Bridgeport Cheerleaders Angry Over Revealing Outfits

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (CBS 2) — A group of cheerleaders from Central High School were threatening to hang up their pom-poms over their outfits. They said the uniforms were too skimpy and hurt their self esteem, CBS 2HD’s Mary Calvi reports.

“I don’t really want to show my stomach to people and it’s not legal in competition for us to show our midriff,” said Heidi Medina.

Heidi and her teammates loved last year’s uniform that was less revealing.

“I don’t feel comfortable. My whole stomach is hanging out. Yes I can pull it up and if I pull it up my whole backside is hanging out,” said Ariana Mesaros.

A recent poll of college cheerleaders showed the uniforms can have damaging effects. One-third of those polled were at risk for eating disorders, especially young women wearing midriff-baring uniforms.

“This happens at a time when girls are particularly vulnerable. They are developing their identities, their bodies are changing, they are particularly impacted by peer pressure and social pressure,” said Renee Zweig, Director of Union Square Cognitive Therapy.

Two girls on Bridgeport’s team were so embarrassed they wore football jerseys to cover up during their first game, but Bridgeport public school officials said they don’t condone inappropriate attire.

“As we move forward new skirts have been ordered. Full body suits have been ordered, so the uniform in its full compliment as of this next game should be fine,” said John Ramos, Sr., Bridgeport Superintendent of Schools.

For some girls, however, the uniform controversy is a personal foul. “I feel like if I go out, I feel trashy,” said Mesaros.

School administrators said they will have black body suits for the girls to wear under the uniform before this week’s game.


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  1. anonymous says:

    This is stupid, if you don’t like the uniforms, then quit, point blank, all you’re doing is complaining for more attention, most of you are seniors so you won’t even be a cheerleader in those uniforms next year, GET OVER IT!!!

  2. Tara says:

    All — the Superintendent’s statements are all spelled correctly.

    When you use “its” as in this case, you are showing possession and thus, do not require an apostrophe. You only use an apostrophe when combining two words (it and is in this example) as a conjunction.

    Also, “compliment” is spelled correctly.

  3. Ed Chanter says:

    I have an idea? If you don’t like the uniforms, don’t become a cheerleader, work at hooters or do a photo shoot for playboy!

  4. Ron says:

    I applaud the girls for speaking out! It’s about time girls on the squad are shown some respect by giving them proper uniforms. When you see guys in a squad, they are fully covered and the girls are lucky if they have on half the amount of clothing. It’s about time we as adults teach the youth that girls should have equal respect.

  5. Bob says:

    Hey girls you are a sex symbol at games point blank. You are eye candy for the crowd. Get use to it or join the chess club.

  6. HHH says:

    Doesn’t matter whether a fat or a thin girl is making a report here, people!
    It’s all about modesty! Think about it! Your image in society and in front of people can tell hundred words about you and make huge difference in your life and future!
    So those girls deserve to be applauded and I wish other young ladies especially those showing up on TV would think that way.

  7. a mom says:

    If the girls are embarrassed to show their stomachs, why is there a photo with their bellies showing? Or is it only news if you post the photo? Guess CBS is just as bad as whoever picked out the uniforms!

  8. MIKE HUNT says:


  9. Syed Rizvi says:

    It’s whistle blowing for complete Europe and America who have made womens and their own daughters naked in the name of women liberty rights.Shame on them and their thinking & thumbs up for the girls who think better than their elders this decision should have come up from school authorities and not students.Keep it up.

  10. Dr. Mike Rippy says:

    I wonder what the sponsor thinks about the uniforms. I think these young ladies have a lot of courage.

  11. SuNa says:

    So was the Bridgeport administration making the cheerleaders wear those outfits? If so, how can they defend doing that?

  12. crwhat says:

    It was definitely the fat chic that was complaining. Sorry

    1. mham says:

      thanks goodness for them, else you wouldn’t be able to get a date

  13. kenny says:


  14. judy loughman says:

    Your parents should be very proud of you…. Good for you for standing up for what you believe is right. We need more young women and young men having self respect for themselves. I appaud your actions.

  15. Geoffrey says:

    The Bridgeport school system must really be in trouble if the Superintendent of Schools doesn’t know how to spell “its.”

    1. Aurelio says:

      The reporter spelled “its” incorrectly, the superintendent never wrote it down.

      1. dawn says:

        Hmmm…. Think I learned something here about “its”

        And, “compliment” should be COMPLEMENT

      2. Geoffrey says:

        Aurelio – thanks for clarifying this. And kudos to Dawn for catching “complement” – I missed that one!

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