

  20. Samantha says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous. She won’t see a dime from the city. She can’t even speak the English language properly. If I was an 11th grader I’d be embarassed of mom’s blatant misuse of the English language. If you know the area, you know the school she attends is a zoo. She’s embarassed by the word “diaphragm”? The animals that attend that highschool use much worse. It’s not like she is attending some prep school and this is a major surprise. Or she lives on a farm somewhere and just heard her first vulgar word. I think the point Olivia is that only lowlives would choose to persue something like this!

  21. Olivia says:

    I don’t think the issue is that the family is Section 8 or illegals…way to be a bunch of arrogant Americans…

  22. T.Scott says:

    I do not see any sense in bashing the mom here. We should be thankful that there are still parents out there that actually care what their kids are doing outside of the house! I feel that she has every right to stand up for her daughter! I feel that it is completely and totally childish of all of you who have said comments such as, “maybe the kid will grow up to be as dumb as her mom.” It seems to me that this mother IS looking out for her child, unlike those thugs and gangsters who are out running the streets with guns while their parents sit on the couch at home relieved that they are not having to do anything! THANK YOU Melissa for standing up and doing what is right!

  23. JJ raw. says:

    Man some of u guys are bigots, do you guys even know what 11 graders do?? i just graduated from High school and trust me High school students do things way worst than what ever is in that book. Your children are not the angels you think they are, GET OVER IT!!

  24. CaptSwan says:

    What is it so disgusting? The suicide? The diaphragm? This hints to 2 things: First, mommy is fishing for a lawsuit, and second, she still thinks her daughter is a 6 years-old. C’mon lady, this isn’t the 50’s anymore. Welcome to the 21st century, where teens commit suicide and diaphragm is a “must-know” word like internet or Facebook. Geez.

  25. larryfine says:

    Oy, whatever. Maybe the kid will grow up to be as dumb as her mom.

  26. Sang Penjelajah Malam says:

    Nice to meet u

  27. MissJusticeNY says:

    Not for nothing, but this girl is an 11th grader, not a 6th grader. When I heard this report, I couldn’t help but be skeptical. At 16, I am sure she has had friends who have been sexually active(she probably has been as well). 11th graders in high school are no prudes and she needs to stop acting like this really made her “blush.” In high school, I read catcher in the rye (10th grade), no one complained or cried that it was inappropriate. I agree with what someone else said, I think the mom is just looking for a lawsuit…

  28. alfamagnate says:

    It is always better to be the elephant than the rat

  29. adam says:

    “explained 16-year-old Giavanna Grasso, who was embarrassed to even repeat phrases from a book she was assigned” Embarrassed??? Of What?? Its not like she hasent said or done any of the things in the book. Her family just wants their 15 minutes of fame.

  30. Parent says:

    Has this mother ever called the news to compliment a teacher or just to complain. More attention and monetary value in complaining.

  31. Kinda says:

    Please that child is more expose to crude and vulgar language just walking out the door or jumping the train…..parents just looking to cash in on the situation.

  32. A Miamiam says:

    People you have no right to complain because you voted for these democrats and liberals. These people want to take your Constitutional rights rights away and at the same time they want to legalize drugs and free more repeat offenders from jails. I am not surprised they want young children to read about gay sex, sex, Prostitution and the rest of it.

    1. joe says:

      What does this reply have anything to do with the story at hand. This is how things get more out of control by bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with this story. It’s a book were talking about last I remembered.

  33. School employees says:

    I hope she was or is a model student in that school before all this publicity was put on TV. The littlest thing wrong in that school is could get her in trouble. All eyes will be upon her now. What a shame.

  34. Gabrielle says:

    Another sad case of blaming the victims. THIS is why so many people do not reach out when they feel there is something wrong! All the assumptions made by the majority of the commentators are sickening. It was refreshing to hear from the girl’s aunt.

    1. adam says:

      oh shut up. people like you are the reason why schools are always so uptight about what to read and what not to read.

      1. Len says:

        Parents have a right to monitor what their children are being asked to read. Schools are not the final arbiters of a student’s morality, its the parents who are charged with that responsibility. I hope more parents are as vigilant as this one.

    2. Len says:

      Amen. You are so right.

