‘Horrifying’ Anti-Gay Attacks Stun The Bronx

Commish: NYPD Arrests 7 Members Of 'Latin King Goonies'

NEW YORK (CBS 2/ 1010WINS/ AP) — Police have arrested seven individuals ranging in age from 16 to 23 for their roles in alleged anti-gay attacks Sunday.

CBS 2 took exclusive pictures of six of the seven suspects, who were trying to hide their faces with hoods on their heads, chained to each other. They are accused of anti-gay bias attacks that have shocked a University Heights neighborhood.

“I don’t understand how people can do that to another human being whether he’s gay, whatever he is,” resident Geovany Rodriguez told CBS 2’s John Metaxas.

The alleged bloody beatings happened on Osborne Place early Sunday. Police said members of a gang known as the “Latin King Goonies” lured a 17-year-old into an unoccupied ground floor apartment.

LISTEN 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

“He was thrown into a wall, made to strip naked, hit in the head with a beer can, cut with a box cutter, and sodomized with the wooden handle of a plunger,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Police said the gang questioned the teen about his contact with a 30-year-old man, and then let him go with a warning not to call police.

Two other brutal attacks would follow — first on another 17-year-old, and then the 30-year-old himself, who was allegedly lured to the scene.

“He was forced to strip to his underwear and then tied to a chair opposite from the teenager. The teenager, at the direction of his assailants, hit the older male several times in the face and burned him with a cigarette. The assailants also hit the man with their fists and a chain, and sodomized him with a small baseball bat,” Kelly said.

Kelly said after dumping him unconscious the assailants went on to their next victim — the man’s brother who lived nearby.

“Five assailants let themselves into his apartment through the front door, with keys taken from his brother. They pulled a blanket over the older brother’s head, beat him, and demanded money,” Kelly said.

The victims were eventually freed, hospitalized and treated.

The assailants scrubbed the scene top-to-bottom with bleach, even repainting the walls to make it look new, police said.

“They could clean, but they couldn’t hide,” Kelly said.

Investigators said they still found alcohol cans and hair at the scene. And an onlooker slipped a phone number to detectives, leading them to the primary suspect. The victims, initially reluctant, also started to divulge more details about the assaults, Kelly said. The Hate Crimes Task Force took over the investigation, along with Bronx robbery and gang division and special victims squad and arrested the seven men.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the city’s highest-ranking openly gay official, called the attacks “vile” and “horrifying.”

“These attacks are appalling and are even more despicable because the victims were clearly targeted in acts of hate simply because they are gay,” Quinn said. “The cowardly few who committed these crimes do not represent New Yorkers and our community will not be cowed by such violence.”

A weekend rally on anti-gay bias was planned following other crimes against gays.

On Sunday, a patron at the Stonewall Inn, a symbol of the gay rights movement since protests over a 1969 police raid there, was beaten in an anti-gay bias attack, according to prosecutors. Two suspects in the case were charged. Their attorneys say they’re not guilty.

That attack followed the Sept. 22 death of a New Jersey college student, who jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his sexual encounter with a man in his dorm room was secretly streamed online. The student’s roommate and another freshman have been charged with invasion of privacy. Authorities are considering bias-crime charges.

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One Comment

  1. jose says:

    I live in Texas (thank God), and we still use the Second Amendment here. Allow people to pack heat, and the problem is reduced. I carry my Glock everywhere I go. Been doing it for decades.

    An armed society is a polite society.

  2. Allie says:

    Sick and monstrous.

  3. fed_up says:

    the black race as a whole is on the decline…..they’re just not as civilized/intelligent as the rest of us……what can you do

  4. Walljasper says:

    Why are they allowed to cover their faces? Why?

  5. otbros says:

    Sounds like one of the episodes from “The Sopranos.”

  6. Laslavic says:

    It’s good to know that we get “extra ” vigilant when a gang does wrong to a gay. Wouldn’t it be grand if our leaders had the same sense of urgency when gang bangers do wrong to us mere hetros. I suppose when they kick the poo out of one of us or stab or shoot or rape one of us mere hetros it’s not hate…..it’s just the way it is.

  7. Bob Jacobson says:

    Funny how your all “Shocked” By the bad behavor of a street gang.

  8. winoux says:

    Is this news???

  9. Andy says:

    In my friends military school a student was sodomized with a plunger during hazing and was expelled. Not sure if it made the new though… The assailant was of mixed race on a scholarship and the unlucky victim was a small straight white guy.

    White, middle class and straight. He was lucky his assailant was expelled to be honest.

  10. BUSA says:

    “Simmering Hatred” is NOT a trait of “decent people. American or not. Look in the mirror. BOO!

  11. hoosier daddy says:

    Repeal dont ask dont tell…so we can identify who to put on the front lines in afganastan!

  12. clunky says:

    This is all George W Bush’s fault

  13. Sparky73 says:

    Who turned these guys in?

