Blind Man Badly Hurt, Dog Killed In N.J. Crash

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (AP) — A blind man is in critical condition and his guide dog dead after both were struck by a car while jaywalking across a busy suburban street.

Police say 68-year-old Gordon Parks and his dog Wendy were crossing Camden Avenue in Moorestown around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday when they were struck by a truck driven by Wayne Morris, 72, of Tabernacle.

Wendy was killed on impact.

Parks, who was wearing an orange reflective vest, was airlifted to Cooper University Hospital, where he was in critical but stable condition.

Police say Parks and Wendy were familiar sights in the area for decades — and always crossed in the intersection.

No charges have been filed.

The crash was reported by the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill.

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One Comment

  1. parks says:

    he died tonight due to complications

  2. poet says:

    green…. i ment…f-ing typos

  3. poet says:

    arent dogs color blind????gree/red….whats the diffrence

  4. Roy says:

    regardless of whos is at fault,this is a tragic accident…… julius orange, your an idiot…………………..

  5. CSI says:

    Oh Boy. Who cares about the law. It happened and hopefully the man is going to be OK. The driver way 72. Who knows what was going on.

    1. Julius Orange says:

      He was probably texting.

  6. Gabrielle says:

    That law concerns pedestrians in crosswalks, not those jaywalking.

    1. harriet in queens says:

      what law? pedestrians have the right of way, no matter what, really, how long has it been since you took the written test? sure not crossing in a crosswalk goes to comparative negligence, but just being outside a crosswalk is not a green light to mow pedestrains down. not knowing what the street/intersection looks like, it’s impossible determine the whole story

  7. Daisy says:

    How sad…I can’t believe the driver didn’t see them…must have been going too fast to stop. It’s really hard to understand how this could happen when Wendy, the lead dog was familiar with the routine…and Mr Parks as well….can’t blame the dog…I think there should be another person walking with a blind person in busy streets anyway. Wish there could have been someone there to help Mr Parks and Wendy that day…so sad.

  8. Jojo says:

    Wsnsngl, sounds like someone did not have there coffee. You feeling cranky.

    1. Tea says:

      apparently they are.

  9. Jojo says:

    Sounds like they were crossing against the light. However, if they were in the middle of the intersection when hit then it is the drivers fault. NJ has a pedestrian law. Cars must stop for pedestrians or they get a ticket.

  10. Wscnsngl says:

    Tea – thank you for stating the obvious…duh

    1. Randy in Feehold says:

      Give Mr. Morris a break he has been driving for two days straight from south jersey. Tabernacle

  11. Tea says:

    they might be familiar to local, but they might not be familiar with others. if Mr. Parks crossed in front of the truck last minute, then its the fault of the guide dog. but if he was already on the street crossing, then the driver should have seen him and slowed down/stopped.

    1. harriet in queens says:

      hey bagger, go find something more productive than trolling the local new york city news,

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