    3. Amazed says:

      Did the Aunt tell you that she is pregnant too? Yes very refreshing isn’t it….

  35. A.Grasso says:

    This student is my niece and I am a teacher in the NYC public schools. First of all, you people should read the book first. The language is vulgar and quite explicit. It is not material for a high school english class. The fact that kids are unfortuanately exposed to explicit language in the street is no excuse for making such material mandatory reading. Second of all, her mother is remarried, hence the different names. I guess I am to assume that none of the individuals posting come from a divorced home and if so must be receiving public assistance. You assumptions are ridiculous and just plain nasty. Let’s see how you feel when your child comes home with what my niece was given. It would be nice for teachers to receive some positive feedback from parents, but not this particular teacher.

    1. Teacher says:

      I can’t wait till you make a mistake in your teaching carrier so we can all call the news so you can see how it feels. Usually a parent will call the school office first to get an answer, then if that doesn’t work go higher up. How come the mother never called the news to compliment any teacher in the school for doing a good job. That’s right, the news and general public doesn’t care about that. There is no money in the right job from lawsuits. I hope her friends and teachers still trust this attention getting student looking for popularity after all this. I know I wouldn’t.

      1. NY Teacher says:

        The mothers actions were EXTREME! They should have waited to talk to someone the next morning. Now a teacher has lost their job and students have lost a good teacher. In addition, the girl is gonna be frowned upon by teachers and students in the school! The family should be ASHAMED!!!

      2. Amazed says:

        you should ask her what grade the Aunt and the grandmother teaches. Guarantee they have never taught a classroom, not even once. Oh and did you know that the student mentioned in the above article is pregnant.

    2. mama says:

      This was NOT part of the curriculum!!!! If the mom had waited and spoke to the administration the next day she would have known this. As a teacher in the public school system you should be embarassed that they went to the news first. You of all people should realize how hard city teachers and staff work and they deserve the respect of being approached first, BEFORE the media is brought in. Goddard is a fabulous school and dragging its name through the media did a huge disservice to the administration, the teaching staff, and most unfotunately the students. T

    3. adam says:

      if and when you learn to read, give the book a try before you start running your mouth.

    4. R.K.SHARMA says:

      Dear A.Grasso,

      Very well said, So long this episode has happened I am in line with you, student and her mother, can understand the reactions/embarrasements faced by both of them. In individual capacity we do come across some knowledge which is unavoidable as per the social evils, wheather we approve or not. This is no criteria that someone shall fall in line like that.

      Teachers are also human being, and do have all sorts of traits in general. The serious concern is that a teacher by choice is architact of the personality of the future society. I find the fault as below:-

      The educational environment of the Institute of teacher’s training.
      The environment in which teacher has been brought up.
      The sexual frustration in the life of teacher.
      The bad company.

      Unfortunately the culture and social structure is also very important for such incidences, with the limited action without removing the cause of such evils visible on large scale some are noticed yet a majority unreported/absorbed by the victims.

      I do not approve the media angle, it is a total collapsed system fordevelopment.


    5. Len says:

      Thanks for standing up for your niece. Some of the comments are so vile and disgusting, it’s downright disgusting. Best wishes to your family as you try to solve this problem.

    6. T.Scott says:

      I would have to agree here with the Aunt. First of all, this text should not have been given as part of the school curriculum. There are many disturbing words, scenes, and instances in this book that could have just been avoided by not assigning the text. If you have children of your own, as I do, you would understand that you want to protect them in every instance possible. They grow up entirely too fast on their own, and in the public school systems, as it is! Not all people are lucky enough to have been raised by the mother and father who gave birth to them. Hence the name difference. I also agree that the mother should and could have waited to discuss this problem with the school before going public, but can you really blame her? I would have also been outraged to have my daughter come home with material such as this!

      1. Amazed says:

        Did you know that the student mentioned in the above article is well over 6 months pregnant too?

    7. ZUANETTE says:


    8. Mish says:

      You should be ashamed of yourselves – bad mouthing a mother for doing what she had to do to protect her child! I have children of my own and if either one of them came home with this sort of reading material, I’d react the same way. The actions of the teacher were inexcusable. As a teacher, she should have known better. Gia is a MINOR and if I’m correct, handing out pornography to a MINOR is a crime. Was this point forgotten? I know Gia’s family and trust me – all of them have class and intelligence… unlike many of the posters here.