    Snitches get stiches.

    1. Gary says:

      no doubt, son! everyone know real gangstas post anonymously on 1010 wins message boards!

    2. Big Southern Red says:

      Hey Sparky. You a gangsta? You know how to spell, so I doubt it. Plus, you probably know who your daddy is.

  14. aussie says:

    Go ahead gay guys keep voting ultra lib that will protect the sub-human gangs that assault you. Not smart.

  15. Bob says:

    so now we’re going to try to get gang members to be politically correct? violence is violence. it’s all hate

  16. Craig says:

    like Australia’s founding?

  17. Ursus Indomitus says:

    Maybe NOW the moonbat gay community can come on board with the REAL people and demand that gangs be ERADICATED,

  18. The Traveler says:

    I feel bad for this young man and I hope he recovers as best he can yet I still wonder why people are shocked that thugs are acting like thugs? Gangs have been inflicting violence on their communities for decades and have raped their neighbors and neighborhoods for years as well. Perhaps the horrors inflicted on this young man will finally wake people up to the larger horror that is gang culture.

  19. Laquesha Johnson says:

    Obama just lost 7 voters

  20. Tony T says:

    Were these group of fellows illegals”………….

    1. BabyPanther says:

      Does it matter? What about all those white legal children in high schools who sodomize their own white teammates with plungers for fun or torture.

  21. WhoWhat says:

    Plunger or not, it’s still pretty gay…

  22. Barb says:


  23. afree says:

    They are just good christians living by god’s word:

    1Corinthians 6:9,10 What! Do YOU not know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God’s kingdom? Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men, 10 nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit God’s kingdom.
    (sarcastic, please note)

    1. Worf says:

      You are in that list too-reviler..so you’ll be spending eternity with those you dispise amonst the canker worm…

    2. LaDonna says:

      afree: you are full of it. where does it say to harm those who will not, through their behavior, be inheriting God’s kingdom?

  24. John P. says:

    These gang members must be gay too and in the closet. Why else would they keep having their victims strip naked and the sodomize them? That sounds very gay to me.

  25. pjd says:

    While the sodomites are in hospital they should be given large, industrial doses of the hormone that is indicated by the plumbing God gave them.

  26. jnsesq says:

    Here’s an idea: How about the little thugs belong in prison because they’re GANG members, not because they violate the PC code of behavior. This is what happens when liberals hold sway for 40 years. (Yes, even through the Reagana dn Bush years, my naive little ones. The institutions of academia, media, labor and municipal government are decidedly NOT conservative. How’s that workin’ for ya?)

  27. Ozlanthos says:

    I don’t understand the hatred expressed here against gays. What other people do with their genitalia is not your problem. Besides, for straight guys it means fewer men to compete with for women!


  28. Ozlanthos says:

    Who are you talking about? The gays or the gangsters? I have no problem with gays, but gangsters should all go the way of the dodo as far as I am concerned.


  29. Todd says:

    Just because someone is married doesn’t mean they will display affection on the streets. And don’t say people don’t and won’t accept it. Maybe not in the hateful society in which you and YOUR extreme christian agenda promotes. But in a great country like mine, one where people are TRUELY free and ARE accepted for who they are, and where people who ARE christian but don’t pass judgement on others, let them live their lives because it doesn’t affect their own, and doesn’t spread hate, it wouldn’t and doesn’t matter. And not just gay-hate, but race-fueled hate as well.

    America, get with the times.

    1. No One Special says:

      Perhaps you should display some of those sympathies you are requesting by capitalizing Christian instead of deliiberately giving it small text. Practice what you preach. By the way, calling yourself a Christian does not automatically make it true. I can call myself a Dodge Ram Charger, but I do not think I qualify.

  30. Bud Keyes says:

    This is what Mexicans do for fun. Let more in the country!!!!

    1. daddysgirl says:

      Yeah, and poor white trash will chain a black person to the back of their pick-up and drag them for miles. For fun.

      1. bonelesschuck says:

        ..and blacks will murder dozens with sniper fire out of the back of the trunk of their car…and make millions of fatherless children to sap the welfare system,degrade their own women and perpetrate the ignornace..OK babydaddygirl

      2. LaDonna Trent says:

        you make the mistake of comparing one or two ISOLATED incidents with an ENTIRE GENERATIONAL PATTERN. until everyone speaks the truth about everything, nothing will change. whining “he/she/they did it firrrrrrrrrst” is not solution to ANY problem.

    2. alexmnz032 says:

      you’re dumber than these beast! NONE of these “goons” were Mexican!
      and that I recall the two savages that were responsible for the horrific home invasion; the ones who beat the husband with a bat, raped the 11 yr old child and the woman of the house while the teen daughter was tied up in her room and then finally set the house on fire, burning the 3 woman alive were both WHITE.. not one of them was an illegal and their crime is just as savage and reprehensible as these minority idiots from the Bronx!!