      1. Anna says:

        Seriously, PORNOGRAPHY? It’s a work of literature. Sometimes racy things are written. Bret Easton Ellis isn’t telling kids to go crazy and have wild drugged-out sex. If anything, this book is a cynical view of the casual sex culture. Try reading the erotica of Anais Nin – who, by the way, was writing in the 1940s. The woman was elected to the US National Institute of Arts and Letters.

        (And by the way – distributing porn isn’t illegal, unless it CONTAINS a minor in the film. Most young boys learn about sex from porn anyway, probably due to uptight parents like you who aren’t open enough to talk honestly about sexuality and would rather shut your eyes and pretend like teen sex doesn’t happen. It does. Deal with it.)

      2. Michelle says:

        Just curious as to whether or not you actually are familiar with this book. I’ve read it, and it isn’t pornography. Secondly, how is a mother protecting her daughter by putting her in the center of a media spectacle? People are bound to have controversial opinions on this, and, if they don’t want to hear opposing views on their actions, they shouldn’t have done the dramatic thing and gone straight to the media. If she was concerned, she could have handled this privately without putting her daughter in the limelight.

      3. Amazed at Stupidity says:

        Did the family mention to you that she is pregnant? Would you feel the same way now? And what grade(s) do the Aunt and Grandmother teach since you know the family?

  36. Wendy says:

    How come no one ever calls the news to compliment a great teacher or school. It’s always about a problem about a teacher or school. The is no lawsuit money in complimenting a great teacher or school. Move on. You could have called the school office in the morning to correct the problem. It’s all about your on 30 seconds of TV reality time and money. Get over this. It’s not like your daughter hasn’t used any foul language when she is not around you. She’s no angel.

    1. adam says:

      Amen Wendy, Amen.

    2. Michelle says:

      I second the Amen below!!!

  37. Larry says:

    Can any one explain to us why she couldn’t wait to the next morning to call to straighten this out? Money!!! Lawsuit!!! Get a job!!! Get off section 8 income!!!

    1. adam says:

      Another group of ILLEGALS trying to make money.

  38. Brian says:

    I guess this mother thinks the news and a lawsuit is the answer to this problem. A phone call to the office in the morning would have solve the problem. The principle has nothing better to do than answer to reports all day instead of taken care of the school. It is a useless lawsuit looking time wasting way of getting your 30 seconds of TV reality time. Get a job and an education and stop living off the cities money to pay your rent. Your names don’t match so you can get more money from the city? Try a job. It works for everyone else. If you thing your daughter doesn’t hear or talk foul language outside then you need a wake up call. She is 16. She has heard it all. Playing dumb is not an excuse. This is a good school that really tries hard to teach a care for the students. They don’t need or deserve all this publicity over a under educated mother looking to make money over a book in school. Why don’t you sue so that all our taxes go ever higher to pay ever more money to support your family. How about getting a job so we can pay less taxes. I like this one better. I thing the city should look into your background thoroughly to see how you actually support yourself and your daughter and take it away.

  39. Kevin says:

    I guess this kid doesn’t watch TV at home or go to movies. I guess she has never heard foul language in her life. I guess she doesn’t watch any of those reality show on TV. I don’t thing so. This is everyday life hearing foul language or seeing it on TV. The city doesn’t need another useless time wasting lawsuit. It could have been handled at the school the next morning. I was wondering why the last names don’t match? Is that to get more money for section 8 income? I can tell the mother is educated “Disgustedness” is not a word. Get a job and stop living off the cities money!

  40. Tom says:

    This problem could have waited for the next morning to call the school office and speak to the principal. I hate when people go looking for lawsuits for no reason. Last names don’t match. Curious, Section 8 income family? Get a job and stop looking for easy money that only makes the city charge us more to cover all the law suites that are paid out. I hope this child is not made fun of or teased for being a rat in school. No one is going to trust her from her friends to the teachers now. She be removed from the school for being a trouble maker. This is way out of control.

  41. mama says:

    The children were not given this book to read and it is NOT part of the curriculum!! The substitute teacher deviated from the syllabus (which called for Edgar Allen Poe by the way) and photocopied portions of the book. The Parent should have waited to speak to the administration before going to the media. WHo does that??? SHe was so offended by the language that she invited cameras into her home to interview her daughter re:that same language on national t.v.. ARe u kidding me?? This smells like an opportunist looking for her 10 minutes of fame and a quick lawsuit.!!!!!!!

    1. ZUANETTE says:


    2. Michelle says:

      100% agree! Besides, if she was such a great mom, I don’t think she’d be so absolutely threatened by a work of literature. She’d have enough confidence in her parenting to trust that her daughter will not be shaken by a racy novel. She’s just a troublemaker looking for a problem. If she were really looking out for her daughter, she’d focus on more important things, like not putting her at the center of a media spectacle.

  42. jason says:

    Mothers name and daughters name don’t match. Smell like a section 8 family. She could have waited for the next morning to call the school office to let them know about the book. It feels like someone wants there moment of fame or a lawsuit income. How about getting a job or two they way everyone else does to make a living.

    1. Len says:

      What the heck does Section 8 have to do with this issue. Your comments smack of an elitist, snobby attitude which adds nothing to the discussion.

  43. BJ says:

    The Mom is right and everyone needs a Mom like this one. She was not ‘looking’ for a lawsuit when she found a book full of defilement, she was looking to protect her child. I hope she sues and get a big settlement because that should send a message to anyone wanting to corrupt the minds of young people. When a school assignment involves such a book, the school becomes an accomplice to the moral corruption.

  44. mom says:

    My daughter is reading a book called WINTERS BONE.
    This book is about a Dad who sells and cooks METH and the problems she has because of it. There’s bad language and sexual content.
    She is in 10th grade. I am not happy with the choice of book and agree with Brad.There are so many great books to read..why do we need to go there.

    1. Lit teacher says:

      Yeah, 10th grade girls are still in the land of stuffed animals!! Well, actually, the world of a 10th grader is pretty sexualized–why shouldn’t students read something that reflects their day to day experience? The world is (and has never been) all puppy dogs and rainbows. Why not read Winter’s Bone and discuss it with your daughter? It may open up a door through which you can understand her perceptions of the world.

  45. JayZee says:

    Hmmm by saying “she’s already been exposed to it’ sounds like she is trying to drum up a lawsuit. I mean why else run straight to the news instead of waiting until the administrators were in to discuss the matter?

    1. Rich says:

      Should the teacher have given it as a assignment? Probably not but this is just a family looking to get a lawsuit plain and simple.This girl is claiming that she has never been exposed to this stuff and the word diaphragm offends her!! I am a 20 year old college student and went to a Queens school trust me the word diaphragm is nothing.I do not know this girl but im sure if they put a secret camera on her for 30 minutes you would hear things a billion times worse like Jayzee said shes just looking to make some money out of this.

      1. Winie says:

        so true!

  46. brad says:

    Could another book have found its way on the reading assignment list, like “The Great Gatsby”, “The Sun Also Rises”, or maybe “The Bonfire of the Vanities”? I get the impression that teachers are becoming as stupid as the students and their parents.

    1. Maria says:

      I would like to clarify that the “teacher” was a substitute teacher. That means she probably did not have a teaching certification and she may not have ever received any teaching credentials whatsoever. In most school districts, almost anyone who can pass an FBI background check can substitute teach. This woman is more than likely NOT a teacher!

  47. Lee says:

    The book is a classic Ellis novel, but I wouldn’t let a group of high school students read it. It sounds like the teacher was trying to be “racy,” but at what cost? The book has a very graphic suicide scene in it, and the sexuality in the book is quite explicit.

  48. Peter says:

    Yes, well, who said teachers are the least but literate. And most parents? They probably never got past grade 5.

    1. Bill H says:

      Peter, most good parents have to work successful jobs to properly take care of their children. Ergo, we have the majority of undergraduate degrees. I’ll bet you never graduated from high school.

  49. Denise says:

    Way to go Mom!!!!

  50. Charlie says:

    “Disgustedness?” I think the word is “disgust.”

Comments are closed.

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