  31. Mary Anne says:

    Uh-oh – One protected group being victimized by another protected group. How can they use the “hate crime” legislation now??? They’re either gonna have to pin it all on some straight, white guy, or else send the poor thugs, I mean young men to sensitivity training.

  32. heatherfeather says:

    Good point. Medialand only cares about their protected minorities.

    1. alex says:

      protected minorities?
      this crime would be horrifying no matter who the victims were.. This “gang” is full of savages and deserve everything and anything they get… And for the record this is coming from a minority woman from the Bronx who holds 2 master’s degrees under her belt.. minority does not equal ignorant, dumb or welfare case!!

  33. zone says:

    Well Well Well let’s see if Holder steps in and hands these obvious
    savage beasts the same hate crime sentence a gang of white youths would

  34. FOR THE CHILDREN says:

    Yes We Can Build a http://www.NewNation.org



  35. Kevin Stowell says:

    Perversity and the hostility some believe to be the cure for perversity is our strength. How’s that for Regressive psycho-babble?

  36. Jay Kellog says:

    Only in New York would people be upset that gang members were anti-gay. Not that they victimize elderly helpless people in violent acts,…No! You can deal with that, just as long as they hold the correct social beliefs.

    And while we’re busy ringing our hands over that, let’s make a hero of the gay fellow that wanted to join that group of violent criminals. He got what he deserved, just not for the right reason. And these cretins will pay too…but not for the real crimes against innocent people. This is just the thinning of the herd….ZERO sympathy here.

  37. mauren says:

    Disgusting goons,little better then animals. Actually the animals are better then these deranged gang nuts.

  38. Ylem says:

    PLEASE STOP BUYING RAP OR HIP HOP MUSIC. Let’s put them out of business and help this fad die. No one should be admiring or copying anyone who is or looks like a gang member.

    1. Pizzlewizzle says:

      This doesn’t have to do with rap or hip hop. Do you think gangs somehow didn’t exist until the late 80’s? In fact most hip hop has moved away from gang relations. Gangster rap has for the most part faded out. Most “hip hop” stations now also play “Katie Perry” “Drake” etc etc. Those most definately are not gangster rappers.

      1. tanglehead says:

        If I had to listen to Katie Perry I would be angry too.

      2. GimmeA Break says:

        the difference is… gangs were not celebrated until gangsta rap came along. then everyone began to feel all sorry and understanding of these heinous groups. not that doing so changed the savagery of gangs – gangsta rap just made gangs ‘legit’ in the eyes of ignorant kids.

  39. joe e says:

    Obama never closed it. Ooops!

    1. Jay says:

      And where were WMD’s again? A-hyuck!

  40. Haze says:

    Your saying gay bashing and arresting pedophiles are the same? I’m so confused by your comparison.

  41. Sammy says:

    So glad the illegals are settling in New York now instead of the Southwest.

    1. alex says:

      wow! i can’t believe how ignorant some of you are.. Sammy your comments are just as ignorant as these gay bashers! what in God’s name does their legal status have to do with their ignorance? you sound pretty damn ignorant yourself and I’m sure you are not considered an illegal..

  42. Ergo says:

    It’s safe to say that if this was some random, non-gay, person this story wouldn’t even exist outside of the local police blotter.

    1. Chacku says:

      Excuse me? The difference is that these animals didn’t ‘mug’ or ‘rob’ just anyone. They hunted down and assaulted three people because they were gay. For you to side with monsters is disgusting. You belong in a cage.

      1. JWS says:

        No one is siding with the gangsters, dummy. We just don’t believe in thought crime. Punish them for acting like animals, not for thinking like fools.

      2. No One Special says:

        Crime for a reason that offends you does not take precedence over a crime that is a random act of violence. If you murder my child, I do not really care WHY you did it, I only care THAT you did it.


    “We Are The Goonies We’ve Been Waiting For”


  44. DavidArizona says:

    Viva SB1070 The revenge of anchor babies.

  45. Roy says:

    I guess he no longer wants to be a gansta !

    1. Gunny says:

      Does anyone else find it interesting that the cowardly “tough guys” felt the need to shove phallic shaped objects into the rectums of other men? My guess is that they will get plenty of practice, on the receiving end, when they get to prison.

      Semper Fi


    2. jay says:

      Just to cover a point that seems to be missing. Was the 30 year old a pedophile or at least some type of a sex predator for having relations with the juveniles? I’m not being a critic here, but something just doesn’t fit with the other guy who was lured into the house.

      Seriously, I don’t know and would like to have all the facts out there. I don’t care gay or straight, but a pedophile is a pedophile. Does anyone know what his story was?

      1. Scott says:

        Pedophiles have sex with prepubescent children. Seventeen years old is not prepubescent.

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